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  1. thanks for that. i will have a look through. to clarify my position, i am not an OO at the mo. i am scared of buying into the market at a later date if i run the risk of having my mortgage debt called in by a struggling lender regardless of my repayment record.
  2. i beg to differ really cuz share prices have always been totally transparent, even so we've seen bubble after bubble after bubble. increasing prices only provide 'proof' that prices are skyrocketing...
  3. I want to know under what circumstances our lenders can call in debts. Usually this is where there are chronic repayment defaults or bankruptsy. What I really want to know is whether they are allowed to call in a debt from a debtor who has never missed any mortgage repayments ? A possible scenario being if a bank gets into difficulties. If this is the case, then I would be rather wary of taking out a mortgage in the future given the problems we face.
  4. i just looked straight through it ! goes a long way to explain why i never did so well in my former profession. oh well. i'll go into retail instead, i hear things are booming
  5. perhaps "10" is right, but "10 pence" is wrong since they want the number of pence ?
  6. bit off-topic but, i just don't get it! • A bat and a ball cost £1.10 in total. The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How many pence does the ball cost? The answer isn't 10 apparently. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/small-busines...2&in_page_id=10
  7. This is a ***** pointless thread. Try the online dating agencies.
  8. Don't go buying kitchens and stuff - it doesn't do any good and you'll just be spending (or borrowing?) more cash. Everything has a price regardless of condition. You get the price correct and it will sell.
  9. Teachers and firepeople are not worth their salt. Nurses and bobbies are the REAL heroes of the civil service.
  10. Oh yes. She is extremely hard working and dedicated and spent 3 years training... you clearly understand all this! However it is true that: -She absolutely loves her job whereas i hated mine. -Although it is not a great amount of money it is not far off what i earnt and I worked some really ******ed up long hours in doing so. -She will never be sacked or made redunddant and will always be paid the same as other nurses doing a similar job. -She will have a proper pension. I would never slight the work most of you guys do. I might take issue with senior level positions in the public sector. I also think teachers get paid FAR FAR TOO much in comparsion to nurses and policemen, as, lets face it, teachers are just failed something elses, whereas being a nurse takes a very, very special kind of person who really cares about other people.... I hope you are not a teacher.
  11. Ha. I should've added some remark about him / her not being able to afford an ice-cream or something.
  12. FAR TOO MANY WORDS on your homepage. Got bored within 20 secs. Cheerio!
  13. You got to home at 5:30 as a programmer ! Well done. I got to home at 5:30 to sometimes... 05:30 that is.
  14. I can't recall the last time someone in a well paid job said that their work was a doddle. The usual description is along the lines of very hard work but hugely rewarding etc...
  15. the expression is "plane" sailing ( not plain ) - as in 2d trigonometry rather than spherical trigonometry.
  16. If this isn't a plant, then I don't know what is.
  17. 3,219,300,000 if only it were 'lost' that money was added to circulation the net effect of which makes any hard saved pounds of yours that little bit weaker.
  18. B&Q Yes! I have been surprised recently by how quiet they have gotten, given the frenzy that I have come to expect at their stores.
  19. inflation tax in the long run if rates start free falling again.
  20. ...During a period of hyperinflation, bank runs, loans for 24 hour periods, switching to alternate currencies, the return to use of gold or silver or even barter becomes common...
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