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  1. What do people think of Islington ? Personally thought it was a bit of a dump when I went there but I'm told its 'up & coming'
  2. Which is precisely what many of the bears on here have had the courage to do. But the accompanying bitterness shown by some just isnt worth it IMHO.'Its always someone elses fault ' will get you nowhere except maybe the nuthouse. Its been a long struggle for HPs to start to come down but they will. Banks started this & they will want their pound of flesh sooner rather than later. Take the chance when it comes & live your own life.
  3. Yogurt Knitters ROFLMAO !!!! On a more serious note , if people are that bitter about the perceived unfairness of the current housing market that they start blaming it on a a particular group of people then I worry. My guess is that when the crash comes & they eventually buy those types of people will still start laying into someone else just for getting a better deal than them or some other spurious reason. If 'owning' a house becomes that all-consuming then I would stand back and look at my life ...
  4. go to the forum on betfair go to 'general betting' sub forum check out the thread 'what odds will anyone give me on house prices' 1. HPC gets a mention 2. They had a thread aboout 12 months ago that was reasonably bullish , whereas this one seems to be a lot more wary
  5. Latest odds fom Betfair cut of 0.5 % 129/1 cut of 0.25% 50/1 up 0.25% 310/1 up 0.5% 1000/1 No change 1/100
  6. "With a name like Twopey are you not an HR professional anyway!!!" LOL , no chance- rather admit to working at McDs and being unable to gain my gold star due to incompetence. "HR" & "Professional" - Oxymoron anyone ?
  7. Thank you Charlie for the zz explanation I've not been popping in to HPC so much these days (can now get access to betting sites at work so spend far too much time/money on these instead) so I did wonder where he'd gone . Even thought he may have been banned (though god knows who would either have the cojones or be so cruel to do that )
  8. When you say HR do you mean 'Personnel' ? Dont usually go a bundle on these "redundancies looming " threads but if HR people are being released then I feel that this could only benefit the economy greatly.
  9. "I think we are justified to protest and to protest very loudly..." Dont need to be loud, just dont buy until you think the price is right. Best & most potent form of protest with this market. As for the "owning more than one home - is it moral ?" argument, the idea doesnt remotely appeal to me but if people want to take the risk of BTL or some sudden new government "tax attack" on second homes then good luck to them. At the moment its cheaper to rent so enjoy living at someone elses expense I say ....
  10. Passed 3 A levels but never entertained the idea of uni. Only stayed on at school because I was too idle to leave . When i did , I was donig cash in hand at a jewellery manufacturer. left that to work in the civil service but got bored after a few years so did a course in computer programming and now work in IT. Dont really have an opinion either way on degrees. Some people with them are excellent at their jobs , some are crap. PS making a living on betfair ? Good luck.....
  11. "However I think posters need to be careful when responding to unfavourable housing reports, other than simply saying they are rigged, otherwise there is a danger that the site will lose creditability." Hear Hear. Anything can be spun any which way depending on your point of view or vested interest. Just read between the lines. There may even be a little bit of a rise these last couple of months but after all is said and a Prices will comedown, end of. As an aside, have not posted here in ages now that there seems to be definite downward momentum, so dont feel the need so much. However I cant find how to do quotes on this new style forum. Any Hints for an idle , cant-be-arsed-to-look-and-find-out-himself poster ?
  12. Should be a door somewhere on the ground floor. Go through that and you should find it ...
  13. And where would they downsize too ? Somewhere nice & cheap AND in a nice neighbourhood ? PRICES ARE DROPPING PRICES ARE DROPPING just wait a little longer & do your own thing rather than try and decide what others should be doing with their house & money..
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