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  1. $200k a BTC sounds ridiculous and something that can never happen or atleast a very low probability of it happening. However, when we look at market cap wise then $200k a BTC will give BTC a market cap of $4.2 trillion. When you look at it in this manner then it looks very possible considering gold has a market cap above $7 trillion, also lets not forget the market cap of the dotcom bubble peak. Lastly there isnt 21m BTC alot has been losted etc. However, at this stage if we do get there (agree with you and highly likely BTC can be $200k a coin long term), we will be in a full blown bubbl
  2. At what price would you be happy to sell the majority of your BTC holdings?
  3. Good Morning Bitcoiners and Nocoiners... Just a little perspective: Bitcoin Halvening. Be prepared. We had two halvenings before, in 2013 and in 2017. The next halvening is in May 2020. In both cases, the Bitcoin price increased by 300% 1 year before the halvening until the halvening happened. 2013 In the year before first halvening it went from $3 to $10. Directly after the halvening Bitcoin went on a 20x bull run from $10 to $200 within 1 year. 2017 In the year before the second halvening it went from $300 to $1,000. Directly after the halvening Bitc
  4. This bear market is all manipulation. I've seen so much happening on the OTC market, Circle alone has traded $24 bn on OTC. TWENTY. FOUR. BILLIONS! If they traded BTC, ETH and (why not) XRP, that's $100 bn market cap. So that's as if Circle had intermediated in the purchase of 24% of these currencies all by itself. Is it institutions just accumulating? I doubt it. More likely, it's just price suppression. They buy OTC, then dump on exchanges, triggering stop losses, the price tanks, and they just pick it up or buy back on OTC cheaper. Then they dump again. Rinse and repeat. Ev
  5. The blockchain Tech and crypto projects are moving at a good pace and even though most will die some will come out winners the next apple, facebook, etc. The only thing missing at the moment is that the price is not reflecting the tech. Will come with time and soon you will see the news media hyping crypto once the big boys have fully loaded their bags. People on this forum who are negative and havent bought, will look back in a few years at this thread an live with regret for the rest of their lives. Screenshot this.
  6. same with platinum, silver, copper go check out the charts. Not totally correct: "Gold's value is determined by people wanting it or not". Common sense, there is more paper supply of gold than the physical gold itself. So even if more people wanted it, its not a limited supply - what happens is just the paper supply is increased.
  7. @jiltedjen you are probably the only one person on this thread that i take very seriously and have huge respect for. Please can you tell me if you agree with what I'm saying regarding the short to mid term btc price suppression. If you agree please say why and also if you disagree please can you state your reasons. I am also open to criticism if they are constructive
  8. The powers in play will not allow this in a hurry of a ATH Bitcoin anytime soon. Their goal is very clear here and it is to increase the Bitcoin supply & the volume on the futures market - this will suppress the price. This is exactly what they did with Gold and Silver, go look at the charts. They will not allow a competitor to fiat, because if that happens then they lose control and power. Therefore, they will keep suppressing the price and if they lose control then they will try banning it. But, for obvious reasons suppression is more favorable than banning - they will make people h
  9. Leo Melamed: “We will regulate, make bitcoin not wild, nor wilder. We’ll tame it into a regular type instrument of trade with rules.” Remember when the old git said this in Dec 2017 and we all laughed at him? Well, looking back in hindsight all becoming true, he wasn't lying when he said this. Sadly, btc futures markets will tame btc just like he said so - very bad for btc and crypto as a whole space.
  10. It's very silly to compare 2011 and 2018. - We didn't have futures in 2011 which we do now. CME, Goldman, Wall st, etc, etc are NOT trading real bitcoin. They are creating unlimited paper copies of Bitcoin for fiat exchange. Is this real bitcoin? No, these are paper copies of the bitcoin. Creating millions of more Bitcoin for trading. What do you think happens when the supply of any commodity increases? If you are thinking when institutions enter the market btc will moon, then you are in for a surprise.
  11. I've been in crypto a very long time and held through the last couple of crashes and made good gains. However, this time is not the same as the last crashes - this time it is different. Bitcoin is very well known to the masses now whereas before only a handful of people knew about it. I'm really sorry to say to the hopefuls that the bubble has really popped this time and there is no way we will see a ATH again in the future rather we can expect to see btc go below $1000 and maybe even into the double figures. The dirty boys have entered the space now and they don't have any interest
  12. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to "Risk to Reward". BTC is less risky but unlikely to give you higher returns in a shorter amount of time compared to an ALT with solid fundamentals and a low market cap. Making money in crypto is easy but holding onto that money is the difficult bit as many found out this year. Regardless, the crypto market is looking very solid even though the price action is not reflecting this at present but the following may happen in next 2 quarters: One or more BTC ETFs Bakkt coming online Safe Tether ETH futures Morgan
  13. Just some statistics: Biggest decline in altcoin marketcap was in 2014 -86% with a total duration of 266 days before a massive bounce. Today we are sitting at a decline of -85% in 252 days. The next pump will be unreal and will dwarf the previous pumps even if it doesn't happen quickly it will surely happen one day. It is the first time i am seeing crypto dumping badly while the news is so positive out there i.e BAKKT, Canada, yahoo, eft, etc etc. None of this has been priced in and the market seems to be sleeping and acting very irrationally. It's important to look at fu
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