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  1. Just built one and I acted as main contractor - came in at £1000 sq m at a good spec. Don't forget those prices per sqm dont tend to allow for services, building regs, legals, NHBC & 3rd party insurance, section 106 etc. For me those costs came in circa £16k. Also I lost about 9 months of my live doing a job whilst chasing subcontractors...
  2. Don't agree with that £1500/SQM figure unless of course it relates to central London, where all bets are off? My figures are based on building in the South East - builders I am using come from Hertfordshire. My build is not in a metropolitan area, but it is complex with a ditch crossing, 80m dig just to supply the services to the site (and that in not cheap by any stretch), accoustic fencing etc. On top of this as I said it is top spec - 30k home automation, 2.5k electric gates, ground source heat pumps etc. That figure still includes £25k of contingency and it is being project managed. Real project, actual figures - not an armchair assumption. I think I could have saved money on that price as well by doing more myself (currently not raising a finger apart from writing cheques, which seems endless!!). By buying stuff on ebay, maybe using builders to travel in from cheaper areas etc, I thik I could have probably saved at least £30k off that price. Unfortunately my time did not allow this. Building this house has insulated me from at least part of any future hpc, as the total cost will be £400k against an arbitary valuation today of £550-600k (yes, yes, I know that is likely to drop like a stone etc etc ).
  3. Op numbers re building the 300 sqm house are miles out. I bought land on Cambs/Herts border back ed of last year (0.4 acre plot with detailed pp). 240 sq m house, top spec, cinema room, home automation blah blah blah is going to cost me £240k all in (+ I get my VAT back on that number). So suggest that your family surveyor checks his pricing, because he is miles out....
  4. the catastrophic deficit & debt... Corrected for everyone!
  5. Does a volcanic black monday count? Black Monday
  6. Both Galliard and King Sturge are doing radio ads based on their 'bankers telling them to liquidate housing stock, so massive savings on pre sold prices'. Always seems to be flats in London. Its seems wall to wall on some stations.
  7. Company partnership that I had, which I retired from in 06 and then the ex-partners shut altogeher in 07 has had the same penalty applied for the 2008/9 tax year.
  8. I am sure they would buy them for 1974 prices if they could get away with it? TMT is on the money here.
  9. Cashed a big bond with Santandar yesterday and took it out no problem. I was waiting for a load of aggro and lots of reasons why they could not give it to me, but actually it could not have been any easier (still got to wait for the cheque to clear though ). However, Lloyds, tried to do the same thing and they told me following the expiry of the bond they reinvested it and it is locked in for another 12 months. 'Didn't you receive the letter?', 'no' etc etc all the pain to follow now trying to get it sorted.
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