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  1. The crash is only going to get worse.. The only people who will say it is the bottom are people who are hoping to gain Look at the properties on the market.. B&Bs.. now selling up as hotel glut and room prices in freefall New builds - must literally be hundreds of new builds both in construction and planned.. Dyce, Chapelton, Aberdeen city, opposite the new AEC TEKA, Inverurie, big town planned for where old AEC was... All commercial buildings now selling as the tax is a burden Remember IR35 changes coming into play in April will have a huge hit on Aberdeen.. the money just wont be there.. No idea how many single man limited companies running but they wont be after April.. This will have huge hits on free cash and filter down Still in the acquisition and merger stage of oil Oil being phased out now quite aggressively and most people pulling out of north sea I cant see anything looking good for aberdeen just now.. correct me if i am wrong. Just read the evening express to see what life in aberdeen is really like now - drug busts and murders..you would never have seen that even a few years ago The decline in living standards is real and easily seen just by taking a stroll down Union Street
  2. Jimmy, Westhill is about 50 years old.. not 10.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westhill,_Aberdeenshire
  3. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/warning-of-tailbacks-caused-by-work-on-new-dons-stadium/ This is just the start Aberdeen council building right on the boundary of Aberdeenshire
  4. Jimmy - The AWPR is already a total disgrace and showing its holes.. building T-Junction joins onto roads rather than slip roads.. Westhill already has a tailback every morning as very poorly designed.. Through this football traffic into the saturday traffic when you dont even have a dual carriageway all the way into Aberdeen and lets see the carnage on the raods. Plus it looks like they are building the entrance to the new stadium direct onto the westhill/kingswells dual carriage..who approves these road designs is beyond me.
  5. I was talking to an estate agent and he was saying ASPC is like the old BT telephone book now..so thick you couldnt rip it in half On todays evening express, multiple new proposals for flats and new builds..and likely to be approved..
  6. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/north-east-house-prices-still-rising-according-to-new-figures/ Evening express has great news for property owners...!! What!!
  7. I thought this topic was dead haha Seems pretty stable then Rightmove still has property bee tracking prices on it
  8. That rent chart looks nice.. fall further please!! £1000 for a 2 bed flat is ludicrous .. Where was this in the CPI or RPI And when houses tripling in price, inflation should of been off the charts and interest rates in double figures to control growth Then none of this would have happened.. All engineered to make the poor (and stupid) poorer, and the rich richer
  9. This is the issue in the UK regarding commercial businesses. All these businesses going bust as they are driven to the wall. Loaded with debt to reduce any tax liability and maximise directors take home Then they dissolve the company with mountains of debt and the only people to suffer are the creditors. Then next day, the same business is opened with a slightly different name. It is happening everywhere. Look at the debt being carried for pizza express and patisserie valerie.. Anyone can take 15 seconds to look at the books and say this company is bust. Yes you can see hotels going bust, most of queens road and adjacent street..all commercial properties for sale or to let.. Not looking too great although job market does seem to be picking up for north sea. More auctions opening up too.
  10. A lot of activity in the North Sea just now - I dont think it will save the Aberdeen property market but still.. more rigs coming in and more platforms planned across multiple companies. More jobs definitely coming onto market too and recruitment seems to be picking up and contracts/staff positions both on offer. I am also looking at a few auctions sites.. a lot more properties of higher quality coming up. I have seen quite a few properties across the board from 1 bed up ti £1million go under offer recently coming into 2019. Whats everyone thinking..Do we think they going to keep dropping? ASPC still looks very high and still a lot of retail/commercial going To Let/For Sale too. Wondering if to pick something up at Auction just now
  11. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-6282115/Property-market-Aberdeen-best-20-years-set-oil-industry-job-boom.html Never seen this one Thoughts?
  12. Started using Property Log Chrome extension with RightMove.. Will show you all the price reductions Very interesting to see all the property asking price reductions - where they started, currently are at, and date first listed etc.
  13. These guys are available for interior decorating if you need them 🙄 https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/374402/82-Beaconsfield-Place/Aberdeen/
  14. It can be up to 12 months https://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/services/council-tax/discounts-and-exemptions/altered-and-repaired-property
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