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  1. Any reference for this, or is another thing you're making up?
  2. Do you have any stats for percentage of house purchases that are made completely without a mortgage? I'd bet it's incredibly low.
  3. It's funny you say that 🙂 - I know 3 people in my immediate circle of friends who graduated between 20 and 25 years ago. They have degrees such as History and Psychology, yet they all work in I.T. because their chosen career paid too little. In fact, widening the circle a bit, it seems most graduates don't go on to work in a career even tangentially related to their degree. And most of their current careers don't require a degree, just relevant experience.
  4. Do you make a habit of posting older articles and links? This is from last November. IIRC, you dredged up a story from about 2010 the other day.
  5. Yawn. Off you go again, denigrating Northern folk. Seems to be a couple of posters on here like that, with massive chips on their shoulders.
  6. I know previously lifelong Labour voters, the type who wouldn't p**s on a Tory if they were on fire, who voted Tory last time due to the Brexit debacle. Brexit has been debated ad-infinitum, so not going to comment on that. However, the worrying thing for Labour is that these people are now saying they won't vote Labour in the future because Starmer is such an ineffective leader. And to be fair, nothing he has done gives me any hope that the Tories will face an effective opposition at the next GE.
  7. Do you have a link for that? Seems a bit high.
  8. This. Indeed. Hence why TPTB are intent on inflating the fixed costs that you can't really avoid (water, gas, electric, council tax, and of course shelter), to keep people on the hamster wheel.
  9. Few things stand out in that article: 1) It's a quote from an "EV entrepreneur", so hardly unbiased. 2) Quote "If you buy a petrol or diesel car in 2023 – who is going to buy that car in 2026?" - who only keeps newly bought vehicles for 3 years? Bit of an assumption there. 3) "You won’t be allowed to drive into the centre of London or Manchester" - ah, some positives then. Both godawful places to drive in.
  10. Standard modus operandi for this government - announce something big (remember Operation Moonshot?), then quietly row back on it a few months later.
  11. I think it just depends on your body. I had the AZ jab 5 days ago, with absolutely no side effects. Others I know had symptoms ranging from a mild headache to (quote) "feeling crap for a day or two". None with anything severe reaction-wise.
  12. Thanks for the link - clarifies things. As you say, fake news.
  13. Call me thick, but what exactly am I looking at here? Is this expenses claimed by the Home Office? Expenses claimed solely by Pritti Patel?
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