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  1. I was the OP on this thread and I have only just had the chance to read all the very well thought out replies. Thank you to all of you that were kind enough to take the time to respond. You have all given me much food for thought. We'll see how things pan out in Cyprus and its wider implication for the EU as a whole, as well as the UK, and its property market. All the best, James Socialhacker.co.uk
  2. I made this film in 2008 - now I am wondering if I was wrong? What do the other members of this board think? Even back then I was told the correction was overdue. All the best, Socialhacker
  3. I love how above 7% on the Interactive Chart it says 'PRINT'... ha ha James
  4. What is impossible, the time activated code being implemented and being of any use, or that any breach might occur? James
  5. OK then, so not a 'highly regarded individual' as I suggested earlier James
  6. So if it was to occur they'd have to compromise some highly regarded individual? I remember reading an article somewhere about hacking the human that argued people were always the weakest link in any security system. Must find it... James
  7. I am not familiar with the systems they use for data feeds, but anything is possible and hackers (in the true sense of the word not the media sold stereotype) by their very nature get most excited about the prospect of doing things they are told are not possible... James
  8. ha ha yeah that'll do However the fact RSA was hacked is probably more interesting! Thanks for the heads up. James
  9. Otherwise known as social engineering, and you are correct, this is a more favoured way to hack unless you're a script kiddie LulzSec & Anonymous have been rife of late, and today The Script Kiddies say on their Twitter feed that they have hacked into Walmart. I think it is only a matter of time before a big financial institution is breached although the Anonymous ideology suggests governments are the main targets. But if LulzSec are really doing it for the Lulz, taking out the NASDAQ would no doubt having them all LMAO James
  10. Anyone know where I can see what the Nikkei Futures Market is doing? I hear it is down 5%... James
  11. I am pretty sure that I read on the BBC News ticker that experts from the UK had been turned away from the plant... Did anyone else see that earlier this evening? Or does anyone have any info on what happened? Apologies in advance if I misread the ticker. James
  12. I thought this might interest this forum. Bubbles are made to burst - just look to Hong Kong in 1998 - the market dropped 60% and it had nothing to do with the handover back to China but rather the Asian Financial Crises at the time. I regard this as one to follow after watching Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story on Channel 4 that suggested looking towards Hong Kong for a solution. When this bubble bursts it is going to hurt, and isn't China, and Hong Kong as a gateway, supposed to be carrying the rest of us out of recession in the Western world? James "Hong Kong housing world's most expensive - Savills Jan 28 (Reuters) - Hong Kong housing is the most expensive in the world as negative real interest rates and ample liquidity boost demand while new supply remains tight, said Savills Plc (SVS.L) in a research of four top cities. Hong Kong is the most expensive centre for every household type, including the global billionaire, property adviser Savills, said in a new Global Cities survey released on Friday. The territory was 55 percent more expensive than London, with Moscow 7.4 percent higher than the British capital, but New York was 15 percent cheaper than London on current sterling values, it said. The growth in the price of a CEO's home in Hong Kong had risen 148 percent in the past five years, compared with Moscow's 110 percent rise and London's gain of 47 percent while New York had fallen 7 percent, it added. Luxury apartment rents in Hong Kong are increasing alongside an influx of expatriates, the adviser said. Demand from wealthy mainland Chinese and low mortgage rates, since the territory tracks U.S. monetary policy as the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the U.S. currency, helped lift demand and property prices in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government has imposed a slue of measures in the past year trying to rein in house prices, including raising stamp duty on short-term transactions and tightening mortgage restrictions. [iD:nTOE6AI04Z] (Reporting by Alison Leung; Editing by Jon Loades-Carter)" Available here - http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/01/28/hongkong-property-idUSTOE70R06D20110128
  13. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GBPUSD=X Interesting. Is this because of Ireland/Portugal/Spain/someone else I am missing? James
  14. Playing devil's advocate, and perhaps unfairly, I would ask in response - what are they [Eastern European girls that is] doing about it? James
  15. May I ask where you get your figures? I have just found this census (edited not for a typo but for stupidity) - here. I am not saying you are wrong but I am interested in the subject and want to learn more. Many thanks in advance. James
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