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  1. This is a rehash of the 'welfare queen' trope that Reagan managed to pull in America, no doubt being bought up now because there is wider support for social housing emerging
  2. Those articles are about two different elections
  3. Sound like Gove wants give more “help” to house sellers
  4. I think its the people with more than one house/larger house than necessary who will begin to revaluate once the cost of maintenance these assets go up or outweigh potential future return. I know its hard to imagine boomers downsizing at the moment, but 'common sense' can shift really quickly at times.
  5. The lack of houses for sale might be due to people not wanting to sell when prices are going up so much because holding on to a house is earning you 10%+ a year. That behaviour might begin to change when the maintenance of (one or more) house (heating etc) exceeds what you can gain by hoarding them for future profit.
  6. There articles are just a plea for another prop to be thrown their way so they can pretend to be victims
  7. Its worth bearing in mind the number of transactions have fallen, so the houses still trading must be higher value
  8. China’s Property Woes Engulf London with Stalled Projects, Sales U.K. real estate deals by mainland Chinese investors have plunged by almost 88% in the past five years, according to data compiled by Real Capital Analytics Inc. The drop in deals for development sites was even more pronounced, falling to just 11.3 million euros ($12.8 million) last year from a 2017 peak of 731 million euros, the data show. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-15/london-property-news-chinese-developers-are-retreating-from-the-u-k-capital?srnd=premium-europe
  9. I always thought the ban on tenant fees + internet estate agents would wipe these parasites out, but they are really resilient
  10. He wrote a whole book, The End of Alchemy, about how prolonging QE for so long was wrong.
  11. Its small, but its a start, but Im happy to have been wrong on this one
  12. The Fed didn’t raise interest rates today, so I think that rules out the BoE raising for me.
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