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  1. It was originally built as a shopping centre. It would be a bit like Union Square if turned back into commercial BP took it over for an office I think Dyce big enough if they did it and moved all the shops off the high street
  2. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/encouraging-signs-for-aberdeen-property-market-but-house-prices-still-falling/
  3. House prices are ridiculous after furlough and bailouts.. House prices have gone up £400k now for a semi decent semi which still needs a full refurb - Madness Where is the money coming from??
  4. Does anyone like the new ASPC? It is terrible i feel.. takes a lot of getting used to compared to the old layout.
  5. Kingswells house - surrounded by 3 sides by commercial buildings.. the field next to it is phase 4 so another commercial building. Landlocked on other side by farmer so no access. has hundreds of protected trees.. im not if they did this because they wouldnt sell or develop.. so this is why this was left.. every view is of an office building.. you do get some land but al restricted in what you can do. Also water flows at front.. you can see in phase 1, they built like a small loch for the water.. i think the water feeds into the Don..whatever the water way that runs through Dyce is called
  6. whats aberdeen housing market going to be like once the government lifts ban on real estate transactions?
  7. EME be very careful to stay there as your employer would have done a CEST SDS (Status determination statement) and determined inside. If HMRC gets hold of that and your limited company have self declared outside, it will be a blood bath for you - 20 year look back and taxes potentially.
  8. BP makes more money through its financial trading than it does through oil price. They have like 1800 traders employed so this volatility is good for them even if they dont say so. Oceaneering down from a high $83 to a low of $2... ouch ouch ouch Yes i would hold off until Corona passes to see whats left of housing market and Aberdeen This could be a big blow. More mergers and acquisitions coming though
  9. im thinking will go even lower EME This was before even the quarantines were put in place so now if a full global shutdown in place oil will drop through the floor. We just got to time the bottom right Whats your thoughts? lower still or hit the bottom?
  10. These ones EME? ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC A SHARES (RDSA) EUR0.07 My BP shares down 53% - crying now.. £20k lost so far
  11. Market: So does anything think its a good time to Buy oil? any good share tips or we think will get worse with Corona virus and market slowdown and to hold further? New build parking spaces I totally agree on zero parking space - westhill and countesswells new builds - 1 parking space for 4 bed houses that typically have 3 or 4 cars..All now parked on the street so down to 1 way traffic most of the times.. They should have to build a minimum of 2 parking spaces for a 2 bed property upwards
  12. Had a drive through Countesswells today! How many new houses going in and more importantly..who is buying them all! I havent seen the population of Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire increasing but we have been pumping out thousands of houses and flats over the past few years.
  13. Holy moley - thats crazy - surely they should get them off as quickly as possible before it turns into another cruise ship nightmare breeding ground.. Yes going to be a lot of sick pay claims through out every industry it seems
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