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  1. Yep... it will keep the party going for a little while longer... and keep falling numbers out of the books.
  2. Bank of England hinted a few days ago at an option of banks taking part of the equity in your Home, a bit like how the government takes equity when you use HTB https://bankunderground.co.uk/2020/05/20/housing-consumption-and-investment-evidence-from-the-help-to-buy-scheme/#more-6222
  3. Wow this poster really got to to the point, amazing bit of insight into the mumsnet community as well.
  4. But asking anything less than a £1 million for it now would be 'giving it away'.
  5. This would be way too simple..... plus, nowhere to leech of some fat profits for the ceo
  6. Because chrome switches mean 'aspirational'
  7. Many in the mumsnet crowd think that adding the signature dried sticks and a lick of Fall and Barrow entitles them to a fat profit, since their good ‘taste’ has ‘added value to the property’. Reading the comments on the post, you can see that many are oblivious to the fact that it’s actually the availability of credit that sets prices..... it will get interesting once this lot get a dose of negative equity.
  8. I think the Taylor Whimpey name check during the briefing was a nod to let them know that Jenrick had done what they asked for.
  9. There was something like this mentioned in the budget in March right?
  10. This will be an interesting one to see how it pans out. Today's 5pm news briefing was by the Housing Seceratry, focussing on the housing industry. I missed the key points.
  11. Better to hold on to a tenant than risk a few months of voids I guess.
  12. I wonder what tenants with landlords looking to sell up are thinking...
  13. FT is reporting that the housing market is about to reopen: https://www.ft.com/content/daa5b6c2-0e6f-4b7a-b1e3-244d1d113b8a
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