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  1. Things are just crazy in my part of the South West. There were a total of 10 two bedroom flats on the market in my search area. The day interest rates went up six went SSTC then Friday just gone another came on to the market in a block of flats I often see on Rightmove. They're all identical and back before covid I'd see them on for approx £160k, the last two to go SSTC in recent weeks were £180k and £185k and this latest one is on for £205k. (Last one to complete on land registry was March 2022 and sold for £175,500)
  2. I honestly wonder if the Bank of England has enough actual autonomy to raise rates to where they need to be of if pressure from the Treasury will keep them low. Even I who knows next to nothing can see 9% inflation can't be countered by 1.25% interest rates so has the decision already been made?
  3. What would the country look like if we did live within our means and taxes were the only income the gov could spend? Are there really obvious money sinks that we could do without or is it a case of a significant reduction in the standard of living being the only way.
  4. I desperately want prices to come down but I've come to believe, just when you think they've thrown everything including the kitchen sink at keeping prices high they come out with something even more outrageous and desperate and prices surge ever upwards. Unaffordable food, gas and electric is bad, unaffordable shelter is good.
  5. I'm not one to normally clutch my pearls but my view of the Tory party has never been so low. The Conservative party need to kick him in out because he's damaging them as a whole by staying. I certainly won't vote for my MP.
  6. Buy a small two bedroom flat close to work. I just want somewhere to live FFS.
  7. I can't see either of them going, Boris in particular is the turd that just won't flush.
  8. The BOE may raise rates but I'm 100% certain my high street bank won't pass it on to the saver.
  9. I just opened an email from OVO Energy advising me my energy prices will be going up in April. I was surprised to see my electricity standing charge was going from 30p per day to 58p per day. I naively thought the standing charge was to pay for the national grid and electrical infrastructure, has the cost of pylons sudenly shot up?
  10. My very specific search on Rightmove for two bedroom flats in my corner of the south west (excluding new builds, retirement property and part ownerships) yields three choices. All over £220k, definitely not worth it.
  11. Building 2 Neighbourhood 3 Town 3 Country 3
  12. I've taken a dislike to the phrase "open plan". Knocking down a wall to combine two rooms is one thing but never giving you a kitchen in the first place and instead sticking a oven and sink in the living room is another thing sell together. Of all the flats I've lived in only one had a separate kitchen. A luxury a didn't know until I had it and lost it.
  13. I think it's pure spite and jealousy talking but I'd rather it Boris than Rishi.
  14. He's called Stanley.....and he is considerably richer than you.
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