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  1. I'm 42, seem to have been waiting years for prices to drop. I have a healthy deposit so I am almost tempted to go for this, I can't see house prices correcting anytime soon. This feels like last chance saloon, how depressing.
  2. Agree with the trend of the original post is similar in and around Bristol. Prices seemed to be listed about 10% up in July/Aug/Sept and moving quickly to SSTC, now prices seem to be down a bit and property not moving much, slow down of property being added and reductions creeping in.
  3. Exactly this, we're in an evolving situation as a result it is logical the advice will change as the situation evolves. I am no fan of this government but it seems some people here just look for any reason to beat up the government and hard to take their opinion seriously.
  4. Property newly listed around me seems to have gone up 10% since lockdown and plenty selling, I thought initially this is Estate Agents baking in increases to allow for any potential drop but now I am unsure, when will this madness end.
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12051209/stamp-duty-cut-tomorrow-rishi-sunak/amp/ According to the Sun stamp duty will be cut with immediate effect. Stroke of luck for my parents who have just sold to downsize. Hopeful this has little effect and this proves come tumbling down.
  6. Around Bristol the market seems to be business as usual, plenty of new listings and sold STC. Price listings are even higher than before lockdown. Sick of the rediculous prices in the this area.
  7. Any suggestions on where to put savings for a house deposit for the next 18 months, concerned hyperinflation will erode 4 years of hard saving ? I guess gold could be the safest option.
  8. Read and collectively weep. https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6150702/property-on-sale-for-two-week-0-viewings
  9. Time to take to the streets if this is proposed. No doubt the average UK citizen will just accept it, imagine this was proposed in France there would be a mutiny.
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