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  1. Is this actually serious? Did you take your teacher an apple too?
  2. If it was that simple then why the differences. Each bank still has room to make their own decisions. Money is cheap and is staying that way. It’s been cheap 13 years and could easily be another 13. Keep paying someone else’s mortgage though 😉
  3. Lol. Can we talk about this again after your given 3 months 😂 or even 6 or 12 months or even a few years. Take a look at the rates available on 5 year fixed rate mortgages. For those with a big deposit you can borrow huge sums for less than 1.3%! Now as amazing as some are on here I think the experts in charge of setting those rates are probably better informed and better placed to call where interest rates are heading. If they agreed with you that rates were gonna rise in 3 months I don’t think we’d see such low fixed rates now. Ten year fixes are around 2% (for large deposits
  4. With Britain’s EU exit completed and Covid-19 vaccinations rolling ahead, analysts foresee a strong rebound in 2021 https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-k-property-market-looks-poised-for-a-post-brexit-comeback-11612875600 https://apple.news/AfGiaGcKaTbKWNRTjzl1TeA
  5. I’m not sure what was so difficult to understand. I listed several reasons why house prices won’t CRASH. That is after all what this forum is called and what so many of you are predicting. But then you’ve been saying that for the best part of 20 years 🤣 Keep dreaming boys. And keep paying someone else’s mortgage. The fact so many of you turn to insults shows you’ve lost the argument. Although for that there is no doubt. Twenty years calling a crash without one shows that you would have been better off reading mumsnet.
  6. Now now the c*ntofnowhere. Quite an apt name if you’re a lifelong renter. Who’s Fergus? Sounds a nice guy. I’ve been here 13 years but posted so little as for 11 of those years I’ve happily owned and done very nicely from it so why would I waste my time here. Those who have been here as long or longer and never owned have quite clearly messed up spectacularly and no one can deny that. Praying for a crash in the hope of redeeming oneself is understandable. House prices may edge slightly lower but they certainly won’t crash. With interest rates so low interest on a mortgage can be sign
  7. Unemployment not that high considering. Will be plenty of new jobs in the up turn. I know more people (me included) who have made more money this year than ever before than I know people who have lost their job. Many hospitality and retail staff were never going to be home owners.
  8. Lol you lot are funny. You need to divide your expectations by a factor of 10 and then you’ll be close. Yes 2-8% not the dreamy 20-80% you’re hoping for. And that’s worse case. I can also see flat house prices or small rises. When lockdown ends and the spring sunshine arrives the buyers will be back out in force, interest rates will still be low, pent up demand will be there, the Hong Kong will be on their way and house prices will be back to situation normal. You all know I’m right, but just don’t want to admit it.
  9. £2M for a house that must be so ugly they can’t even provide an outside picture 🤣 And no real garden. Jokers.
  10. I’m also ten years+ younger than a boomer. Fifteen years too late actually after googling the boomer years.
  11. Nearer 1.5. Can’t sit on the sidelines forever. I blame the wife and M-I-L. They don’t have the patience of us men. I also thought it safer to have property and debt in the current climate than large savings and investments in reach of a government I don’t trust. Sold prices may not have fallen (yet) in the leafy suburbs of Surrey and the SE where I’ve been looking but I noticed asking prices of many good houses had been adjusted to more realistic levels and a few sellers were happy to entertain low offers, especially as we had no chain. I’m happy with the price we paid and believe it cus
  12. I don’t think I was wrong really. I thought prices would fall. In a lot of areas they have. I also said a few times in a few threads that I never saw desirable homes in desirable locations falling in price. I never saw a “crash” coming. I bided my time over the summer, invested my deposit well and I’ve since bought a nice house for £270,000 less than the initial asking price. As I said above I can’t see it falling in value whilst ever interest rates are below 1%. Especially as I think I got a bargain. Considering a bank lent me several hundred k at 1.4% fixed for 5 years I’d say they (the expe
  13. Was more just a dig at the like of markyh. He thinks he’s billy big ******** because he has a few bitcoin and Tesla shares and lives in a £600k house. I find his bragging quite funny. In fairness he has got big balls holding Tesla at $700 a share and not cashing in before they crash.
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