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  1. Was it significant that, out of the blue, Trump mentioned 2nd Amendment rights when he threatened the states with army intervention?
  2. As African Americans make up only 18% of the population, those figures are shocking! https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/IPE120218 No wonder they are protesting....
  3. Nowadays the 'preferred' version of The Sound of Silence is by Disturbed according to the other half.... Might have something to do with the brooding singer tho!
  4. Plenty of that on this site, why are you reading a thread not related to those topics?
  5. Why post trolling drivel like this? You know that's not true. If my company had a strict policy that I pi$$ed all over (driving 260 miles to a country retreat while off ill for instance) then I'd face the sack for gross misconduct. From a purely employer/employee perspective, he should have been sacked... but its not that kind of relationship, is it? More a parasitic symbiosis really....
  6. Are there many left? The majority cashed out of ours over the last 10 years, moved their inflated transfer valuation into a drawdown....
  7. Naw, but I knew yo mamma back in the day... get a DNA test 😍
  8. Doubt it, another 8-10 minutes commute is all, less if I take the bike
  9. Prolly leveraged on all 300, I wonder how much of that £90m ended up in his pocket?
  10. Yes, Tesco can deliver here in Dundee. Ordered yesterday for weekend slot. Store is about half a mile from flat tho, so might have something to do with it.
  11. We've a couple of junior doctors in our flat in the town centre. Haven't heard from them in about 6 months (had to replace a dodgy RCD), just the way I like it. We sent them a Tesco delivery last week and advised them weekly deliveries will continue until such times as the pressure is off in Ninewells Hospital. If they have a specific 'treat' (non-alcoholic!) that they want in the delivery, let us know. 2nd flat rented by a friend of 40+ years. Has been sent home, likely to be laid off. Not an issue, take a months free rent and let us know if that isn't long enough. This is the difference between leveraged and non-levereged landlords...
  12. Never buy anything with the word Rover on it, especially not Land Rover. The most unreliable motors going, don't ask how I know! If you want something rugged and reliable, get yourself a decent Isuzu Trooper with a manual gearbox and a service history. Take you to the moon and tow it back to your house for you!
  13. Even if it were, compare what £300k gets you in SE12 to DD8, AND the Balshando farm house comes with almost 3 acres of garden/paddock.... I'll take the 'shithole' thanks! Back on topic, after almost 10 years of membership, can we finally be seeing a REAL crash?
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