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  1. As erat_forte says, a lovely story. However, rather too simplistic? it all falls apart in reality as the landlord is good mates with the rich fella and essentially gives the $20 back to him when the poor guys aren't looking.
  2. Exactly the same symptoms my brother had, described as similar to a 24-hour bug. That was his 1st dose. He and his wife (nurse) caught CV19 around March-April last year. They described very similar symptoms to those suffered by him after his jab, all over and done with in 24-48hrs. His wife has had 2x AZ jabs with no side effects whatsoever. That's me had my 2nd AZ jab on Saturday, again with no issues whatsoever... go figure!
  3. Easy. When the place is empty, crack the locks, fit new ones. Print off a 12 month lease and sign it. When someone comes to the door, show them the lease and tell them to eff off. No name, no pack drill to the 'owners'. 10-12 months later when the bailiffs arrive, rinse and repeat. 4-5 years of 100's of Cornwall crusties living in these 2nd homes should put a stop to this nonsense!
  4. The ABC Minors, or just the ABC'ers at the Dundee cinema, on a Saturday morning.... Loved it!
  5. Perhaps more in keeping with intent of the OP, there are several tools I've made up to service the various bikes I've had over the years. You won't buy them on ebay!
  6. My partner has delayed her retirement because she was offered a double figure percentage salary increase this year. She's in pharmaceutical sales, her totals were actually lower in 20-21 than they were in 19-20, but with GP practices opening up again, they are expecting a bumper year. Illness, the last boom industry?
  7. One new Sh!thook (plus support) = an 11 year-old 280ft yacht... https://www.bluewateryachting.com/yacht-for-sale/sunrays-124967 Cost is relative....
  8. These contracts typically include training costs. i.e. X00 pilot training courses, X00 airframe tech course, X00 engine tech courses etc. There will be 10's of thousands of personnel involved in the upkeep and operation of these aircraft over their lifetime, those involved in the early operation of the aircraft will be trained by Boeing. Don't get me wrong, it's still expensive, but it would be far more expensive to set up an MoD training facility.
  9. I've got a £12k limit on my Barclaycard and all they've ever made off me is a 1.5% charge for a cash transfer at 2-years interest free. That was years ago, now I just use it for major online purchases, cleared at the end of the month. I'm bombarded with interest-free offers from them, their business model is broken I fear.
  10. Aargh, I looked in the mirror this morning and..... I have heard of someone who seems to have had a blood clot 'scare' with the AZ vaccine though, pain across the back and shortness of breath, but doc told her to give it a couple of days. All good after 48 hours. She's in her late 60's and tbh, not sure it wasn't all in her head! https://www.bbc.com/news/disability-56591440 Sextons side-effects seem common though, lasting 24-48hrs.
  11. 2x AZ vaccines in me arm as of Monday. Both administered by nurse at doc's surgery, didn't ask any questions beyond "what brand is it" and "why do you not want me to drive for the next 15 minutes"? Mind you, that could be because the nurse there is an absolute cutie! No side effects whatsoever, didn't even get a plaster on the needle *****, a sticky-on gold star or a lolly or nuffin'... Gutted! Mind you, I now find magnets more attractive....
  12. You've had a torrid time of it. Can you think of anything that might have triggered these symptoms, other than the vaccine of course? I've heard, anecdotally, that if you already have antibodies present then side effects are more likely, but not to the extent that you have had. Both my partner and I have had 2x AZ jabs now, I'm 60 and have an underlying condition, she works closely with GP's across the country, with literally no side effects whatsoever. Discussions my partner has had with practitioners tells a much different story with regards to the side effects, or rather the lack of th
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