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  1. Unfortunately there is something else going on in the high street... internet sales are taking of in a massive way. So the drop in HS sales is, imho, mostly due to a change in shopping behaviours. Online sales are rocketing.
  2. Several of us had posting rights removed. More of a suspension than a ban as it seems the rights are back now. No matter. I've now moved to the other site too. I absolutely will not support a forum which removes my posts asking for edited and deleted posts to be annotated as such. In 9 years of internet usage I have never had posting rights suspended before. I can't even recall a time when my posts were removed either. And for what? Asking that moderated posts are marked as such? I was mildly annoyed at the ads. But it was the moderation which has made me leave the site. Goodbye all. I'll see you at the other side of the crash. Good luck.
  3. Can you confirm whether the person posting as Webmaster is still the same person as pre-FUBRA? Thank you for your time.
  4. Although I don't post much now I do visit several times a day. But the ads are totally over the top now. The in-forum google one is the final straw. I'll still pop by occasionally but I'm going to cut back my visits. I just find it too irritating now.
  5. I have no idea what my LL's yield is but I suspect he probably isn't making much of a profit at all (I know roughly what the place is worth and the rent is substantially cheaper than the current price and still cheaper than the price he actually bought it for according to nethouseprices). And I've just called up the agent to get them to send round an electrician and a plumber to fix a couple of problems. He won't be making a profit this month. I've renovated a house in the past, doing most of the work myself, including electrical work and plumbing so I know I could fix these issues. But one of the biggest advantages of renting is being able to call the agent and get them to send round some workmen at someone elses expense
  6. Yep count me in. Not been around much due to a lack of internet connection but a beer or twenty would suit me just fine
  7. Depending on your opinion it's either a stagger indicating a soft landing, or a double-top indicating an imminent fall. Until we see what happens next we just don't know.
  8. Haha, HPC is deicated to the downfall of the housing market? Pull the other one. It's simply a group of people from the general public that question where the housing market is going. Additionally HPC isn't an organisation in the way Rightmove is, for example. So the FT article should equally have said something such as "members of the general public have referred Rightmove to the OFT after questioning the validity of their pre-flotation figures and press report". Well done Baz and the others involved.
  9. Now I don't believe in Nostradamus' predictions at all. But I seem to recall that some people interpreted some of his predictions as the end of the world starting in spring 2006. Repeat: I don't believe it myself before anyone has a moan
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4758032.stm
  11. I was thinking about this the other day: Set up a company to buy BTL. If prices go up then sell them and cash in. If they go down then bankrupt the company with almost nothing lost (and offset of the loss against PAYE in your day job). Gotta be a catch somewhere?
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