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  1. Yet another retail-as-bellweather-for-the-economy story, courtesy of the Indy: http://*******.com/hjyp5t5
  2. So now it's mild weather that's the problem, according to the Grauniad: http://*******.com/o5phczw
  3. This is a 'documentary' according to the sponsorship sting at the advertisement break. Do me a favour...
  4. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/nov/09/low-paid-outraged-workers-ready-fight-back Surprised this hasn't had a mention here (although apologies if it has been, natch).
  5. Nothing intellectual to add to this thread, other than to say that Robert Peston is a 24 carat bell-end.
  6. We just had a visit from a bloke from the property maintenance/ management company that look after the block of flats we live in. Turns out the construction company that built them way back in 2006/7 (!) did such a piss poor job, the whole top of the building needs to come off to sort out the roof. Net result = two months notice to leave. Timing is bad for a number of reasons, to say nothing of the fact that potentially 19 other sets of people are now going to be out there hunting down the same sorts of places to hand over money to the rentiers. This is the fourth time we've moved in the past decade and all bar one of them have been due to external factors (i.e. not our decision) and I'm feeling angry about the situation. :angry:
  7. I think you'd be doing people a favour in the long run.
  8. I am sorry for anyone out of work due to this but I'll not be shedding any tears for the company itself. Rileys snooker halls have, in my personal experience, always been a rip-off and dingy little chav holes or triangles, if I must continue the snooker puns...
  9. The concept of a big sale day is - like most things in concept - perfectly ok, but they seem to have taken it to a rather grotesque level in USA. Camping out all night for a cheaper TV? I'd imagine many of the northern states are really cold at this time of year? People need their heads read.
  10. Eurocom sheds 150 jobs One of the few areas you'd think would be ok?
  11. You mean people have actually been buying these?!
  12. What I don't get is why I still can't create new posts in the main forum and why if I try to contact an administrator I get an error
  13. I've been a member of this forum for a number of years but haven't really posted a great deal. However I have read a hell of a lot of the posts here and have been impressed by the intelligence, knowledge and collective wisdom of HPC. This must be one of the few places in which people seem really seem to get it. I wonder whether the notion of trying to set up a movement has ever seriously been discussed? I mean, the discussion on here is excellent but it's a bit like a large bunch of people in a pub setting the world to rights: it doesn't really have any impact where it counts. We live in a society where - let's face it - most people are fairly stupid and sheep-like, but there are plenty of otherwise intelligent people who could be made to understand. Look at the current levels of political disenfranchisement: not everyone who doesn't vote is a block-headed buffoon only interested in X-Factor. I'm not pretending that it would be easy or necessarily successful but then the bar hasn't been set very high, has it?
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