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  1. if you need to get at source code - plenty of java decompilers around example below http://www.bysoft.se/sureshot/cavaj/
  2. According to the Telegraph 'Week ahead' it's out tomorrow I believe. I'm looking forward to seeing the demand chart. (I think they should be close to changing it's name to the supply chart soon as buyer demand was fast closing in on zero last month....)
  3. At the roof: house prices wobble and have a long way to fall RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY: The full extent of the homes slowdown may be hidden and consumer psychology will partly determine the severity of a reversal, write Friederike Tiesenhausen Cave and Chris Giles. By CHRIS GILES and FRIEDERIKE TIESENHAUSEN CAVE 1,501 words 30 August 2005 Financial Times London Ed1 Page 13 English © 2005 The Financial Times Limited. All rights reserved It has been almost a year since the average national house price started to stagnate. Annual growth in prices is on course shortly to hit zero, after 10
  4. Similar story on our friends in the beeb http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4183096.stm They seem to forget the fact the recent major declines started in July 2004 when approvals fell off a cliff ~20%, the fact that things are still falling yoy is very encouraging from a bear's stance.
  5. I see moving in with the parents is having an immediate effect on you
  6. LMAO If you look carefully in picture 3 I think you can see a car on the hard shoulder!!
  7. I wonder how much debt the owner has against these?
  8. I guess the agents didn't bother to take her phone number...
  9. This house has been on the market for some time now, looks like they've swapped agents and been persuaded to drop from 650 to 550. Keep going!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-644...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-845...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy
  10. Signs that sterling has run out of steam At least he mentions the possibility of a weak pound resulting in inflationary pressures which he seems to have omitted until now.
  11. I think this month's Rightmove report makes hilarious reading - they're are some absolute gems in there You and me both pal. Glad to see he thinks the early 90's were a nice steady slowdown. At least we know where he is coming from As for the artists impression of the 'flat' landing as Shipside put it - it's looks about as realistic as the old style photo-fits from Crimewatch. photofit.bmp photofit.bmp
  12. I tried negative hpi too - had to settle for +0.1. Even then it comes out pretty sweet (although it took me awhile to remember figures in brackets are losses - dohwith!)
  13. In the previous crash house prices remained at the same level in cash price terms (ie not accounting for RPI). This allowed VIs and the like to herald a GSD (at least for awhile ) I'm just wondering whether a low inflation environment might accelerate falls. Once falls start happening and they much more visible to the ave. punter than the previous crash (ie . in cash terms) could this help trigger a more dramatic reverse? Any thoughts?
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