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  1. I'm in my 40's and I still play video games several times a week. Someone's got to dig up those fossils, and earn those Nook Miles.
  2. I can't find the Kirsty and Phil parody video to go along with that some anywhere.
  3. Did the 2008 2009 QE money ever make it in to the economy? I read its still mostly held by the banks. I understand this time its in the hands of the furlough folk or sitting in people's pockets waiting to be spent.
  4. I never thought I'd see trillions of dollars spoken about like it were a normal thing. How can there not be inflation when you're injecting that many zero's in to the economy?
  5. I do have sympathy for people facing difficulties and I don't relish their suffering. What always bothers me is the underlying assumption these people have that they shouldn't face the consequences of their freely taken choices.
  6. Is that guy saying that investors buying up all the houses as investments is a bad thing? I'm confused because he sounds like he thinks it's bad but he bought 12 properties himself and he's smart and successful. Or is it bad becasue he can't get a good deal any more? Either way I don't like him.
  7. I hate the realisation that hard work and living within my means hasn't paid off.
  8. I'm more confused than anything. Pandemic and economic pain = 7% increase in house prices. I can't do the maths of that.
  9. Had mine four weeks ago, front line worker and all that.
  10. My mind is too simple to understand. If a government created the money it needed to spend then removed the same ammount from circulation by taxation to eliminate the debt then haven't you solved the national debt problem. Plus, couldn't you grow your economy by careful control of how much you eliminate by taxation? Keep more in circulation to stimulate growth or remove more when inflation appears? The current system was bankrupt from the word go so there must be a better alternative.
  11. Why is it not in the governments (All governments) interest to control the money supply? If the treasury created £100 billion to spend then set taxes to what ever level would bring in £100 billion to "Delete" for want of a better word then there'd be no inflation and we wouldn't have to service a national debt. What am I missing?
  12. Took my first steps in Jan 2020, £150k two bedroom flat in my area. £110k mortgage, £40k deposit. Soon as first lockdown lifted prices increased and now stand at £175k. My timing in life has always been off.
  13. My landlord just upped my rent by £105 per month. The agent I delt with actually made it sound like they were doing me a favour. Any less and it wouldn't be worth their while and they'd have to sell and I'b be out on my ear.
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