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  1. Growing up in a family without a car and school and shops being within easy walking distance, learning to drive was never something I ever really thought about. It's coloured my choices as an adult when it comes to where I live. Distance to work, the supermaket and the nearest bus stop in to town are always at the top of my list over everything else. It also means I have to plan for things ahead of time but I can't say it stops me doing anything A car would be very convenient but I can't miss what I've never had.
  2. Voted yes simply because it's stupid, ill thought out and I think the government will pay anything to keep the party going. Who wants to be in power when the bubble bursts. Smart man would let it pop and blame Covid.
  3. Hand on my heart I must confess I've watched some of her videos on youtube. To be spercific her ones about house hunting as a first time buyer. In her defence she has said the stamp duty holiday doesn't help if you can't save the 15% deposit, The holiday is the governments desperate attempt to get life into the market. Mini boom prices wasn't a true reflection of house values. Waiting until furlough ends and the market to sort itself out at the end of the year was the smarter thing to do. So y'know....there were some useful opinions she has voiced even though she ge
  4. I was in a position to buy back in Jan-Feb but for obvious reasons that didnt happen. I then saw the two bedroom flats I'd been looking at jump from £160k to £170k and go SSTC when the housing market reopened. I'm now seeing them back on the market reduced back down to £160k. I find myself totally confused. Will i see further reductions? how long do i wait, I'm 41 and the clock is ticking.
  5. Not nearly as generous as I was expecting or feared.
  6. A cosy cottage in a village in one of the shires. Think the vicarage in the Vicar of Dibley.
  7. There's a road of two bedroom flats built in the 1950's and If I ever get to buy it wil be one of those. One has SSTC twice since Jan 2020 but is back on the market again. Another went on the market for £10k above average but has recently been reduced to OIEO £160k.
  8. Damn I missed the post, it's been made private.
  9. Working normally with lots of over time there if I want it.
  10. I know this is a long shot but.....Way back in the day, before the 2008 financial crisis I was on the HPC website and there were links to pieces of fiction writen by a HPC believers. One in particular was about an average American couple who's friends were living the high life by remortgaging their house several times during a house price boom and the problems they faced when the good times ended. I know it's a vague description but was hoping some veteran with a good memory might recall and know where I can find this?
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52641373 So with the market being unfrozen how long until we see things move either way?
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