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  1. Can't believe the lengths some you will go to in order to explain away these rises. Anyway, hope you are all keeping well.
  2. Grandma Rinoa always used to say "...you can't beat bricks and mortar"
  3. Thanks LL. I think most will hang around, although if it takes over an hour for our posts to appear, they will be few and far between. Which was perhaps the object of the exercise. Having said that, when the bulls got totally banned on a previous occasion, this topic wouldn't have seen the light of day. So maybe the mods are more open-minded than previously and we'll be able to post as normal after a while.
  4. Obviously today there aren't any, but go back a day or two. I would be surprised if the bulls started more than 1 in 40 topics.
  5. Thanks Harry. Kind of you to speak on our behalf. That's the frustrating part. Thanks for mentioning this. Had I been informed I was breaking any rules and continued to do so, I would naturally be expected to be penalised in some way. But I 'm not aware of any communication from the mods in the 3 years I've posted here.
  6. Do your posts appear immediately, or are they vetted first? Maybe those kind, hard working and thoroughly decent mods could PM or eMail to let us know how long we'll be on the naughty step for. Pretty please.
  7. Snap. Although I still have my choice of avatar ~ or I did at the time of posting.
  8. We're debating ancient history here. The period in question was over months ago. PMI's are now moving sharply higher. Consumer confidence is rising not falling. Unemployment is trending lower than expected. Industrial production and manufacturing surveys are now positive. In fact virtually every single piece of economic data suggests the economy is recovering from Q1 lows.
  9. We've left you to do your doom mongering in peace. That's where the bear's have the necessary expertise, we wouldn't wish to intrude. But as you asked us to join in here's a question for you. If this is the greatest contraction since 1958, but prices are £6k up from the trough in February, what will happen to prices when we come out of recession?
  10. Ah yes, I was wondering what happened to the armageddon. Did I miss it?
  11. +1 There you go Brucie, 3 of us within minutes ~ quick get the posted.
  12. What you are describing is the situation 6 months ago. Properties are selling, approvals have doubled, housebuilders are re-opening sites. Here you go, this will help update your current thinking.
  13. Mostly because the properties are occupied. If they sell, the vendors will buy another. There are always a few unoccupied, death, repossession etc, but that will always be the case.
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