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  1. This was a really good article, one of many in the newspaper recently. It looks like the tide is turning, and people in the media atleast are waking up from this nightmare.
  2. Yes, I take Professor Keen's words seriously as he is well qualified to speak about matters which he has spent years researching and building up an argument.
  3. stuckinlimbo


    This was a really good video, really insightful. Here is the link to the Royal Commision they discuss: https://financialservices.royalcommission.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx Its out on the 30th of September, it will be interesting to see what come of it.
  4. stuckinlimbo

    Landlord turned tenant

    That makes me feel sick just reading it.
  5. What a mess. Use this website to make an FOI request publicly: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/
  6. stuckinlimbo

    London - terminal decline?

    This was in the FT today: https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2018/08/28/1535464701000/Expensive-London-property-is-getting-more-expensive--but-people-ain-t-buying/?tagToFollow=dfe24733-7bf5-4b14-b6d1-bb97a7bd8f1c This is a quote from Naomi Heaton, the chief executive of property advisers London Central Portfolio.
  7. stuckinlimbo

    Barclays looks to tighten UK lending

    Maybe what they are saying is that they don’t want to lend anymore without Term Funding. Not worth the risk?
  8. I think they might stay the same, but wages will not have grown and the value of the pound might have plummeted.
  9. stuckinlimbo

    Rates need to be at 5%

    Thanks for sharing this, there are some really interesting points made by the IPPR around the creation of a new National Investment Bank instead of QE.
  10. stuckinlimbo

    Property Lion price drop tool

    This is a great idea! Ill drop you a PM
  11. stuckinlimbo

    Now it's starting, what would stop it?!

    But more QE is exactly what they did after the Brexit vote, no?
  12. stuckinlimbo

    First HTB fees due next month

    I guess all the pieces are starting to fit together with them selling off the HTB loan book. The government washes their hands clean as the SHTF.
  13. stuckinlimbo

    In my life

    I worked with some trainee teachers in London a few months ago, the only this that most of the young ones dream about what 'getting on the property ladder.' The topic would come up over and over again, they were all just waiting to get employed so that they could take out a HTB home. Its really sad that so many young people just dream about owning a home. @thewig, your comment about the boost in the social status is really spot on. I have noticed that in people who have just bought new houses.

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