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  1. haven't posted here for a long time, but know you guys will appreciate this House ad on Right move. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29188177.html we need more honest estate agents like this lol
  2. just watching question time on bbc. can't believe people are still so convinced the econmic problems dont' have anything to do with them. how do people convince themselves that its always someone else fault. Aparently our problems came from america? and when america starts recovering everything will be alright. compare personal levels to the government, anyone in debt would not want to give up their mobile phone contract to pay off their debt! so in the same light the government is being abused for trying to make cuts! people around the world (read sudo affluent) believe they deserve more for their money then it actuall buys! stop spending tomorrows money on yourself! sorry, bit drunk....
  3. ok. so there's a lot of questions, but I want to get a feeling for peoples expectations, and whether I'm surrounded by a bunch of nutters or not? there’s been a lot of talk about a NWO and a massive change coming (hell it happened in Rome! Who saw that coming, and I'm sure Germany thought they would win the war), and I heard a lot of stuff around the millennium so I'm not going to jump to conclusions, but I look around, and to me there are definite problems all over the world and I want to gauge how your all thinking right now.... p.s. I’ve also read some media stories where 'the general public' are convinced 2007 house prices will return by 2010. I personally think this is complete ****** but would be interested in HPC members thoughts, I know a lot of people here are STR so you must be thinking of cashing in (again) so would like honest answers here.
  4. lets face it, no one has been forced to buy these overpriced houses...thats why we all ended up here(hpc) in the 1st place.
  5. try this one, got to be the hottest area in london.
  6. seriously, if anyone replys to this then I will personally visit them so I can shove their computer up their marmite starfish so they can't post any more.... Thanks in advance.
  7. no, renting out her house and moving in with boyfriend. so spare house, what to do with it, thats the question. i'm suprised that she thought releasing equity to buy another property still seems a 'good' investment. this shows me sentiment is still property prices only go up or your money is safe in houses. which means, anyone with cash should buy property????
  8. I had a chat with a friend the other week, saying you should sell your house because prices are going rock bottom. she was abit afronted at the time, but a couple of weeks later turns out she had a valuation done and decided she'd missed the boat on selling, due to valuation being lower then last years value amount. so had the mortgage advisor round who suggested she rent the property, and MEW the equity. she thought this was a great idea, because she could use the mewed money to buy a flat to rent out..... seems to me sentiment is still strong bullish with some, even when faced with personal falling home valuations.
  9. can't seem to find the article right now, but I read somewhere that they were hit with a massive legal problem, something to do with them being accountable as the estate agent, even though all they wanted to do was let people advertise on a central portal. they somehow ended up being responsible for some part of the transaction. just another great idea bummed out by this countries red tape bureaucracy.
  10. I can't believe i've been seeing increases in house prices! very strange. I have seen a few drops, for example around north london flats in the 240k range dropping 3-10k. nothing special there. some going up as i mentioned. the best ones are the ones that were sold subject to contract coming back on the market with a big drop, 5-10% some good west country drops too. hope to see some realistic drops soon, 240k dropped to 235 just isn't realist in my view.
  11. Trouble is people moan about petrol prices to their mates but don't DO anything about it. If everyone or at least a large portion of people in the country decided to make a noise by not buying any SHELL (or one of the other big players, but everyone needs to focus on one company) fuel then something would be done. if people can't be bothered to do this, then shut up and pay, and let the big companies enjoy their profits, they've earned it by installing the infastructure that allows us all to drive anywhere at anytime we like.
  12. how you feeling about that purchase now? i'm still holding from my 940 purchase ages ago, and a little worried I have to say....
  13. why do you think this, do you think the world is back on its feet for a few months?
  14. a bit like captain Zapp Brannigan skirt, makes you feel dirty just to look.
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