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  1. The idea that exposure to an antigen produces the immune response is clearly very obvious. That anti-vaxxers think this is a gotcha does show they do not understand what they are writing.
  2. The funny thing was when he was explaining what mRNA was. Clearly, he had understood the explination he was repeating perfectly well and did not question it; because it was not upsetting him.
  3. Whilst you make a very reasonable point, Mr Vis is on very safe ground here I feel.
  4. People who know nothing and think less take this idea seriously.
  5. Ironically, brexit will make it harder. It would mean having a trade border with England.
  6. From te Univeristy of Queensland: www.edx.org/course/antivaccination-and-vaccine-hesitancy
  7. Quite. The beauty of democracy is also the credibility. People might not like the decision, but an accepted system gives it legitimacy.
  8. I am remembering a biology lesson in 1993, so I confess it is vague now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immune_system
  9. :smh: The immune system see strange foreign antigens all the time. It fights parasites, tumors, viruses and pathogenic bacteria all the time. The initial immune response will fade away quickly, but a second exposure gears the immune system up that the antigen is likely to be a regular threat. This is the absolute basics to the introduction to immunology at A level, before you get to the technical stuff. I learnt this at about sixteen.
  10. There is a disease called Covid-19 that is going around. The vaccine is to prevent that disease and prime the immune system for it. I am surprised you are unaware of the issue.
  11. I am not going to be critical of him for a cycle ride, and he did better than the Swedish PM, but worse than most (I write from Denmark where it was handled far, far better).
  12. Yes, indeed. It was a general trend. I cited Liverpool and Mancester as I know the area better. It was the same in Leeds and elswhere. Age accounts for some of that, but the general trend is clear. If we take kzb, who might be a 23-year old black woman with an MSc, but is more likely to be a less qualified, oldish white man.
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