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  1. +1. And lucky if you are born in the right country in the first place.
  2. Aidan Ap Word

    Jacob Rees-Mogg comments on concentration camps

    So a bit like "If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue’" then - except not on promises made pre-election but in response to actual democratic process?
  3. Aidan Ap Word

    Rightmove February 2019

    I don't know what the highest and lowest numbers for this statistic have been over the years ... maybe 80 days on the market is about the highest ever (remembering that the methodology/classification is probably a joke anyway). I am more concerned with the duality of the increased time on market and falling asking price (in real terms). I guess it is dumb to assume there is a relationship between the tow ... but at a superficial level I can see time on market dropping back before returns to any increases would make sense.
  4. Aidan Ap Word

    Rightmove February 2019

    Loving the graphs on the national trends on the RM site ... including:
  5. The politicians view tax as a means of social direction (or engineering, even) - so they have a vested interest (or at least tunnel vision) regarding it's usefulness that drives them to further complication - including using it as an engine for validating that money "exists". The HMRC is a large employer "with around 60,000 people working across the UK". I don't see any of those leadership having a problem with taxes being more and more complicated and thus making their employment empire bigger and bigger?
  6. Aidan Ap Word

    I think the wait is over

    +1 "going self employed is the best way to break free"-> yes. I suggest there may be additional risk involved ... so better to break free before you have children (when it is easier to mitigate the risk and/or respond to negative events).
  7. Aidan Ap Word

    I think the wait is over

    And as the part of the team with the office-flunky -side-of-the-team I can say categorically that it is easier to walk away (and - in extreme cases - even ignore completely) those colleagues who are destructive or time waster or endlessly selfish. Our children are too important to dismiss. That - alone, and as one of many things - makes the work my wife does way more important and, in many ways, way harder. So it is true that I will only ever be a (primarily) office-flunky till I retire (or die, whichever comes first - and the jury's out on that one) ... so I am thus "left" with trying to be the best dad I can be with the resources I have left.
  8. Good points. Sadly, the HMRC get to grow their empire by making tax complicated, including job creation for some (!) of those around - there are really good useful accountants out there, I am sure - but a lot of what they do is about legal-hopping such details. Also, if taxes were simpler then it would mean dropping one of the (many) props to the "money is real" campaign.
  9. Corrected? If I am anywhere near correct on my interpretation then I will be very glad when we have a formal legal split between us and the 1.5 trillion euros of debt. The ECB has sold Europe out for debt (in order to maintain confidence in the emperors clothes) - even Mr Juncker will battle for control, I think.
  10. Aidan Ap Word

    15,000 pound cheaper than next door

    Night storage heater *and* radiator (for GCH?) in the same room. And no windows. And nowhere for someone to stand up. And a bricked in fire place ... It is just sad, isn't it. Would have been better had the EA left the photo out altogether.
  11. Aidan Ap Word

    I think the wait is over

    +1 And Dubai.
  12. How was not joining the Euro a mistake? The ECB have recently printed 1.5 trillion. But this have been of limited (no?) benefits to the Greeks who were denied a voice in their own financial planning ...
  13. Aidan Ap Word

    15,000 pound cheaper than next door

    And "well proportioned accommodation throughout" ... unless of course you are tall:
  14. Take it for granted - indeed. Good point, encouraging good behaviour thus has an inherent time limit to it's effectiveness ... and it becomes sticky when ti comes time to stop that behaviour, too. That said: taxes are sticky too (governments can't turn them off because they rely on them for their income). Either way government is between a rock and a hard place - sticks are abused (and abusive); carrots quickly become addictive. Hard to make an argument for the effectiveness of Big Government (at least in terms of taxes and incentives) over the long term. Good point - esp. influencing choice - as we have used govt price incentives ... but those often turn out to be little more than a bung to the manufacturers ... and we got very used to them and then there is Uproar (maybe from a small group only) in terms of scaling them down. Yikes, more rock-and-a-hard place.
  15. Help to Buy is rewarding the house builder for building more houses - so if your value judgment is that this is what society needs then HTB was a successful incentive scheme. That it was sold (using blatant lies and devious Machiavellian scheming) as helping the first time buyer (etc) was just a fact of the mechanics they needed to use in order to get the adoption high enough to effect "positive" change for the brown-envelope issuing house builder old boys club. The value judgement about what is the right thing to do is patently wrong ... but buying people's behaviour in order to achieve a government target (misguided and evil) ... it worked didn't it? It's two separate things: i) deciding what behaviour to engender - remembering that vote-buying is the "positive" outcome for incumbent gubbermint ii) finding some way of buying this "positive" behaviour

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