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  1. As a poster on another thread mentioned this morning Germany also has immigration but no HPI. What he forgot to mention was that Germany has had a falling population for some time, even with immigration added to the total. The UK, on the other hand, has had an annual net increase in population whilst at the same time tightening both planning and building controls.
  2. I'm a subscriber and like the mag generally but bare in mind that Moneyweeks editorial staff have been uber bears for longer than I can remember, with the publication of either a bearish article or editorial on almost a weekly basis. One important point this article doesn't cover (nor has any article in moneyweek AFAIKR). There is (comared to the nineties) a real, genuine shortage of property in the UK right now, with the few excess and untenented properties being in areas of the very least demand. I think they should enter that into their equation!
  3. I think syndicates or RIETS would find these, mainly individual, properties too costly and therefore unprofitable (for them) to manage and it's probably individuals dabbling in this end of the market.
  4. The profitable area of BTL is no longer in the new build apartments but in the bottom end of the market apparently. Locally small 'cheap' terraces in the not too good areas are flying off the shelves - and according to one local EA they are being sold to 'Southern money' who still see growth in this area and where yeilds are still above 5 or 6%. After all many other small Northern towns have seen a marked increase in population (Crewe 6,000 plus for example) due to EU immigration and they all have to live somewhere. My local town now has little or no spare accomodation, a huge change from on
  5. I think we'll find that many of March's sales won't be through until mid June.
  6. An editorial in the FT this week seemed to think oil will stay above $60 for a few years and, as we're viewed as a petro currency to some degree, that surely must help the £? You may also be interested in this? Former bear turns bullish on global economy By Jennifer Hughes in New York Published: May 1 2006 18:29 | Last updated: May 1 2006 18:29 The world economy may be able to unwind its current imbalances without serious disruption, Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley’s famously bearish chief economist, predicted on Monday, in a remarkable revision to several years of gloomy prognosis. Mr R
  7. Food producers such as Northern Foods (NFDS) and ABF (ABF) are currently out of fashion. Probably due to high energy costs and an unwillingness by the big 4 supermarkets to accept price increases. I'd imagine there'll be some consolidation in the market and profits will recover eventually so, one to keep an eye on rather than jump straight in.
  8. Land Registry For only £2, you can download plans for the houses you're interested in. This can be very useful when you're choosing between houses before you make an offer. In addition to the plan, you can buy a property register for the house where you can find out who owns the house, the price paid (for most houses sold since April 2000), any loans secured against it and any rights of way across the land. This costs only £2 and is available to download from this site now. Some registers refer to other documents relating to the house you're interested in. These are also £2 and available t
  9. I think he's Armenian rather than Black ? Their membership form does say "Membership of the British National Party is open to those of British or kindred European ethnic descent. " http://www.bnp.org.uk/shopping/membership.htm I guess it doesn't actually read 'no non whites' but it does imply that! As for Armenia? Not really part of Europe just yet but I guess once the Turks join they'll be next! http://*******.com/lw2a9
  10. I said "I disagree with their policy of not allowing those of non European heritage to join". It is just possible that a few of the said heritage might actually agree with some of their ideas including halting mass immigration! After all, as far as I’m aware, they’ve no plan for enforced repatriation (except for criminals) and they appear to be the only party who have the well being of the working man at heart.
  11. The rubbish (or at least most of it) was actually dumped by neighbours, apparently!
  12. Yes. someone I once knew who seemed to be a very nice guy (just happened to be a true blue nationalist) and who did a tremendous ammount of charity work was 'outed' by the NoW one Sunday for being a member of the BNP (presumably the story was deemed newsworthy because of his high profile charity work) and subsequently lost his job. Edit - If the BNP allowed non whites as members they'd get my support too. Unfortunately they don't, more's the pity.
  13. Where did you hear or see that? Will failure to provide a home information pack be a criminal offence? No, but there will be enforcement based on civil sanctions. Trading Standards Officers will have the discretion to determine appropriate action in each case - whether to provide information and assistance, issue a warning or a fixed penalty, probably £200. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/help-and-advi...8&in_page_id=90 What if I don't have one? The penalty charge for breach of the HIP duties is initially set at only £200. However, the Office of Fair Trading could issue a banning orde
  14. Lost and found Missing socialist principles sought. Last seen in 1980s. Of little practical use but hold strong sentimental value. Write to: Cuddles Prescott c/o HM Gov, London
  15. Heres a few tips for Southerners thinking of moving North; Save all your beef fat. You will be instructed later how to use it. If you forget a Northerner's name, refer to him (or her) as "Love" Remember: "Us" is singular. "Thaa" is plural. "Thaas" is plural possessive. There is nothing sillier than a Southerner imitating a northern accent, unless it is a northerner imitating a Brummie accent. Get used to hearing, "Tha's not from around here, are tha?" Don't be worried that you don't understand anyone. They don't understand you either. Be advised: The "He were a southern bugge
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