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  1. I think this was a little inevitable. I think it’s probably sensible- especially corp. tax. I own a medium business and have always thought low corp tax rates discourage investment.
  2. Hi all. Talk about digging up an old thread!! 2007!!! blimey! Just browsing right move and it looks like in this area HPC is in full swing. Numbers for sale not like 2007, around 400 at the moment, but flats have suddenly seemingly dropped like a ton of bricks. Now down to as low as 65k for a 1 bed, must of been nearly 100k for that (still a few on at that). The one that really caught my attention was a 2 bed, just a little way down from one I sold in 2006 (also a 2 bed flat). I thought I got top money then at 100k, zoopla now has it at 127k. A1 min walk down the road a flat that was the same price as this one when i bought in 2002(?) for 60k is now 85k. These were going for more like 110-120k.... so that's a massive drop and its still not sold.... 1 bed flats around the area going for 65k that sold for 100k in 2016. Its arrived.
  3. "UK mortgage lending in the first eight months of the year has exceeded annual lending as a whole during the credit crunch. A total of £138,558 has been borrowed so far this year, including £20,000 in August, latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) show." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34278324 Copy attached for when they correct it!
  4. Fallen another couple of % overnight....... $1000 here we come...... I'd love the first good bug who got in late and bought most of their holdings over $1500 to post the you tube video of them explaining to their wife why it's still such a good investment......... Lol.
  5. Agreed. I don't own gold (apart from on krugerrand I got at my christening), but I nearly bought into it. It has appeals for many reasons, but in the end felt if gold ever reached $55,000 a loaf will probably be twice that. Whatever happens to the price in the end, as people see yields from deposits at banks increasing, gold will fall out of favour having no yield. It's much more attractive to hold in these zero IR times. I predict sub $1000 oz by Christmas if the yields on other things continue to grow, but after that it could halve, it could double, it all depends what happens in the world.
  6. No. Gold has no yield. It's basically useless other than as a hedge against hyper inflation. Now yield looks to be coming back people are dumping it faster than the can blink. Unless the potential for yields collapse again, gold is dead.
  7. It's like government sponsored teaser rates....... It'll be a shock when base rates start to go up!!
  8. I'll see if I can find his email. Having helped with a bit of the DB back end it shouldn't be using that much bandwidth itself. 30MB isn't much if you're viewing a lot of the images.
  9. I think solar is a great technology. The government should relax the rules and allow the installation of more panels on current fit rates. The problem being is that if you have a current FiT plan and add more panels you revert to the new rates - not economical at all if you are on the old ones. Thereby meaning the people able to invest will invest in power generation up to their maximum capacity.
  10. 6% base rate plus 3.5% margin..... How many months could they take that? I don't think I could taken that for many months! They made their choice rightly as you say and you have to live by those choices. So all this happened in 2007...... What have they done about it since? Have they been paying it down at all? Have they cut back? No didn't think so. No cars on the drive? Don't they drive or the 11 reg BMw needs to be hidden from view maybe? Who knows. "Lenders are increasingly refusing to give back the money where the contract allows. Never be tempted to ‘hand in the keys’, however extreme the negative equity and other difficulties. A first port of call is the housing charity Shelter on 0808 800 4444." Call them for sure, but sounds like its time to hand them in to me.
  11. The problem is its not worth anything for the most part. An example, a certain part I buy has gone from £5.18/m to $0.17/m importing myself. Now that's an incredible saving. The majority of the stuff made abroad is pence, it's the huge markups that make it expensive. Therefore bulk stuff is worth next to nothing for those in the know and they have to schedule orders, so often they don't want more and they don't even look.
  12. Try "voipfone" I have my own servers, but this is cheap and ideal for the job. I would post an affiliate link, but they pay so little, it's not even worth me digging it out.
  13. And that's why the banks won't lend on new commercial builds generally..... They'd need a 80% deposit to cover the current value and then a bit more for safety. All the QE in the world wont change that. Not to mention you have to be pretty bonkers to want to build a new building if you think it's lost you that much before you even go in it.
  14. The fact that our small business pays more like 3% total, not this kind of figure! At those rates long live the big four!
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