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  1. Hello there, Bonjour from a forum frenchie! Have almost never posted and always lurked ... but just received this from a "company" that is usually about garanteed 12% yearly returns in Liverpool and the north, yada yada, ... via pwoperdee of course. However, the content of that latest email is of a slightly different tone ... (reformatted because the original stings the eyes...). I assume this is mass-emailing and not personalised communication, so should be safe to post in here. While they are still trying to "sell" stuff... I thought it relevant for everyone
  2. Outright owner so the sooner those silly prices come crashing, the better
  3. Damn I must have the lynx binaries lying around somewhere
  4. Contract if possible of course. If you can, and if you can make sure to stay outside of those four annoying little letters/numbers, beginning with "IR" and ending in "35". Though that is just my 2p .. Good luck in any event!
  5. TWO "COWS" You have two bulls. Oh wait ...
  6. This. Personal allowance: 8100-ish per year. (tax at about 1%). Around 30k dividends maximum with no income tax (dividends tax credit). End result, the net salary corresponding to around 55k gross per year. No taxes. However, this is a voluntary "income bandwidth" limitation. i.e., if you want t pay yourself more, then taxes will start kicking in. The limited company can have reserves (if its profit -after corp. tax - was larger than what you paid yourself), used to pay yourself in the upcoming year(s) or invest in an employee, a lengthy project that you know will not bear (financial) fru
  7. Can't help but reply to this with the following sentence: haven't some young(ish) people (20-early 30s) been brainwashed with the sentence : "I'd rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bike". How sad is that?
  8. Family of 3. 2 adults + 1 toddler. Approx. 300£ a month. Hence circa 3500£ p.a. Meat (beef rarely), fish, veggies and fruit on every single day. I was very happily surprised by food prices in the UK (products come from varied places: Ocado, Coop, Waitrose, M&S,etc.).
  9. Seeing a little more asking price drops in the sw19->sw15->sw6 "corridor" (between 4 and 10% even sometimes after a few weeks only). Prices in sw6 are still crazy, though ... so I haven't even checked what happens in sw3/7 ...
  10. Yep. The bear in me might soon be gently pushed aside because of that littl'un. No bull in sight yet, though. In my personal case, I then find" consolation" (not that this kind of thoughts gives me nightmares or anything) only in the following fact: if I buy (100% cash or a _very_ small mortgage like 50k) and prices plummet, then the "next" house (whether for me or my daughter's generation) will be cheaper too! Yay! Everyone's happy. Or should be.
  11. Thanks Once a year. But then again only if I have onions, cheese and frogs (love the smell!). Otherwise, can't do. Oh and it has to be on la Fête Nationale too.
  12. Hi one newbie here, lots of bad points. 1) Immigrant. Boooooooo! 2) French. BOOOOOOOOO! ;-) Had to register on this fantastic forum after living in London for the past 2 years and 1/2. Why? Because I have been a long-time lurker (2006+) and occasional poster on the French equivalent of this forum: http://www.bulle-immobiliere.org/forum/ (I'm sure you will all love the logo). The good: 1) Convinced prices (buying/renting) are absurd. That cannot last. Or maybe it can. Kind of lost, here... Convinced house prices are also one of the last illusion of richness for the Western world. 2) Big s
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