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  1. For sure thats thier game but it wont happen now that the tories are on the watch. The markets are going to have more confidence in sterling as the days roll by. The tories know the pound is on borrowed time and they will get to work in double quick time. Were going to be ok as long as the public sector ?workers dont grind the country to a halt ... thats the worry for me.
  2. Yup AND Brown will come back later and say ... well I did warn you .... aaaargh my god
  3. I cant understand why Cameron and Clegg dont tell the country about what Brown has really done, AKA p1ssed the money up the wall without providing ANY sustainable jobs or growth. I would be giving it to him with both barrels and then reloading ....
  4. That is THE bullsh1t of Brown, borrow to try and buy power, most people in the street will be clueless all they will hear is the words UP. If its up it will give phoney creedence to the twonks "do you want to risk the recovery" blatherings and sheeple will most likely believe him. If the real truth was known it is close to treason IMHO. Does the man think he is a witchdoctor and can cure us without taking any medicine? He promises to protect EVERYTHING , health, jobs, benefits etc etc, tell me how he can do that AND reduce down our deficit and then start paying down our debt? The mans a complete charlatan. THIS IS GROWTH PAID FOR BY DEBT AND ITS CONSUMER GROWTH NOT REAL LASTING GROWTH. FFS!
  5. If that happens then Clegg would do a deal with Cameron wouldnt he? Just give me PR ...
  6. Brown "Trust us because the tories will cut jobs whereas we will protect everything and everybody and pay down the deficit" Cameron "Trust us" Clegg "Trust us because we will be more honest and up front with you and give it our best shot"
  7. I didnt know wether to laugh at him or call him a liar.... I decided to do both. Come on Cleggy me 'ol beauty .... I've lots of money riding on you at big odds.... but as we all know he cant do it can he....
  8. Rejoice Brown is finished. Unemployment's gone up just at the right time. We can finally get rid of this charlatan.
  9. Yep it's not all good, I would like us to join the euro mind exactly for the reason you state. The thing is I know EXACTLY what labour are and I know the conservatives arent the answer so I only have one choice left. Clegg seems way more genuine than the rest of them (NB. I said used the word more)
  10. I wonder, only a little bit mind that given the depth of the problems and scale of the changes that need to be made the parties might be happy with a three way split. Thus no single party will be seen as the bad boy and we will have to swallow the medicine.
  11. For all his faults aargh .... Brown has made so many mistakes and is now making empty promises. In his own words: "No more boom and bust." "I wont let house prices to get out of control." "A weak currency is a sign of a weak economy which is a sign of a weak government." OK so you dont want to vote Tory I can understand that but Labour have done nothing for the poor. Labour reward the lazy / layabout poor not the poor who are willing to work and or play by the rules. Why do they give tax credits and child trust funds to people who earn very good salaries but if you are a couple with no children you get NOTHING if you earn only £500 a month as a couple. Labour have let the poor down, let alone the mess of the economy which future poor will have to pay for. So please dont vote Labour as they will lead us down an Argentina style financial path and if you hate the tories dont vote for them. Just give the others a chance thats what I say. If we are going down lets go down trying!
  12. Sheesh... Gordon Brown - "I lost the debate on style but the substance will come through" Who IS he trying to kid. IS he deluded, seriously I am starting to wonder.
  13. God knows what will happen if Labour come third but win the most seats. Brown will try and justify it. Clegg always has been much less yah boo. It's about time we started facing up to the things we cant afford ... new nukes etc. If Clegg had of been in charge would we be in Afghanistan? Clegg may surprise us all, he has obviously dissmed all talk of deals and may surprise us all ...he must think Brown is a cretin so why do a deal with him, unless Brown does a do you want all my gold for F-all type of deal. Look we are 3 nil down at half time, It's time to feck all the others off and have a clear out. Keep doing what youre doing and keep get what youre getting!
  14. The cons are for big business not for the people. Labour have just messed it up completely borrowing endlesly to keep power, they have wasted the money. A lot of thier policies seem good to me. A bank tax A mansion tax No tax on the first 10K Dropping ID and Trident replacement. The are being honest or at least more open saying they will cut public spending. Ending the child trust fund... FFS we cant afford that. Giving people access to personal pensions early if they are hard up. Breaking up the banks Etc... Whatever Labour will promise they wont deliver we know that and the conservatives dont look out for the majority, thier power to the people plans worries me greatly causing increased duplication and corruption. Id rather go for the mystery option and see for once.
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