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  1. Couldn’t read past their patronising headline - “Home buyers who 'keep their nerve while others hesitate' offered an opportunity” I guess the content of the article is about how I should go and buy now, rather than wait for further falls. Good news all the same.
  2. That bit made me chuckle - "best practice in house price determination"
  3. WOW.....anything but admit house prices are falling, that would be a disaster.
  4. So Mr Javid just brought the housing market to a grinding halt....anyone thinking of buying will simply hold off until the budget. Interesting to see what will happen to ongoing sales, buyers demanding last minute discounts to offset the potential changes? Sellers offering discounts to make sure sales go through?
  5. That they're even considering an exrension is stupidity beyond reason and tells you everything you need to know about TPTB and their "priorities". Debt is the future, debt is everything, everybody should have some more. Why I bother saving and paying off my credit card monthly I have no idea.
  6. Indeed. With ridiculously low inventory and low sales volumes this should be a sellers market (scarce commodity/resource). Given prices are rolling over in this situation, as soon as a few forced sellers start to rear up, things will only gather pace and in only one direction - down. The clever bastards near me holding off selling because of EA's and the VI's perpetuation of the "Brexit Uncertainty" bull, will find to their cost when they all stick their homes on the market at the same time. I know of at least 2 down the pub, holding off selling while riding out this "lull" - as soon as Brexit is done they're going to take advantage of the Brexit boost and sell up....ok so a sudden influx of properties will drive prices up, ok....yes I see.
  7. Got to love their optimism. Another way to spin it could be - house prices fall in most areas OR London house prices display significant losses. Before anyone says anything - i know this is asking prices
  8. Is this the boss of one of the largest house builders in the UK admitting there's a house price bubble? I'd love to see prices pop just to see these arseholes suffer. However in my heart I know even if there is a crash, he's made for life, the only people who will suffer are the ordinary workers who bust a gut for Taylor Wimpey, just to keep a roof over their own heads today. Depressing times.
  9. Yes. As @crazypabs points out, their attempts to hide the falls in London by focussing their press releases on a bouyant market in Wales is nothing short of hilarious. But at the end of the day its all asking prices anyway, so all a complete waste of everybodies time :).
  10. Seriously did we expect any different?
  11. It's great isn't it. I'm half wondering if it was created by @thewig, the tone and narrative a similar
  12. Just received the following email, had me chuckling over my corn flakes. So much nonsense to enjoy, the desperation increases with each paragraph. Dear , I don’t want to call it a conspiracy... But something is VERY wrong. Right now, the mainstream media are obsessed with trying to stop you from investing in buy-to-let property. New scare stories seem to run every day... There are rumours the government is actively making it harder for people to get involved... And even people who have no idea about property investing will tell you ‘buy-to-let is over’. They could not be further from the truth. Click here to get the real story and discover how you could make a fortune from buy-to-let in 2019. The real truth is: There has never been a better time to get involved in the buy-to-let market. Up and down the UK, our experts talk to regular people who are generating huge first, second and even third incomes from buy-to-let property. And people are starting out doing this with virtually nothing. It’s why we’ve put together a special report that shows the facts and reveals how anyone can start generating extra income from buy-to-let. The report is called ‘How You Could Make A Fortune From Buy-To-Let In 2019’… Click here to get the real story and discover how you could make a fortune from buy-to-let in 2019. If you’re worried about the uncertainty around Brexit – and want to take control of your own financial future… If you’re concerned about all the negative press you’ve read about in the mainstream media – and want to discover the truth... And if you’re looking for a way to generate an extra income this year – without working long, tiring hours every day of the week… You need to read this special report TODAY. This is the kind of straight-to-the-point explanation EVERY beginner needs. Good news is: You can download it immediately and unlock the secrets we share right now. Just click on this link now and follow the simple instructions to download your free copy. Best wishes, Rob Moore Multiple Streams of Property Income P.S. As soon as you download your copy of ‘How You Could Make A Fortune From Buy-To-Let In 2019’make sure you read it right away... We’ve detailed a simple three-step formula for property success that you’ll want to take advantage of. Follow these steps and you could soon be generating thousands in extra income all thanks to the buy-to-let… Click this link now to tell us where you’d like us to email your free copy.
  13. Aren't you missing the point? The vast majority of those will be using the HTB scheme. So in the context of this thread, in 5 years time MSE will be rammed with all these FTB's who were "conned" into HTB scheme bleating on about how unfair it all is, looking for someone to save them. Do you think that HTB is a good thing?
  14. This 100%....mexican stand-off between buyers and sellers....need some event now to tip things either way - Brexit, rate rise etc. Just this morning I spoke to an estate agent after they sent us another ridiculous over-priced, 3-bed semi, doer upper (£750k), explained she might as well stop sending me these things until the vendors and themselves acknowledged that the London market has changed fundamentally over last 18 months.
  15. This is bonkers.....surely they're setting themselves up for a massive head line grabbing fall at some point soon. This is definitely not what I'm seeing in my area of interest - SW London, most on RM page are consistent reductions.
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