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  1. THIS IS ASKING PRICES FFS!! Its made up and completely open to manipulation by RM and EA's to try and peg house prices ever higher before the inevitable leg downwards; especially when supply levels are at all time lows. The higher they can get that "average house price" before things reverse, dampens the impact of whatever declines occur next 10%, 20%, 50%..who knows. But if they can get some final ramping into Joe-idiot Public's head before then they'll be happy. That our media reports the RM releases as being actual house price data, is the real issue and shouldn't be allowed.
  2. How do they know? And does it stop at only 10%? Any chance they haven’t got a clue and are just guessing 🙂
  3. It seems to me that the BOE governors are simply hell bent on trying to ensure the "everything bubble" doesn't pop on their watch. Clinging to a dying theory of modern monetary theory and the asset inflation caused by the idiotic over reaction to both Brexit and the pandemic. They act for themselves and the large financial organisations and not in the best interests of the UK public, at what point does significant scrutiny fall on these people and the damage they have done to a large proportion of the UK? Maybe the Labour Party will wake to this opportunity, oh no hang on, Racel Reeves thinks the BOE have been doing a good job these past few years. Oh well....we're all fecked.
  4. I wonder why the Halifax and Nationwide indexes don't get more scrutiny because of this?
  5. 🙏 But it's the Independent and this is buried away in the "Voices" section, we're probably the only ones who've read it. Meanwhile what does make their front page (website) is a business story headlines - "Marathon mortgage: will a 35-year loan solve your house price problem?" If this was front page of Mail and Express, then I would be much more hopeful.
  6. AND another "unexpectedly re-available" today, this one hasn't hit RM yet, but it's a house we viewed and EA has just been on the phone; there's definitely a shift occurring in this neck of the woods. Speaking to our IFA today, he's said that nearly a 3rd of his current mortgage transactions have been down-valued in past fortnight - I suspect the increasing number of sales collapsing we're seeing maybe related. Maybe not full on crash, but EA's are getting twitchy next couple of weeks will be interesting.
  7. Wow! 5 family houses (3 and 4 bed) just returned to the market today after being SSTC for various periods, started the day at 45 houses available in 1 mile radius now 50! Two of them using "Unexpectedly re-available" as well Spring bounce....sorry collapse on the way?
  8. Jesus Christ! Another mainstream political party avoiding the issue staring them in the face and deciding to throw more public money to "help" people who made a conscious choice to pile into debt up to their eyeballs. Unbelievable!!
  9. My 3 year old could give a more accurate property valuation than Zoopla...ignore it. Max out your borrowing, drain the BOMAD and offer £700k....go big or go home. It's what "everyone" else is doing!
  10. Thanks for the responses. On closer inspection, another oddity in these listings is they’ve all had the floor plans added as photos. if ever there was a sector requiring some overhaul, oversight and regulation the uk property market is basically a Wild West of liars and spivs, using underhand tactics. I despise EA’s with a special passion I only used to reserve for recruitment consultants 🙂
  11. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on some odd RM listing behaviour I've seen today. In my search area, there are 3 re-listings today of properties that went SSTC/Under Offer in Feb/Mar, usually when this happens you can see the listing history in property log. However all 3 are showing as first seen today, even though the RM "added on" date is the original date. Is this EA subterfuge to mask failed sales or just a bug in the app; anyone else noticed anything?
  12. And each month the UK public rejoice at the ever increasing numbers spouted in both their HPI “indexes”. Now tell me who benefits most from ever increasing HPI?? But joe public can’t be arsed to join the dots even though the clues are staring them in the face.
  13. WOW! Just WOW! Wake up UK public, you're being played for fools. They are blatantly showing us how stupid they think we really are, yet on we go.
  14. Whilst it wouldn't surprise me in the least, there is some solace that the OBR don't have a great record when it comes to their forecasting. The supply of homes in areas where demand is high is at all time lows and the BoE is currently rearranging the deck chairs when it comes to interest rates. Until either of these factors change I can't see their being significant price falls. What we need is both of these to change rapidly at the same time, again unlikely to see that at the moment. However, given the back drop of current significant financial challenges facing most britons today, where is the Labour Party in all this? They should be calling out HPI as a criminal Tory sponsored, BoE fuelled asset grab for the rich? But what do they do, Rachel Reeves on Peston last night lauding the BoE and saying how good a job they've been doing over the past decade or so - I was left completely gob smacked, and utterly despair at the state we find ourselves in.
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