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  1. Are you OK owning 2 properties when some people haven't got one?
  2. Property is a special category, I argue BXLONDONMAN. The Uptick Rule's abolition caused volatilty in banking and allowed shorting (progressively lower and lower) in banks for the first time since the 1020's. It was abolished on July 6th 2007, within only 4 weeks banks were in trouble, se Uptick Ruler USA today 9th August 2007 which carries a Reuters report. (Google) A New Deal in a progressively automated world would be a civil payment to each citizen from birth....as a human right, per week/month, PLUS right to a decent home. Have as many houses as you like subject only to not one person being homeless nor in substandard housing which unfortunately is MOST of the council stock, which I know is not sound proofed and not town planned in the big cities. Automation is speeding exponentially; machine intelligence capacity doubles one million times faster than combined human intelligence doubles. The solution ...if we survive the machine intelligence explosion (A.I.) will come from intelligence machines and not from men. Meanwhi8le we should aim to raise the living condition for people and see moment as a tool not an end. John Prescott was doing that as housing minister until he was thrown out of office by priggish snoopers spying on his personal life: playing croquet and having an affair (he's 70 yrs old, they should have given him a medal!).
  3. Hello Simon,I agree with muvch of what you've wrotten. Cells wrote. >>>>>>>>>>Hahhaha I have never seen such a concentration of idiotic posts in one thread and this is HPC.co.uk!! immoral to own more than 1 house? Your lot are idiots! Is it immoral for me to build myself 1 homes? Is it immoral for me to build myself 2 homes? Is it immoral for me to build myself 10 homes? No it definitely is not. Thus logically it is not immoral to buy 1/2/10 homes for yourself. What is immoral is to limit land use. Who gives a shit if I have 1000 homes and only live in one at a time.<<<<<<<<<< I care. & yes it is immoral. How would you sleep smiling in your bed at night knowing people are homeless in the streets and you have 1000 unoccupied homes? Do you model yourself on Scrooge? Are you blind tthat your country...your species needs your talents, like patients need their doctor's? It isn't your land country. It is all of ours, as well as belonging to itself and all creatures who stay here. We are one people bonded by memes, customs, good will and the Rule of Law. Be clear cells, I do not condemn professional landlords. Build as much as you like but subject to the wishes of the community. I will urge providing a house for everyone. And not a pigsty..a great place to live as a civil and human right. Pre-enclosure we had a feudal system where the people had rights to farm lands. That itself was a corruption imposed by the savage Norman invaders. You just dont get it that houses are a basic right for everyone and loads of young couples and others haven't got any near prospect of owning a sufficient one. The reaction to rampant capitalism may be too left wing to be welcome. When you are sick you will need people attending you who are essentially unable to afford a decent house. John McCain couldn't even recall how many homes he owned while many americans live in caravans or worse. That isn't the society I want to live in. I suggest you watch Dr Zchivago again! Communism born in Cromwellian England is the unchecked response to unchecked capitalism: -the homeless will rise up and take it your 1000 homes despite your dexterity juggling money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUV2QTXIW1U Homes are a special case of and need special laws. This cant be dealt with nationally but only internationally when the UN finds its false teeth: Gordon Brown's vision: You are missing the New World Order that is emerging but will first have to break banking: "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." Lord Acton 1875 Lord Chief Justice.
  4. Looks like they are bottoming and the hidden up demand is really huge: 1. renting is 7%+ up 2. 3 million new homes needed in South East. 3. Mortgage deals being packaged up by banks. 4. Interest rate about to come down fast. Dont get caught out mates jump in (if you can)...no-one can call the bottom... in the next few weeks mortgages are going to be cheap.
  5. Houses are in short supply. For those without a house, this property crash may seem like a blessing. But that is subscribing to a free market theory. Free markets dont work in practice, because the markets aren't perfect. That means Demand and Supply doesn't cover everything (although govern the major movement) I'm hoping to spark a debate about what kind of community we wish to live in, because it can be anything we set out to build. Seems to me anyone smart enough to get born has immediate communal rights..civil and human, and one of those is the right to occupy land. The British as the Celts recognised that (and also the status of women which is a shock to some other cultures!). Land was held in common until the enclosure acts and the highland clearances when the artistos ran amok. Population is not replaced in the UK except by inward migrations. That problem can only be addressed in turn by helping the originating countries solve economic problems. But economics is man made too, and therefore social stuff precedes it ie WHAT DO WE WANT AS A COMMUNITY? I know there are some people who think that societies problems are so big they just want society to leave them alone. That's a bit grumpy of you! We can work it through. We KNOW that if we are organised we can make a pretty decent life here. Brown has popped out of his shell as a world leader...and all it took was the biggest financial crisis in history. Recent price drops (Flats by value): REAS WITH THE LARGEST HOUSE PRICE FALLS Area Average value Oct 08 Annual price fall Birmingham Canal, Birmingham £153,500 17.3% Deansgate, Manchester £196,500 17.1% Erebus Drive, London £208,500 16.9% Elmwood Lane, Leeds £149,000 16.3% Millsands, Sheffield £120,500 15.1% Lakenham, Norwich £140,500 14.8% Abbey Road, Barking £166,000 14.7% Dame Dorothy Street, Sunderland £132,000 13.7% Russell Road, London £266,000 12.8% Walton Hall Avenue, Liverpool £87,000 12.6% Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7661303.stm Arise! Arise Sons of Brute! Unite daughters of Boadicea! One People One Law one Fellowship! (or your money back...... take it all mate we dont want it unless it's ALL of us!)
  6. Does anyone have any information on forthcoming government policy? Ta
  7. I dispute that i'm an idiot.I came back from Harvard last week. That's not in North London. Arguements against the character aren't helpful I also refute absolutely that i am an estate agent or have any vested interest. Y You can type my nme into Google and confirm this Also a friend has taken my advise and bought in roe green village and the place is brilliant. Depned whay you wnat of course. apologies for y bad typing. the UK giovmt has signalled that it now going to be an pffence to have two homes. The actual stuff they've put out is that it's illegal to keep a second home empty for 6 months. that's pretty creative and yet another reason why Prescott was brilliant as housing mionister.
  8. Cripes where do you get off? Well I've done my bit. If you're looking for good value housing for sale at least 3 areas have been identified in this thread alone.
  9. Nope. i just think there are some great places in London still for about £200- look at this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-776...pa_n=6&tr_t=buy (June 20th 2006) Where can you get a 80 foot garden flat in a great area in one of the prettiest villages in England..ON THE JUBILEE LINE for this price? Roe Greeen Village is probably the prettiest I've seen and beggars belief. people dnt know about it because it's hidden by a part But it's got everything
  10. Yep that's my view too. Homes are demand and supply..but i wonder we couldn't pressurise HM's govmt to ensure everyone who want a home has one. BTW I'm NOT for saying people cant have 2 homes by law, but for bringing in high taxes for 2nd homes. We are the highest home ownership nation on the planet and london in the top 3 or 4 expensive places to live. I just think a coordinated gvmt policy would work. i know loads of people living with their parents until they're 30 or more. UK population's kept static by immigration or else prices would plummet.
  11. HaHaHa! nope I'm not an estate agent, nor brain dead, nor driving round with my eyes shut. I just dont feel that society is too big or factious to relate intimately with. I'm not into ad hominems either! I think my views are pretty well known. I am for a socially aware real politik: eg to understand that people have the right to own a home a a basic human right. I'm against people owning more than one home because i think homes are part of successful communities and not wigets to buy and sell oter goods. I think houses are in a special category, like health care and wealth distribution. Home prices in London are going to rise and rise because they are determined by supply and demand, and loads of people want to liove in London who aren't here yet. The two big London projects The Olympics and London Greenways (a 10 year old scheme to sink London traffic and parking under London, like in Boston that seems to be going ahead) will boost prices futher. Everyone should have a home who wants one. Of their own. I know the sheer numbers in our community can make us feel like we are disparate, but we're one people. The solution is to build more houses, and to move to a climate where homes aren't used to speculate with. If new home building is left to market forces alone they wont be affordable. I'm not in favour of legislation to stop people owning more than one house, I think it can be done using taxation & other systems. The majority of people on the property ladder dont want prices to fall ie dont want the price of thier own homw to fall for simple and eaily demonstrable reasons: 1. They can remortgage if the price has risen. 2. They have a capital investment that is good. 3. They are not going into negative equity. 4. They feel that they are getting richer as their house price rises A friend has just got a garden flat in Roe Green Village. I 've seen it it's one of the prettiest places in London and undercut competing areas by at least 30%. So I stand by my assement of NW11, it's underpriced, well serviced and green with almost zero crime. there is a placard on the village green commemorating the late queen mother's visit to it etc It is terrific value for money. There is a real problem about houses in London and the south east though. It cant be addressed by individuals, and needs government policy legislation and suport.
  12. roe green village & , hendon. great tube links, almost zero crime, gardens etc under £200,000k for a flat house google nw11 estate agents. worth a drive around. the most likely scenario is that house prices will soar again in my view, because of demand and supply. also eveyone who is on the ladder doesn't want a drop.
  13. yes there are ways of taxing off shore accounts. you can make it legal to have to declare off shore avccounts and submit them for taxation. Also there's a wider issue here: We are genetically built to cooperate with our species. Since tribes are homogulating world wide into homegenity identity issues are involved. Noone wants to have 2 homes if someone has to go without..not unless they're dysfunctional which means in pain or fundamentally mistaken. We have basic instincts but our Rule of Law mitigates this. We act lawfully when we dont feel like it, because we have set laws in place for ourselves against infortitude of awareness... in the same way we set the alarm clock a few feet away so we have to get up to stop it ringing.. I WANT people to be able to be housed...properly housed....different people to me, who's customs make me wince....as a basic civil right. Home, income, usefulness to others somehow. we HAVE to legislate for this and utilse all the clever tools of political science to rule base the necessities like the welfare state. If the government was great enough at economics it could build a million homes in 6 weeks flat. Great punchy style i enjoyed reading it. But to persoanlise the argument isn't very helpful. Anyhow i'm a stoic. I've NO meals in my home. Yes the existance of other injustices doesn't negate this arguement. nor are men just... we havre largely primative DNa programs which we largely act on, and it is rational dictates like laws that govern our interactions. The factors of production Land Labour Capital were sperated by economists, and one wan't the other. Money is NOT land. they are different. because of the advent of capital from Lydia and Greece we who can make vast sums have a disproportionate reopresntation in society. I guess this was like the warriors who accrued titles and land did. The force that regulates it is politics and i think 2 homes 'while, but only while others have none' is blatently unfair and allows our people ie the world to degenerate. I agree you should look at the whole world..well let's do that.
  14. ad hominems are a bad form of arguement; i dare say i bleat too much; circling wolves make me nervous Homes are not shoes nor money. You can generalise what i'm saying but that means you seek absoluite truths and there aren't many are there? homes are a land space-dependant indispensable item we need to exist . we already have laws to control some home ownership. i think i may have a solution for this anyway with infinite room technology but until i see ojne built it's just sci-fi (ELDRAS in google). assuming that doesn't come, if a trilionaire oil guru wants to buy every home that comes on themarket in your family's ancinet area...by your logic it's OK then? where sould that stop? if Russia wants to take over Wales, it can just buy up every home that comes on the market and not use it?
  15. Well i think i understand your position: If someone cant afford a home they should get out of the country??? i dont dig libertarianism. I get i find ad hominem bad arguements, but am happy to discuss my finances if you like! i am NOT against capitalism. But it is not a politics, it is a money market. We need distribution of wealth as well as profit based economies. Strong artificial intelligence will deliver solutions that have nothing to do with money in the foreseeable future. World poverty is a big issue, but that too will be solved by strong A.I. Re: UK house prices being trelevant, the UK is the ventre of civilisation. Cambridge and london are thew two highest producing establishments for nobel prizes, we hold 50% of ythe world's patents, inventions like thre world wide web, tv telephone, computer, atom split, etc came from people born in the UK, as did the light bulb, the ttrain, the well the industrial revolution etc We have no death sentence, we are multi-cultuiral,a nd we defned the rights of minorities. We are the epicnetre of the english language which is the widest spead language, and although only 4th largest world econmy, have enormous influence eg by being on the UN security council, and being seen as taking the moral highground in most issues, A lot of that os to do with climate and avoidance of natural disasters, but we are the centre and what we do here effects the world, much more than most places. I know that what i am suggesting is new, and untried in populations of more than 3 million, excpet in totalitarian regimes. But I urge you to consider that people DO need to have civil rights. And that one such right is the right to live well-housed. You may be astute enough to play a money game and do well in it. But many people are not. Academics for instance (especially philosophers!) I wonder if you realsie that some things must be outside the areas of demend and supply by payments? I'm a tory anyhow, and have haeld opffice in the party, not a communist as you suggest. One difficluty with a talent is that you can be unaware that others dont have that. peole like carers do not necessarily get paid what they need to eists. I am FOR taxation...FOR incentive. But some things like public services MUST be provided as a basic infrastructure, and the rights to liberty, pursuit of happiness, medical treatment, schooling, AND the right to live in a decent house in a properly landscaped and architected system, can and should be brought on to a policy dicument. I think it will become generally accepted one day. Money is a wonderful invention, which in modern civilisation came from Lydia and was used to compensate administrators losing days on their farms in return for work in the public offices. it is a human programme to share when we have loads. I am not against people having splendid and costly houses. I am against poeple beiong allowed by law to have more than one house, without high levels of taxation on the second plus ones. Therefore i am NOT against taxation...I am FOR taxation. There is already some mechanisms in pace for this eg higer stamp duty for higher prices. But it's staggering for a labour government to advance a homes grab as a way of alieviating the pensions crisis. Double plus home ownership MUST lead to a divided peole. That in turn will lead to conflict as it corrects. Although money is an amazing part of civilisation, many incentives exist on socisty. Public opinion is very big. I really do predict a time when we will view people with two houses as close to criminals, as war heros like napoleon are becoming regared as psychopaths. i would go futher than houses too. the wider issue is distribution of wealth Cheers Eldras
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