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  1. I suspect Chinese and Indian immigration into the UK dwarfs these African asylum seekers... Hey ho!
  2. "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice". I said part of the voter block, not a voter. The fact that you didn't vote, rather than vote for a party that opposes UK military intervention, makes you doubly to blame! Cutting welfare and defunding the military will only lead to one thing. Internal strife and the collapse of order in the UK. Now.... you may think that's a good thing, playing out your extremist fantasies in your head, but (I can't believe I'm having to type this, it's like teaching kids) you keyboard warrior types will be the first victims in a collapsed society. You will be easy pickings for the ex-squaddies you are so eager to create. Be careful what you wish for 😉
  3. Right, so you want to cut welfare and defund the military.... You DO know how that will work out don't you? p.s. Attacking the various PM's doesn't remove the responsibility of their actions from your shoulders. Your part of the voter block that placed them in power, allowing them to commit their crimes in your name. One of the pitfalls of democracy I'm afraid.
  4. So the wars in Syria and Libya are not simply the East and West (of old) continuing their wars by proxy? Come on, you know that's what's going on. Just another method of sucking money out of these countries of course, driving the flow of migrants.
  5. I refer the honourable gentleman to my previous answer.
  6. Ah, so it's anti-Muslim rhetoric your wanting? Sorry, you've come to the wrong place. By all means change my use of Catholic faith to Muslim, whatever sky fairy floats your boat, the advice is the same. Combat the influence of religion by education. I'm not sure that building them cities is the way forward though, although I appreciate your not putting that forward as a solution as such, won't do much for the climate change crisis that's coming.
  7. Yeah, ok Shouty McShouty! How about spending some money on education and supply of birth control? Removing the influence of the Catholic church and their teachings? There's your starter for 10....
  8. The solution is to stop them being desperate enough to set off on the journey in the first place. Spend the money supporting the countries of origin, and I don't mean spend the money on bullets and bombs. Of course, these numbers are peanuts. Once climate change REALLY sets in, THEN we'll see a migrant crisis. Can you imagine the majority of the population of the African continent traveling North in search of a survivable climate?
  9. "The study also revealed that more than half of pandemic buyers claim not to have seen their new home 'in real life' before deciding they should buy it." FFS!
  10. Just to add to the debate.... Average (I know, not the best measure but it IS a measure) appears to be the same between pensioner and worker when it comes to disposable income.... That can't be sustained. What is the average UK retirement income? | unbiased.co.uk I'm now living on the income from an army pension plus interest from a drawdown with about £500k in it. It'll be 6 years + before I reach state pension age and I have absolutely no need for it. We are very comfortable, albeit that my partner has decided she wants to keep working for another couple of years, until she hits 60 and accesses her pension pot. It is about time state pensions were means tested and the money saved then invested in the generations that are currently paying my army pension!
  11. Can't see the VI's in WM passing this. All those investments in industrial/office properties going down the pan? Of course, they might have already "diversified" their portfolio in preparation..... Jebus, this site makes me reach for the TFH!
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