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  1. Really good read. "Whatever the reason, we should remember that governments were actively forcing prices higher and higher in the first place. So when the fall comes, remember it was always going to happen and the trigger of the moment will not be crucial but coincidental."
  2. Hang on, so she's not even sold the place yet? I've not read it but what a ridiculous premise just to get a good news story about the housing boom some publicity. I hope nobody buys it, the market crashes, her husband loses his job (she has the smug look of someone who doesn't have to work) and has to sell at 30% less than she bought it for, then has to move her entire family into a studio flat in Swindon and eat Aldi hot dogs for the rest of her life. That would wipe the smile off her face!
  3. Bloke is a colossal feckwit! Just highlights how detached from reality Boris and his cronies actually are.
  4. Quote from the piece from an EA.....they just don't get it. "There’s no doubt the stamp duty holiday has been the catalyst for this impressive market performance." Can't wait for the Beeb to get hold of this today, start the week with some nice property porn for the UK's No.1 property ramping website.
  5. Some great quotes in there: "They just kept laughing. I cried. I am going to lose money on the house now." "She has lived in the property for eight years and has invested a large amount in upgrades to the home." How this stuff makes the news I have no idea. There's even a photograph to show that she could still drive on and off the "drive" by turning the steering wheel slightly to the right. Be even easier if she swaps the cars around. Some people in this country are just monumentally thick.
  6. Leverage yourself to the eyeballs for a home the size of a rabbit hutch and sacrifice a new born on the alter of HPI forever. At the same time make sure that you don't have/do any of these which will impact your ability to service the debt: - Any more children - Lose your job - Catch Covid or any other long term illness/disease that will prevent you earning And so on
  7. Nice to see someone in the industry try and provide some perspective to this utter insanity.
  8. Surprisingly BBC have zero balance, just the press release from the Nationwide, posted without challenge or any hint of a discussion on the pro's and con's of HPI, they might as well start hitting the Nationwide web content and links to mortgage deals as well. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57648935 Edit: I'm not really surprised.
  9. It's okay...the BOE are 'shrugging off' inflation concerns. Is shrugging off the same as burying head in the sand and hoping all the nasty stuff goes away? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57596298
  10. Victory for NIMBYism. And I thought their housing policy was a progressive one, looks to be worse than the Tory's in terms of building more homes.
  11. They'll change their tune when it hits 10% by Xmas.
  12. Wow...good week for bear food, I'd practically given up hope and as we're looking in the London suburbs, but this is mirroring what we're seeing on RM and Zoopla. At the minute there is a definite regular trickle of new stock and seeing more failed sales/reductions coming through as well. And what the hell is this woman on about, 2+2=fish: But Lucy Pendleton of independent estate agents James Pendleton, said: “London remains at the back of the pack but started from a higher base and could yet surprise with relatively strong growth as people start returning to the capital in greater numbers. “London is likely to be more immune from any slowdown in growth later this year, as it hasn’t been performing the same kinds of heroics seen in other regions.”
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