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  1. they have nothing to close on. its gone.
  2. theres bear, uber bear, sign jacker and THEN 50% deposit. i feel vindicated.
  3. how many times in history have they lowered interest rates to .5% and printed 75 billion ?
  4. the people that caused it. the 'instigators' theres one in the spotlight called bart.....he started it.
  5. id say i dont actually know. times are weird. its looking very grey.
  6. at some point in time, yes. we will all be dead. 2065 would be a rough guess.
  7. it could be a black swan alert. or a head and shoulders pattern or something.
  8. doesnt matter. i called it so i win the STR pot....
  9. there. anyway, yes todays mood does deserve its own thread...
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