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  1. Who do you think Bruno based his posting name on - Veronica Moser (no2 when name googled) who is a financial specialist at PPL Corp (via her LinkedIn page) or Veronica Moser (no1 when name googled) who is a tattooed porn star with a prediliction to have S*** smeared all over her body.... Hmmmmm, not so sure? I wonder.... Bruno is a very saaaaaddd man
  2. Poster said ALL sales people. Quite frankly a ridiculous statement.
  3. Pathetic comment. I guess you live in a cave then
  4. Well, the bulls have been posting for most of the afternoon - I have seen most of you here at various points. Looks like you are all twiddling your thumbs? So you are either - unemployed, MP's or Estate Agents?
  5. Its even come down 32% since November 2007 (look at price trends tab)....bargain!
  6. New York, you say? You don't need to bite anyones arm off, here you go. 4 bedder, 4,000sq feet of accomodation all in New York, based on 1.6 exchange rate to the dollar you can buy for a quarter of a million pounds. New York New York.... I don't even charge for my property location services.... Fill yer boots
  7. You offered...how much? I think you lips should have been a bit more sealed than that
  8. I take your one 'green shoots' story from today and raise you with five 'doomed' stories.... Vince Cable Cold Water 12 Year High Jobless Loans Cutting Loan Rates Increase I think I win
  9. And I guess better they lose a couple of hours as opposed to 40hrs of work a week?
  10. For all those caught up in the smog of 'green shoots', this is a great reality check read. Cheers VT
  11. 0r did she keep blowing kisses every couple of seconds? edit - gllsepni
  12. 88.3% now. Hamish, Sibley London to Sadchester, Valerium etc must have been phoning up their mums to vote with them
  13. I would go with you on that one. I bought a brand new built Persimmon home in 2002. I had a snagging list that reached 97 separate points. Could I get them to fix them, excuse after excuse was given. In the end I sold the house after 8 months of moving in. Poor guy who bought it, bet he never did get them rectified?
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