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  1. And you thought trump was the answer to this? Did you support Sanders for the Dem nomination? What about Corbyn, you a fan?
  2. An argument can be made for one or t'other, not both. Edit: and what is normal? How do you define that? The norm 200 years ago is incomparable to the norm today. Christ, the norm in 77/78 when I left school is nothing like the norm now, but the country was a financial basket case then as well...
  3. @Arpeggio Remember, all those weeks back, when I told you Trump was out? Well he's out 🤣 https://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-calls-for-no-violence-ahead-of-planned-armed-protests-as-removal-vans-arrive-at-white-house-12187515
  4. Yeeesss, but I haven't asked the mods to censor you, have I? So, tell me which history books point out the downside of banning a riot-inciting racist from Twitter and Facebook. Surely history tells us that giving the oxygen of publicity to such as these is extremely dangerous?
  5. "Potential corporate capitalism and communism is bad". And there you have the lunacy in a nutshell!
  6. What, this guy? You're 'aving a giraffe mate! https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-army/2020/12/01/this-retired-three-star-falsely-claims-us-soldiers-died-attacking-a-cia-facility-in-germany-tied-to-election-fraud/
  7. But... but.... but... You've just posted this drivel! Admittedly we've laughed at you, but you haven't been censored? How do you think this whole 'Storm the Capitol' shebang was organised?
  8. Fair point and the answer, inevitably, is I don't know if they will... Will they put their career on the line, surely they don't think they can escape the multitude of cameras that will be everywhere in DC? I would imagine that they won't, but then I consider Big Orange's point and.... I don't know!
  9. Given that there are reports that some of the Capitol 'invaders' attempted to use their police badges/ID's to get through barriers etc. I would say the number is not insignificant. Same with the amount who are 'veterans'. Whether these factions within the maga group will be treated any differently in the upcoming events is now questionable. I think the more likely characteristic that defines how they are treated is the colour of their skin tbh...
  10. Can't see it. With the injuries of fellow officers at the Capitol building, and the massive amount of backlash over their kid-gloves treatment at that time, I think the gloves will be off this time. Also, as per Big Orange post, a lot of those Trump convoys won't get through
  11. I think the point is that nobody in their right mind would think that Trump and 'Trump-ism' or Boris and Brexit are the tools to fix this situation... hence the ridicule. Unfortunately, and it pains me to type this, Corbyn as PM was FAR more likely to address the issues you describe. Of course, he would introduce a new set of issues that would have to be addressed.... But Corbyn, and the Corbynista's that promoted a rock star aura around a dowdy septuagenarian, was an unacceptable proposition to the British voter image-wise. We need a socialist with a real rock-star image... Eddie Izzard
  12. Looks like it was an even closer shave for the cop who's died... Perhaps you think that was antifa as well?
  13. Ho hum... So you called it that Trump has very few friends left in the GOP, no crystal ball needed there! I thought he was dressed up as a native American, but I'll take your Viking description... Isn't that 'Q Shaman', the well known QAnon crackpot? When you conspiracy theorists start attacking each other, you know your done 🤣 1st bit of footage, what makes you think the person with the club is "antifa"? It would seem to be a very precarious position for an antifa activist to place themselves in, the middle of a Proud Boys/Oathkeepers (or whatever tf they call themselves) protest? S
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