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  1. Top tip for the forum devs. Automatically flag anyone who says they wont be getting vaccinated and add a 'filter by nutcase' option to the search tools.
  2. Curious what sort of work at home requires those speeds. Completely understand that consumption requires a fat downlink, but not sure what productive work really needs a that. General office type work deals in emails, documents, spreadsheets and VOIP, but nothing so huge that a modest connection couldn't cope. Then people who work on large data sets often manipulate that data on a remote machine, rather than downloading the full set to their local machine. Only group I can think off is image/video designers editors (youtubers?!), where more bandwidth would be essential. I think that
  3. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/90311162 Price Change History 14/10/2020 Price Changed: £415,000 £399,950 20/08/2020 Price Changed: £430,000 £415,000 17/07/2020 Price Changed: £440,000 £430,000 02/06/2020 Price Changed: £450,000 £440,000 10/03/2020 Initial entry found.
  4. Can you draw your nice little red line on this one?
  5. So basically the chairman of an EA used a tenuous link to current events to publicise his company in a national rag. A rag whose readership it's predictably easy to wind up with stories about 'political correctness'.
  6. Obviously I wasn't as clear as I hoped, so I'll see if I can do a little better. I wasn't asking you to judge future events at the time, or pre-empt them in any way. I was and still am asking you to describe an imagined future in which you'd be forced to admit you were wrong about leaving the EU.
  7. The question cuts both ways. If the UK leaves without a deal, as a remainer (I'm assuming you are), what set of circumstances would leave you in the position of having to say you'd got it wrong and we the country was right to leave all along?
  8. Sorry, I must not be making myself clear, I've no idea how you managed to read that into what I've written. I don't think I even wrote the word 'referendum in any of my posts. I was wanting to know if after a no deal, any scenario exists where you'd admit you were wrong? Is there any set of future facts which would let you say, 'I was wrong to want to leave the EU'?
  9. Sorry, didn't realise you'd edited your post and I hadn't seen your additional thoughts. You're perspective would carry more weight if the status quo was that we were out of the EU and thinking about joining. Surely if you're a proponent of a change to the staus quo, you'd want that change in order to improve things. If that's not the case, the I'm puzzled about what would motivate you.
  10. Surely you must be able to point to something other than this circular logic? There must be some improvement from leaving the EU other than we wont be a member of the EU. If this is really what it boils down to for you, then you're in the enviable position of never being wrong about it as its self fulfilling.
  11. That kind of sounds like project fear on steroids. If in another 10 years, the EU doesn't turn into the superstate you fear, would you then admit you'd got it wrong? If not, can you describe any future situation where you would say that the idea of leaving the EU without a deal was the wrong decision?
  12. Fair enough if the economic impact of leaving wasn't a major factor for you, but there must be something you are hoping will change for the better by leaving the EU without a deal. Are you able to point to something you anticipate will be improved by leaving and offer a time frame for that improvement to occur, after which you'd admit you'd got it wrong?
  13. In the case of no deal, what would it take for you to admit you'd got it wrong? This is supposed to be a question for both the leave and remain side of the debate. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, what events/outcome would be necessary, and in what time-scale, before you'd admit your previous analysis was incorrect and the other side of the debate was right? As someone who thinks we should remain, I'd need to see tangible economic improvements for the whole country. And being very generous, I'd want to see them within about two years. If all we had, was some abstract idea of '
  14. Just curious how that reaction goes? I thought one of the processes used to manufacture the chlorine dioxide used in disinfection required hydrochloric acid as a reagent.
  15. OK, I didn't realise that. Who is obliged to notify HMRC? One of the banks involved?
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