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  1. I seriously doubt the average Joe could do that on a 3 day week.
  2. Is this article for real? Wigan town centre's been a s***hole in decline for at least 15 years that I can remember.
  3. 不不不不 Talk about believe it when I see it..... 不不不不
  4. Completely agree. I also know a number of people who died within 2 years of retirement (and for them, it was age 65) - live life and enjoy it whilst you can.
  5. Can't they just stop eating avocados, cut the unlimited talk time subscription on their landline, and buy second hand furniture? Sad thing is, the pensioners I know aren't short of a bob or two. They just see it as their god-given right. To be fair to them, the tripe lock is nonsense and they were promised it.
  6. No, it won't. As others have pointed out, the BOE are gambling on Fed rises and demand destruction to do their work for them. In the interim, we all get f ***ed by inflation.
  7. As you keep saying, but that's clearly not going to happen in this rate cycle.
  8. I think it's more they're talking out of their a**e (Bloomberg).
  9. No surprise - it's their core vote. And all the pensioners I know were apoplectic when the triple lock was suspended for a year. There's an by-election coming, doncha know?
  10. Not a chance in hell. These charlatans will continue with behind the curve 0.25% increases. Even those are only because they're being forced to.
  11. ********. They'll find any excuse not to do 0.5% at the next meeting.
  12. Because he essentially promised 0.5% hikes starting next time. Unbelievable - it appears the markets are buying the BOE's horses**t about 0.5% increases in the future. Pound is up 1.7% against the dollar - https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/data/currencies/gbp-pairs/GBPUSD-exchange-rate
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