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  1. Or as my boss always tells me (millionaire) anyone that takes a repayment mortgage is stupid he says why be bound by how much you have to pay each month. He says take out an IO mortgage and make sure you can overpay at the same amount or more each month, when things get tight one month just pay the IO amount that way you're not held to ransome by the bank - got to say quite a good idea although i would always make sure i had a repaymeny mortgage!
  2. Hiya Guys Found an ideal property 4 bed detached asking is 255k went in with 244k they turned it down and then upped the offer to 250k don't want to go above a) can't really afford to stamp duty The agents for once were really good they called us 'dreambuyers' FTB etc everthing in place ready to go. Waiting to hear the answer no other offers on the table they'd hsave to be stupid to turn it down. What do you think?
  3. Hiya guys Hoping you can help me - i've found a 4 bed property that is ideal for us we've held back for years and have a 10% deposit. It's on the market for 240k and we initially offered 220K they said they 'had another offer on the table' but it wasn't the asking price and they were involved in a chain. We're First Time Buyers and so are in a much better position, so we upped our offer to 225k they turned it down saying the vendor wanted nearer to 230k to wrap things up we offered 230k but the EAs cam back saying that the vendor is thinking about it - this must mean we've beaten the other offer otherwise why would he think about it?! But i can't understand why he's not biting my hand off for that kind of offer in this climate. The conditions of our offer was that he has to take the property off the market and that we're walking away if the other people counyter offer etc... What do you think we should do if they come back and a) decline the offer saying he wants more money to take it off the market accept the offer but won't take it off the market Any help would be great... we're waiting anxiously to hear if the offer has been accepted.
  4. Hiya Guys I posted a message on BBC Have Your Say and they called me up today to ask if i could send a clip of myself to go onto the Property Watch programme to possible be viewed this coming Thursday... they also want me to join in a debate with EAs and Bankers figting the cause of FTB and how hard it is to get a mortgage etc... i'll be live on BBC 5 Live on Thursday evening at 10pm tune in or let me know any points you want me to cover.... Wish Me luck!
  5. Thanks guys, i have to say just spoke to the agent and he said we have envelopes through but could be saying 'no thanks' i thought what the hell is he talking about - he's a chancer.
  6. Thanks Linda, we keep coming back to the 160,000 figure and feel comfortable with it our repayments would be around £800 a month and we rent for £700 a month now. My bf can do plastering and elctrics and my brother is a plumber so all major work covered. I'm also going to wait until the latest possible moment to put the offer in.
  7. pdf of details attached House.pdf House.pdf
  8. Hello everyone thanks for all of your advice... planning on buying the house is a 3 bed 1950's in a lovely village but needs gutting, new gas boiler and radiators, rewiring, new kitchen and bathroom and plastering of all walls has a nice 90ft rear garden. On the market for 175k (South East) and want to ensure i get it but has downsides to the property too including hardly any parking. Wanting to offer 165k what do you think? Been told by EA that there is a full asking price offer cash buyer but then when i called and spoke to another person they said no offers on table. Nightmare, love the house, been wiating to buy for years have 10% deposit and saving 10k back for work as partner can do most work on property probably cost up to 50k to do all work if contracting comanies. Any help appreciated.... i think the EA is lying...
  9. Hello I've been reading the posts on here for years and was going to buy in 2006! Thank-god i didn't best decisison i ever made but need help. My bf and i are renting whilst waiting for a big crash, i like to keep my eye on what's about and have found a 3 bed property for sale, it's lovely and even better it's on the market for 175k, it needs complete gutting though, new gas bolier and radiators, rewiring, new kitchen, new bathroom, the garden is 90ft and has weeds to 70ft... here's my problem we can actually afford it and we have a 10% deposit but it's sealed bids! You have to give your best and final offer and the bids are opened at the same time - we're not comfortable about paying full asking but have been told by the EAs that there is a full asking price offer on the table (cash buyer) so i said why don't you take it? There's no point in anyone looking at the property and they said 'you may wish to offer more'. The max we would go is 180K but think the property needs loads of work and it would be better to offer 174,999 what would you guys do in my situation. I'm not looking to buy any other property as i still don't think it's a good time buy - any help/advice much appreciated! x
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