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  1. Aidan Ap Word

    Moneyweek - More good news on house prices

    Makes me happy(ish) that someone in the (relative) mainstream is actually even allowed to put "house", "price" and "crash" in the same article.
  2. Aidan Ap Word

    Purplebricks share price

    The alleged loons were in Manchester (as you noted). Yes, retraining is really easy when on the rent treadmill. Except it isn't.
  3. Aidan Ap Word

    Purplebricks share price

    I dare say a few of those people are paying someone else's mortgage because they don't have any other choice. Doesn't make them loons.
  4. Aidan Ap Word

    Countrywide share price

    Am watching, really appreciate your input. Hope we get response on the trading update (not holding breath).
  5. Aidan Ap Word

    Interest Rates

    People would continue to borrow (even more) to maintain their lifestyles (because borrowing is so "cheap") which has lasting after effects - not least of which the borrowing represents income from the future brought into today ... so when that income never actually happens it really hurts ...? More importantly, maybe international investors (for whom the base rate affects their returns to varying degrees) would see their GBP being devalued (ie: not protected from inflation) and sell the pound off ... raising the cost of imports for the local British people and driving up inflation ...
  6. Good point. Legal precedent is to consider income not assets, yes. Not how a divorce works, though .. not entirely, anyway. And yes, a big come down. I hope - for her sake - she has a lot of friends from before she became well ... became the archetypal BTL. Because that is going to be a big come down ... and going to make for some awkward dinner conversations ... with her newer friends at least. I was hoping for her to be (effectively) required to be divorced from her "work" - painful enough for her to require the sale of assets. *sigh*.
  7. I didn't think it possible. I am now even more convinced that persons who do not own land (or, more to the point, haven't signed a mortgage) are considered cannon fodder in this country. 5 months subjecting someone to cold hard abuse ... and all she faces is 5k/month. Less, of course, the rent the tenant paid during that time. Shameful. Alternative view: if they are BTL for 500 properties that's 10GBP per property per month for five months.
  8. Whatever number it is, I think it should be enough to stop them from ever amassing an empire of rent slaves again? I suspect I am dreaming of a justice that doesn't exist.
  9. Anyone know population density for HMP "housing"?
  10. 38.2 sqm per plot (assuming no communal space and no roads). Dumb, or morally wrong? Small town, handful of flats, existing population of town circa 6k people.
  11. Aidan Ap Word

    Countrywide share price

    Any bets on where the price goes from here? Up? Down? https://www.propertyindustryeye.com/fat-cat-pay-director-at-countrywide-to-step-down-claims/ Ever wondered what a fat cat DV looks like? Now you know ...
  12. Aidan Ap Word

    The theft economy- hyperscale Data theft

    And the odds of being hacked get higher every year ... or every month ... or really ... every day. Gambling these days is dumber than ever. Sadly a lot of folks gambled in the years past ... and assumed the odds would remain constant over the lifetime of the data. Lots of companies with their privates out in the open waiting to be hacked (off?) ... I suspect. Lots of senior board members who will have to take responsibility for their profligate irresponsibility ... ah wait, no maybe not.
  13. Aidan Ap Word

    The theft economy- hyperscale Data theft

    It is not adding another link in the chain. It is replacing 1 link (with specific responsibilities) with another link (with specific, different, responsibilities). Comparing the relative responsibilities is playing apples and pears. And the best practice for both of those sets of responsibilities are based on the same principles. And, no we are not talking about irresponsible application of multi-tenancy systems (which, in turn, should not be conflated with the cloud/on-prem question). Starwood's failures are Starwood's failures and are reprehensible regardless of where the data is. And idiot gambler is an idiot gambler ... the choice of game upon which the gamble is taken is a detail of the case, not the cause of the problem. Companies who don't step up and take responsibility for the data they gather are the problem - basically gambling on not being hacked. The attributes of the container into which they do the gathering is irrelevant.
  14. Aidan Ap Word

    The theft economy- hyperscale Data theft

    Sh1t process in security is sh1t process in security - doesn't matter where the data is. Suggesting it is harder/easier to find badly secured stuff either in the cloud or on premise is only possible if you don't understand the technologies involved.
  15. Aidan Ap Word

    The theft economy- hyperscale Data theft

    You know that the Starwood database was cloud based? Reference?

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