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  1. Banging a 17 year old equating to noncery is a queston of international law.
  2. Players gonna play......Remainers gonna cry..... You lost We are free! Suck it.
  3. Yeah, but everyone with a brain can see Trump won the election. But you and I get to enjoy the fictional world of dominion where he didn't! I'm loving it!!!! You?
  4. It really was!!! Some people in the west actually thought that personal enterprise and self determination was something worth pursuing and protecting!!!! But my point is......... That is what Putin now seems to support! If he was acting as a communist regime........ my 1980's indoctrination would kick in and I would resist.....but ........ everything is 180 degrees opposite!! I find him more aligned with my indoctrination/lived experience/idealogical outloook. If McCarthyism existed today.... Putin would probably be driving it!
  5. I am an old timer. Joined HPC in about 2007. Just in time to watch the big crash happenning. Sold in 2011, bought a local dip in 2012. Made a fortune! Heady days! Lost the lot through divorce. There's a moral hidden in here somewhere - I'll spell it out for you young'uns - spend more time chosing your spouse than browsing this forum.
  6. He's a strong leader. When I were a lad (80's), the evil Soviet empire was all about crushing personal freedom. Stifling free enterprise, and indocrinating the masses with groupthink. 1 large govenment telling their people how to behave and how to think. The enemy. Now, 40 years later. I feel like I live in such a country and Russia is the free world by comparison.
  7. If anyone can stop a viral epidemic....... it's probably not her!
  8. Yup - this thread seems to have derailed. Back to mumsnet. That's a big ship to turn - especially as they are not using the same navigation system!
  9. Ive had a look through this thread, and ........the posts are very detailed and targeted... AND MANY!!!. Which means, as a newcomer to the thread, but, an old-timer forum-wise, and limited on reading time... I am a little confused as to how the lay of the land is. Could people please give their estimation of average forum contributor sentiment on the following metric: Vaccines are the way forward: ?% Natural immunity will suffice/Covid will mutate to nothingness: ?% EDIT: I STRESS! - I don't want your personal feelings on the matter - rather your perception of the group concensus - just to help an old HPCer re integrate.
  10. That is the highest quality graphic anyone has ever posted in reply to me! Many thanks - a marvelous image. Yes, I am high on hopium, I will always be high on hopium, because the outside air is so rancid. Without hopium... I will become desperate/asphyxiated/dead Thank God for hopium and its suppliers! ... and the fact that anyone still bleating on about "remain" is generally disregarded as an anachronous weirdo.
  11. It's been great! Pretty much how I imagined it if a crisis were to occur - which it has. Loving watching EU burn from the sidelines!
  12. My cup still over-floweth with remainer tears! I don't think it will ever run dry!
  13. read my post in the telegraph thread..... our time has come...
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