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  1. But a Covid passport doesn't prove you're not carrying the virus, which you can spread to others even if you're double jabbed.
  2. There's no panic there. They'll continue looking through any inflation in order to keep house prices elevated. Remember, millions of public sector workers are getting sweet F.A.
  3. Doesn't seem much to be worried about, but don't let that get in the way of you spreading more fear, uncertainty and doubt. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/covid-uk-variant-phe-latest-b1889378.html The variant, known as B.1.621, was designated a variant under investigation on Wednesday. There is no evidence to suggest it makes the vaccines less effective or causes more severe illness, PHE said. Sixteen confirmed cases of B.1.621 have been identified across the country so far. Most of the cases have been linked to overseas travel and there is currently no evidence of community transmission in the UK.
  4. Evidence please. Or have you made this up, like most things you post?
  5. I trust you sent them back, or paid around £2.66 a pint? And told them to f**k off re: the service charge?
  6. Er no. He probably means those who (like me) have worked all through furlough, harder than ever as we've helped our companies adapt to the realities of most people either WFH or (for those on the front line) having to do their jobs in a covid-safe way. But you knew that, and were just trolling as usual.
  7. Whilst that does look particularly grim, I read a book on Siberia a while back. The winters are punishingly cold, but apparently the summers are usually brutally hot too.
  8. Unbelievable! I'm currently self isolating having come into contact with someone who has it. Yet these twats think the rules don't apply to them.
  9. And that is why they will do all they can to avoid raising rates in any meaningful way, but instead trash the currency.
  10. What's that, a prison ? I know that area. That's a former BT building converted into student accommodation. Calling it a flat is a bit of a stretch, as is saying it's 3 mins from the Uni (more like 15). The building is an absolutely grotty, depressing shithole. This "flat" is probably worth £10K tops.
  11. There's that word again - "unexpectedly". B*****ks - inflation of costs, without matching wage inflation is their plan all along.
  12. Good insight, thanks for sharing. Seems HGV drivers are now seeing what the real wage level would be without thousands of cheaply imported drivers. Wonder what it would be like in other areas? Also puts paid to the lie that FoM and importing hundreds of thousands of people each year doesn't suppress wages.
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