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  1. Seen this threat countless times over the last 10 years. Nothing ever happens. I reported 3 x undeclared landlords that I know about just to see what would happen.... Nothing has happened but I'd say it's a good £50k missed from those 3 alone. As well as my report they are all second home owners so the information is there. Just not the will.
  2. Got a friend who has never worked more than 4 days per week. Never earned more than £25k, never really done anything but go on holiday. Parents just bought her a £1 million house and she says she's "worked hard for it". This nationwide change only affects the poorer fish.
  3. Someone I know in the pubic sector.... barely working 1 day a week because of children in coronavirus. No output expected, writes policy documents that no one reads. They are saving up their holiday to take when have to go back full time. Accumulating a pension at very high levels.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/15/coronavirus-contracts-government-transparency-pandemic Newspaper update. Looks like a few more corrupt contracts unearthed. Looking forward to seeing this play out in the courts.
  5. I'm sure the government got a fair and reasonable deal per mask... Apologies I didn't see you had posted it in the brexit thread. I did do a search.
  6. I'm reminded of the ferry contract for the company with no ferries. Clear corruption on ppe procurement contracts. £billions thrown away. Below post taken from KamikazeChief profile on reddit. Jo Maugham QC is already taking the Health Secretary Matt Hancock to court regarding a £108 million PPE contract to a pest control company formed only a few months ago with only £18,000 in assets. Since then much more has been uncovered. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1279311067785633793?s=20
  7. The German bill to support the EU basket case is up by 42%. That's the true cost of brexit. The Germans must be regretting their lot now. Judging from what is going on in Dijon then France can't keep their own house in order let alone the European project. I'm glad we're out. Let's pull up the drawbridge and watch it fall apart from a safe distance.
  8. They ate so much fish that they disrupted archaeologist's ability to carbon date their bones. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180202085235.htm
  9. You sad little weasel. It was in the newspaper. Pretending you have contacts. Tax evading weasel. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-8210959/Has-Boriss-guru-key-getting-economy-lockdown.html
  10. Not surprised to see you caught with your hand in the jar again. You also got caught out by the loan charge scam didn't you? I've been much encouraged by the government getting savy with all these tax dodgers. Although I would still like to see the undeclared buy to let people crushed.
  11. True. I should have said they'll operate them more overtly.
  12. If it all gets a bit too much then global printing presses will get switched on. It'll hit the proletariat for sure but who cares about them?
  13. I'm definitely back into the hope zone. Every chart tells me q3/q4 2021 is the time to cash the majority out. It's been a fairly relaxed bear market I'd say, which means I invested what I could afford to lose. It helped that even at the lows I was miles in profit. Problem is I'm already at life changing amounts this time around, even at today's prices. My plan is for a systematic sales process from $4 xrp and $20k Bitcoin. Can't be wrong if you're following a process!
  14. So delighted to see democracy win out. A strong leave majority government to really hold the EU feet to the fire. The Europeans always crumble under British aggression. A couple of persuasive aircraft carriers always helps. Boris has got the EU and that nasty toad sturgeon under his Jack boot. Can't await until next Friday. It'll be glorious. The British borders are beginning to seal up.
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