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  1. Even then, vastly more cases means that some of those are going to be serious, and will require ICU treatment because of Covid. What you really need is the case fatality rate, currently running at 0.15% in Portugal, compared to 1.5% to 3% during the pre-vaccine period.
  2. The part where they explain that the authors (economists, not specialists in this area) have performed a meta-analysis that excluded all work done by epidemiologists (i.e. the people who do this for a living) and instead relied on a single study from South Africa, oh and they reversed the conclusions of that study as well. Pretty damn funny if you ask me, and yet some are taking this study seriously.
  3. Lockdown, Omicron variant leading to many, many more cases and the figures not distinguishing between deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid. Plus, although you specify "much of the period when the country was unvaccinated", you ignore the massive spike in December - February 2020/21, when patients and deaths were vastly higher than they are now.
  4. Two obvious candidates: lockdown; the data doesn't distinguish between those in hospital with Covid and those in there because of Covid; plus differences between Omicron and pre-Alpha variants in terms of infectiousness.
  5. This is the same study (slightly updated) that ended up as an episode on the BBC's More or Less. If you don't have the time to listen, the short version is that it's total garbage.
  6. Hi, I can't really follow your link, could you post some numbers please.
  7. Airlines and airports are fully privatized, I can get down to Tenerife for £50 or so. Trains, still a quasi-state monopoly, you paid £300 or so to go maybe 25% of the distance. 'nuff said. UK housing is the exact opposite of a free market. Town and Country Planning Act 1947.
  8. Ask any economist, and they'll tell you that defence is something that only the state can provide, it doesn't mean that they're any good at it (ask the Russians), just that no market alternative exists. In terms of street lighting, you know that flashlights are a thing, don't you? I suggest you check the definition of monopoly, and in any event, since when has the NHS only provided emergency care.
  9. Let's say 1/100 vaccinated die from Covid, but for the unvaccinated that figure is 1/10, that's 90% protection against death from Covid. Now let's assume we merge unvaccinated with partially vaccinated, and they have a 1/20 chance of dying from Covid, the vaccines now only offer 80% protection from death from Covid. One problem is the partially vaccinated usually have a reason why they've not had further doses, thus their all cause mortality can be worse, but if we're solely focussed on death by Covid, the numbers still hold.
  10. I've been away from this forum for a long time, did they try floating that Lancet study and how did it work out?
  11. The claim was about original promises, not what the semi-senile POTUS said a year later. Also, let's remember that the vaccines were developed against pre-Alpha variants, work well against Alpha and Delta, but Omicron has changed the game a bit. So, what were the original promises, and who made them, with links to sources please.
  12. It makes the vaccines look less effective, I'm not sure how that helps anyone.
  13. The thing is though, roughly 90% of people who die from flu, or indeed anything, are likely to have some other condition mentioned as well, so the comparison is not valid.
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