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  1. we've known this all along

    Question Time.

    why the tory reaction to campbell's presence?

    Moneyweek Editor Buys House

    Do what I say, not what I do.

    Landlord Zone Forums And Possible 40% Cgt

    Vince and Nick won't need any persuading. The Liberals have long held a belief in the taxation of unearned income rather than earned income being put into practice. Clegg and Cable (Orange Book originals) are VPs and Huhne is President of ALTER (Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform).
  5. IOU's or New Drachma. It doesnt matter what you call them, its all the same.

    Thatcherism On Their Way Up

    nice one. most older people won't forgive labour taxing pensions. which is another way of reducing them.
  7. that is poor management. let's face it - anyone could do these jobs. but their methods cause unnecessary high turnover. returning to the owner's comments - "only an Indian could do this work" - blatant racism. anyone could do it, if their colleagues gave support.
  8. the civilised thing to do would be take the plates out for him, and then have a quiet word to include them next time. Rather than embarrass him for it. remember your first day at work ? or do you agree that only an Indian can remember plates after one slip-up.
  9. i caught the end of the program, so may be wrong, but; a bloke makes a few minor mistakes on his first(?) day as a waiter in an Indian restaurant and is bullied into leaving. From this the owner concludes only an Indian can do the job. (But gives him a curry as consolation). And the guy thanks him for it! Some locals try picking crops and their productivity is lower than those who have experience in this work. Does this prove anything? Cross=eyed Evan sums up that immigration is a good thing.
  10. Nice one. I wasn't expecting this post when I saw the thread title.
  11. you only get warning from these agencies after it all goes belly up. complete waste of time they are.
  12. MSWHPC

    Manchester United Debt Hits £716M

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8475317.stm how risky are these bonds. is coupon the same as interest?
  13. MSWHPC

    Lib Dem Shadow Housing Minister

  14. MSWHPC

    It's Not Me That's Changed - It's The Facts

  15. MSWHPC

    Lloyds -32%

    what if you didnt participate in the rights issue?

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