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  1. I thought Max was going to explode with rage
  2. Recession....depression........What comes after depression? Cause thats whats coming
  3. Yep...just waiting our turn at the moment...I imagine we are next on the list after France It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone...in fact the only surprise should be they haven't done it long ago What would really be interesting is if the peripheral debt crisis started to cast doubts on the credit worthiness of Germany and the bond vigilantes started eyeing them up.
  4. If you have to ask then it's probably better you don't
  5. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/cme-hikes-gold-margins-but-prices-still-rising-2011-08-10 CME raises margins...didn't they do that to silver when it got too hot ? Worked for a while
  6. Sadly I think you are right The corruption and malaise are too deep It's like watching an alcoholic drink himself to death......he knows what he's doing but he can't stop it. They might as well face it...... they're addicted to debt
  7. Enough is enough After what Merv implied about interest rates The isa is going in the bin I'd rather keep gold in a tin
  8. Yeah they do Exploit everyone else...boss them about ..take all their money ...bankrupt them ..and then buy all their assets All without a shot being fired.............yet
  9. Surely sooner or later it's got to be reflected in the German Bund yield as well I seriously think it's time everyone liquidated every surplus asset and bought gold if they haven't already done so I haven't Where is the best place get some?...One of those vending machines?...Or have they been looted?
  10. Marvelous Nigel I salute you Free trade... Yes........ The rest they can shove it
  11. I'm sure Spain made another denial they needed a bailout Oh no...I remember now it was Italy Yeah that's right Italy definitely won't need a bailout.....no how.. no way ..Jose Probably not anyway We'll let you know Well maybe just a little bit...but we won't spend it...it's just for security you understand We don't actually need it...feck no...Silvio says out debt levels are similar to Germany So there can't be a problem
  12. Personally I am starting to wonder if we will look back on this time in a few years and say if only I had the nerve to buy bank shares back then I would have made a mint.. Thats the classic conundrum isn't it?....Everyone wants a sure thing...Well unfortunately that's an isa with a negative real interest rate The government may want to sell off some of the nationalised banks before the next election and to precipitate that with some bank share ramping... Just my gut feeling...but the tide will turn one day and when it does there is a lot of money to be made
  13. Agreed Bosch make a reliable washing machine...Had mine for a few years now and never had a a problem with it....got one of their fridges too Never had a Miele...thats a posh Bosch is it?
  14. I got a feeling the nouveau riche will be nouveau broke in the not too distant future. Their whole economy smacks of an unsustainable boom that is going to end in tears. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  15. In percentage terms still cheaper than the insurance for my car...........so probably a way to go before they start squealing like a stuck PIG
  16. Don't get too excited about these people losing everything....when they say they have lost everything...it aint like you and me losing everything... It's like they have lost the Lambourghini the multi billion dollar company and the private jet....but they are still rich beyond anyones widest dreams and still will never have to work again in their lives...this is all so much toss for the masses to make them feel better...He's probably got more money stashed in a Swiss bank account than the gdp of Ireland Fortune wiped out ...so what...plenty more where that came from......These people walk between the rain drops
  17. In any case it is the wrong type of inflation.....This type we prefer to ignore until it goes away and then pretend it didn't happen....We refer to it as "imported" Later on after the bubble has partially reflated we can create some nice friendly British inflation...then we can fanny around adjusting interest rates up and down to make us seem important again
  18. Had a quick look at it...but started getting annoyed at listening to all the Labour benefits and handout whingers.When are they going to realise this country cannot afford to keep handing out money for nothing.They simply have to learn to stand on their own two feet......It's so tiresome. Me me me ...I want ..I want ...I want.... Well you can't have ... You'll have to go to work for it and save...and wait.... Yes that's right ...you'll have to wait... Irritating little handout oiks...try making something for yourself for once
  19. Ok so let's call that formal denial numero uno. Is it possible to keep a tally of the number and frequency of all subsequent denials up and until the time they formally apply for a bailout Perhaps if we were to add up all the denials from Greece,Ireland ,Portugal and Spain combine it with a complicated arithmatic formula and some Romanian btl mortgages bundle it all up and sell it to the Chinese...Yes I think that would work....Magic formulas linked to eastern european mortgages in exchange for cash....with which we promise to buy tat.
  20. Ring Ring.. Hi .....Can I speak to the Chairman of the ECB? Who's speaking please? The P.M. of Portugal I'm afraid Mrs Mirthel isn't available right now....would you like to speak to Mr Cliche instead? Ok he'll do.......I'm afraid I need to borrow a rather large amount of money....as we are broke and no one else will lend to us at an affordable rate Oh dear.....well...I'm sure we can help but of course it's going to look bad on you ...but it's probably for the best ...start a new with someone else and all that ...make a fresh start .........you understand? Yes of course Ok......money will be available first thing in the morning......I'll have them credit your country account tonight Thanks Glad to help Probably won't see you again...gonna keep a low profile for a while Yep ..we understand....revolting peasants and all that...ho ho... Yes....I feel a little guilty Oh don't...it's not your fault...you'll get through this...the recovery is just around the corner...higher growth...our little mediterranean tiger....growl....hehe....chin up fella......we are doing all we can to help......rest asured......in fact tomorrow we're gonna stick interest rates up...just as a gesture of goodwil for ya.....how's that feel?...haha....baaaahhh...just joshing Sobbing noises Oh come on fella....you didn't really believe all that stuff we sold you about you being the same because we're all in the Euro together did you...?....Look at it this way...the sooner you all go broke the sooner we can get some nice Germans down there to buy up your assets nice and cheap....How's that sound?...Anyway must go now....need to have a chat with Espanyol........ Ole!!
  21. Presumably they feel that 1930's type levels of unemployment would not be condusive to the voters giving them another term in office.
  22. An early morning pre emptive strike eh Sibley?....How fiendishly clever of you Putting a brave face on it as usual but surely even you don't believe this bounce will last.
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