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  1. theres bear, uber bear, sign jacker and THEN 50% deposit. i feel vindicated.
  2. how many times in history have they lowered interest rates to .5% and printed 75 billion ?
  3. the people that caused it. the 'instigators' theres one in the spotlight called bart.....he started it.
  4. id say i dont actually know. times are weird. its looking very grey.
  5. at some point in time, yes. we will all be dead. 2065 would be a rough guess.
  6. it could be a black swan alert. or a head and shoulders pattern or something.
  7. doesnt matter. i called it so i win the STR pot....
  8. there. anyway, yes todays mood does deserve its own thread...
  9. you should see our resident doc for some 'moggies' then watch family guy. bbc3 11pm every night.
  10. i was just fishing. for fun. im throwing them back no harm done. yep. another one for the bag. this is going to be a prize winning catch !!!
  11. you should defo get some of the MOD compound ration boxes. they have lots of essentials in them. saves time. cheap at around £70 per box of 10x 24hr rations (which one box can be made to last 48+). a months emergency rations (balanced for dr death) for £70 - thats good value. + matches etc.
  12. they were 3 hours from total failure. it was a state secret for a while. operation sun ray.
  13. its either these beans or vitamins D E A T and H
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