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  1. Houses are supposed to be homes, not cash machines and that goes for everyone, owners, speculators or governments.
  2. Thats exactly what will happen, the promise is Daves and will leave with him. 100%. Fecking liers and spinners and I aint falling for it anymore
  3. This is for last year though, before the restrictions were lifted
  4. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/was/wealth-in-great-britain-wave-3/2010-2012/sty-facts-about-household-wealth.html and 7% of households own a personalised number plates, (all of which by my calculations are on black Range Rovers)
  5. So let me get this right.... the report claims British works are losing out but has been spun by pretending it was claimed to be much worse, so immigration must be ok then. That is a classic price conditioning tactic used by salesman.
  6. I'll vote UKIP for many reasons but I'll give you just one that cannot be argued with. Democracy, I demand we have a vote on the EU as it was promised by Labour and the Torys which helped them win elections, (especially Labour) this was now obviously a lie and a massive con and they will never get my vote again until they show they can be trusted. And I'm not being fooled by Dave's promise, they will find a way around that with little difficulty.
  7. Ha Ha not that again, Jesus you couldn't make it up. Oh wait... they have.
  8. The British people have enough tossing politician of our own without a bunch of Europeans lording it over us as well.
  9. If anyone here is looking for the perfect political party to vote for, you'll either never vote or you'll fall for a bunch of lies. If you're not happy with what we've got vote for something different. New parties will take time to build and once they start to get decent support they will attract better candidates. If you are put off voting for the party you want to vote for because of opposition smear campains then you have been fooled.
  10. indeed, spent all the dredging money on gritters and snow ploughs. What will the next knee jerk reaction be?
  11. gave up watching that, first had to register than had a load of adverts to get though. I aint got time for that sh it.
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