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  1. Hey buddy. There isn't even a white paper for Libra yet. Let's see when it comes out. If it's another stable coin then it's pointless.
  2. What's your definition of cryptocurrency champ? You may want to reassess it. I'm a software developer. It's a cryptocurrency.
  3. Ah nice one champ. Complete misreading of the situation. Do you know the difference between a deficit and a debt I wonder? P.s don't worry, I know the answer already.
  4. This is plain wrong. The liberal immigration voters have lost at every turn. The borders are closing. People have had enough. The UK will become a mono-cultural society again just of many colours. Multi-culture is a vicious destroyer of functional society. Close the borders. Integrate what we have. Succeed again.
  5. An inbred occurs only due to inbreeding. Your statement is technically incorrect. Is English your first language?
  6. It is not the biggest ever in the banking space. That is a ludicrous claim. It is however the biggest ever in the cryptocurrency world unless you can name a bigger one?
  7. https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-announces-strategic-partnership-with-money-transfer-giant-moneygram/ Wow massive partnership. The biggest ever within the crypto space. Real and genuine use of XRP and not just a pipe dream. This is unbelievable and should drive the whole market forward. Been filling my bags like crazy with XRP and now hopefully it will come home to roost. Market is flying.
  8. XRP is the digital asset in 3rd spot. Look at the price of Bitcoin, ETH, XRP for the last few years. They've been in the top 3 almost permanently. I'd stick to just them. Concerningly I can envisage bitcoin falling foul of environmentalists and eth falling foul of securities regulation. The asset without these issues is XRP. Therefore that is my main horse. I have an outstanding record of investments in the traditional arenas so I'm very confident in my assessment.
  9. I can trace my lineage back to the dark ages in Britain. They knew a thing or two about dealing with outsiders on the grift. Sympathy and empathy are for the weak. The strong know that people will exploit that to their benefit, as we have witnessed here over the last 30 years.
  10. But reduce the population? Amiright? A smaller richer population is better than a larger poorer one. No more migrants under any circumstances please. P.s the UK employment statistics are absolute nonsense. Same as GDP figures.
  11. Thank you, no expense has been spared with my training. The fact that no one has responded with any suitable counter arguments means my opinion is most likely the correct one. EU migration is through the floor. Next stop non EU migration.
  12. I didn't see parliament vote on it. Did you? That's a backdoor if you ask me Where to start with the problems with it... - blurs the line between legal and illegal immigration as well as humanitarian and economic. Quite frankly if you are an illegal economic migrant, as the absolute majority are, then I believe the risk you take should be on you. - Making migration a human right. Are you joking me? It's my human right to live in Buckingham Palace. - countries have to provide support to migrants immediately in terms of welfare and benefits. - support even has to be provided if they return home. What the devil? There are a few major issues straight off the top of my head. No more migrants for me thank you. All passports from last 30 years also to be rescinded and dual nationals returned home. 1st step.... leave the EU. 2nd step .... Bring in the appropriate laws ignorant of so called human rights. I enjoy my comfortable standard of living and have no desire to share my wealth with heathens.
  13. Loads of protests over the UN agreement that was shuffled in through the back door. The UK will overturn it when required and non sovereign entities won't stop it.
  14. This is fantastic news thanks. EU migration crashing through the floor. Next target non EU migration. The political eye will bring this into sharp focus soon no doubt or the UK will vote someone in who will.
  15. The brexit poster was correct. The EU was not dealing with the hordes of migrants correctly. Typically young and disaffected males with questionable ethics. They were being allowed to travel through wherever they wanted as opposed to being stopped in the first safe country. Leaving the EU means we can refuse all those immigrants and not concern ourselves with the EU court of human rights. To put this bluntly I would prefer to kick everyone out who came to the UK in the last 30 years. Failing that just a complete shut down regardless of current family connections is the next best thing.
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