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  1. It is because he and others get their understanding of what medical professionals and scientists think (as a big group) from his preferred media.
  2. Yes. MarkG's argument does rely on making things up and ignoring reality.
  3. I do wonder how many posters were around in 2000, it seems not many. The Government's initial policy was to tough it out. I know you are writing otherwise, but your statements are knowingly mistaken. They ended up panicing, as not locking down did not work. An earlier more moderate lockdown would likely have been more effective. Shielding the vulnerable is a nice image. But, it is hard to implement practically. The vulnerable tend to need care, who are dispropotionately young people and young women in particular. They would also have to be shielded and eventually the shield is most people we end up with bubbles.
  4. I left in 2016, I knew they would struggle without me.
  5. Much like COVID, polio is usually harmless. So they will be fine.
  6. Had they gone in earlier, the peak would have been less and I think shorter would have been possible. Certainly, real life experience suggests a more moderate shut down would have been possible with an earlier shut down. Of course, that is far more clear in hindsight.
  7. Clearly, in hindsight, a moderate lockdown asap was correct. That is indeed obvious now (despite idiots on this thread). Honestly, I compare the PM's actions to running over a child and Slawek thinks I am saying that all that is OK. Bizarre.
  8. There are virus research labs all over the world and in pretty much all major cities. Virology has been a big deal for a long time. Gain of function is far more boring that you think. It does not mean adding super powers. Despite the YouTube videos you might have watched.
  9. It is as near to a smoking gun as we can get. It is not proof though. It is 100 times more likely than the lab leak theory, but it is still merely by far best guess. No-one needed a sinister lab leak theories MERS or SARS as it did not affect them. So, psychology rather than reason.
  10. To confirm Flatbear's excellent point... ...We will likely never know for certain. But, pandemics happen and in the modern world they are more likely. It has long been expected that one would emerge and were already overdue. A naturally occurring pandemic is not unexpected. It is possible it was from a lab, but there are two ways this would be: - It was collected from a place where it did not infect anyone. It was taken back to the lab and stored there, all while existing in nature and not infecting anyone. It was then leaked. Which seems very improbable. - It was engineered, as a biological weapon to...erm... well that does not make sense really. And hugely overestimates our understanding of the human body. No-one thought this likely with MERS or SARS, which suggests it is more psychological and people think that these things should only affect foreigners or it must be a conspiracy (i.e. ego mania).
  11. You are quoting the Daily Mail. It would be wrong to suggest you are retarded, so instead I will thank you for alerting people to the nonsense that is published in the media. You are right to think it is daft and to fear that gullible people might fall for it.
  12. Yes. I know. I get it. I have worked on pandemic documents. I am one of those mass of people who were ignored. It was a bit like this conversation. ...y'know, F*** this, I will debate you way "OMG!!! How dare you say killing children is OK! Thousands die every year and you think that is OK!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!! I AM SO MUCH MORE RIGHTEOUS!! YOU THINK KILLING CHILDREN IS OK"
  13. Really?! Have a cup of tea and take a break. You are on the Covid thread, with people who look back in hindsight and think that the nurses were all lying, the doctors are lying, the scientists are all stupid and you decide to pick an argument with me? I compare the Government with a driver who is careless and kills a child and your take away and that I am a blind apologists for the Government? Come on! This is clearly a terrible Government. That said, back in 2019-2020 things were far less clear. Governments relied on their gut instincts. That is a shame, but forgiveable. Refusing to learn is another thing.
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