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  1. You're not alone, it's a common ignorance https://www.avtrinity.com/uk-average-salary#:~:text=The median average salary for,the UK is £38%2C131.
  2. Show me where the leaders of the three major parties have demanded a rerun....
  3. Yeah, but not by the leaders/coordinators of the Remain effort though. Most, if not all, have ruled out a 2nd referendum.....
  4. You only need to look at the Remain campaign to see that their heart wasn't in it....
  5. Indeed, but the point is that no existing British political party will deliver these bullet point.... #enoughisenough
  6. No problem with questions, as long as you take the time to understand the answer. To quote one of my favourite colleagues, "I can't break it down to anything simpler than ABC... sorry".
  7. Oh jebus.... Again, take the time to understand posts! Time heals all wounds....
  8. No. As per previous, the soft power brought to bear, and the pollution problems they face, have driven China's move towards greener energy sources. It's @Insane that is arguing for the extreme solution.
  9. Please try to read and understand my posts. Influence has already been brought to bear on China, and until Ms Pelosi visited Taiwan, was bearing fruit. China’s Fight Against Climate Change and Environmental Degradation | Council on Foreign Relations (cfr.org) So, we can see that the exertion of soft power has had some positive results. What do you think the result of economically isolating China will have?
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