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  1. The Russians want to / are already pinning the Ruble to gold standard. This won't make them very popular.
  2. This is al good news. And all amid Michael Gove blocking the rubber-stamping of housing estates and banging on about 'quality not quantity' re house building. 'Resident's Votes' on new projects etc. It smacks of an attemtpt to prop up prices by a reduction in housing supply building. Not that supply of housing has anything to do with it - well maybe a bit - it's supply of money that does it.
  3. Some good replies in the comment section of that wolfstreet article: "@SocalJim, I know you want to pump housing prices, but your comment is some of the worst mumbo-jumbo drivel word-salad I have read on quite some time. Do you think writing nonsensical sentences will drive up housing prices?" etc.
  4. Ha! I do like you Imhal! It's not that they are too difficult to articulate it's just that there are so many it's tiring and trite to go through them. It's gone beyond arguing it now as everyone has heard the arguments and I have never met anyone prepared to change their mind (apart from me but I'm special). I have noticed that personality-wise, remainers tend to be more money-minded and possible narcissistic whereas leavers seem to have a more long-term, more selfless attitude. That's why I am drawn to the leavers. Leavers tend to be more duty-based and the kind of person who would serve in the armed forces. Remainers tend to be more short-term, more cafe-culture and the type likely to be interested in a rising standard of living in that short term - for themselves. I think Britain has always been separated along those lines and this vote has highlighted it like no other. My mother used to call some people 'Posey' people ie like posing. I think the two sides are basically the honest and the wiley. If I think of any more generalisations I'll post them. I can now see the final scenes of every 'NPC University' occuring! Do look that up on y outube - hilarious.
  5. Hi Imhal - I honestly find it hard to explain. It's one of those things whereby if you have to ask me then there is nothing I can say which will mean anything. We both know the arguments so it's just now a matter of which direction 'calls to you'. If I pinpointed anything it would only be one tiny thing in a sea of things. It would trap me and I've found that talking to remainers is like putting your hand into a cage full of wild animals: there is no calmness, no understanding, no grace. My hand gets grabbed and mauled. Lots of "So you're saying that..." etc goes on and I feel bullied, judged and often unsafe. No really. Nowadays I stay silent if 'the Subject' comes up as often it is a remainer wanting someone to hurt who starts the conversation. Not that I"m painting you as one of those - you did ask me very civilly and politely. I suspect you are a Brexiteer with that display of politeness.
  6. I cheer-lead Brexit and I'm not loaded. Yes I know the above are very rich. I don't really care - Brexit isn't about the money for most supporters. Remain argument ; "Money". Brexit argument "Pride". Yes I know, silly isn't it? But it's true and this is where people miss the point. Remainer rich are a-plenty and they have their own financial reasons for staying. The millionaires shown above just happen to support the same cause as me. Coincidence. They get tax relief, I get a sense of pride. It's all I've got really and it's worth a lot.
  7. It's all about the Boomers I think. Will they all try to downsize at the same time? I actually think now a lot of them have seen what is out there and for how much it's not worth selling their Boomer-Palaces and buying a far far smaller place for only a bit less money. Boomers cannot ever REDUCE their living standards and Pose-factor therefore I predict they will stay in their pads and not sell them for anything less than absolute top-dollar. Result? Gen X will not be able to aspire to the life their parents as the big posh pads are now far out of reach. Honestly, I think we are going to have to wait til the boomers are literally ALL too old to stay in their mansions then there will be a huge sell-off as they move to care-homes. Or wangle it that the young service them in their castles. How old is the average Boomer now? Born 1950 say? 70. Not that old and have got 20yrs of spritely red-trouser-wearing left. Has anyone noticed how old people we knew in the 70's were bald and now 75yr old men all have huge shocks of white hair? Clearly going to live for 25 more years on a Final Salary Pension funded by their children. "At one point my wife had to get a job" says Len about Sheila as they park their Range Rover outside the Amouse-Bouche Restaurant. "The young just need to work harder" Len says as he answers his mobile phone. "Young Ken!" (Ken is 75 and been retired for 25years) "Ah Ah Ah - we're outside now - tell Pam the Trifle is excellent." I'm so full of anger.
  8. Can I reply to my own post? Doing it now. I do suspect however that this hyper-inflation of house prices is the portent of something huge. I think the globalists have had a go at keeping it going and in doing so have created a monster. I am going to call crash - not immediately but soon.
  9. I reckon lots of Gen X and possibly boomers are getting into BTL around here. Any little FTB house is being snapped up, done up and 100K added to the price. That is buy to sell I know but it shows what's going on. A bungalow down the road which we looked at 2yrs ago was 195 - they did it up a tiny bit and now it's 280. That is not unusual for around here. At least 75 thousand in 2 years for any house. It is nice round here and I think there is a bit of city flight to areas like this. Even with endless new builds around Pershore, Ledbury, you name it - massive estates which only appear to increase the value of normal houses - older ones I mean. It is ludicrous and no-one can move up a house. Literally, buy the biggest house you can and live in it forever. South / South East I don't know - I imagine it's on the verge of a collapse as nice people run for the countryside. I am naturally a bear and despise HPI (as my previous 2thousand posts will attest) and I'm only reporting what I see. It's horrible and desperately needs to be stopped. but... Brexit might have controlled it / stopped it but the globalists will not allow it to happen. You watch the new group of ex 'Labour' MPs go. Property ownership and the value of this property is of prime concern. Remainers tend to only mention money and wealth (have you noticed?) and therefore they want everything to continue. Got a yellow vest on display on the back shelf of my car. Sorry for the long posts.
  10. Freki - weird one but yes we did. Anything we had been eyeing up sold immediately and we missed out on them and all we are left with now are the estate houses in v poor condition. We expected everyone else to smell the coffee and take reductions in their asking price but no-one is budging by even 5 thousand. Yes we did spend ages on Rightmove and drive-bys too but it's only when you actually get into a house do you see the true horror. There is no point viewing houses if you haven't got an offer on your own house as any offer you may make is laughed at by the EAs and in one case the other week not passed on to the vendor. We missed out on it as a result. It's a Catch 22. Can't view meaningfully if you haven't got an offer. Have to accept an offer to see how much other people will be prepared to drop (nothing at all it seems). Once you are actually, in reality, in the real world actually trying to buy somewhere you see true state of what's going on out there: Sh)t-holes in a derelict state, stinking of wee (one with a toilet with diarrhoea still in it I kid you not) on for over £200,000 when 2 years ago they were 150 or less. As I say, don't completely write me off as an idiot for not checking the market first - our online checking didn't match the hard reality of viewing a deceased estate on a raining Saturday morning with an EA who forgot there was a viewing and didn't turn up for 30mins. Then looking round something that looked like a decent 'doer-upper' online which in true life is a health hazard. Bare wires / floods etc. The property market is totally utterly ludicrous and wife and I wonder if EAs are even real - it feels like being in the Truman Show when you do a viewing.
  11. Here in Malvern nice houses are selling within a week. We're trying to sell (got 4 offers in 2 days) but everything we like the look of has gone up 70,000 in a few years. Apart from ours of course. Wife is on the phone to the estate agent now saying put it up by 70,000 as we can't afford to move. We tried offering on a tiny place which was wildly overpriced and they wouldn't take even 1pc off the full asking. Not looking good yet - we won't ever be able to move 'up' - only far into Herefordshire - and as everyone knows, it's dark there. Like Mordor. Estate houses are not selling though. We saw a semi (death) in Pershore and it was virtually derelict. Smelled of wee. £200,000. Now I know why people buy new builds. Funnily, the estate agent (the owner actually) pointed out a couple of the 1970's houses which were EMPTY. It was like the Truman show / They Live / Day of the Triffids. Character houses of any type are snapped up and there is no price differentiation between nice areas and locally-docally hell-holes. No Location Location Location anymore: it's Bedrooms, Bedrooms, Bedrooms. Doesn't matter if it's lovely North Malvern or Pound Bank Road (like Oldham next to the hill) the prices are the same.
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