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  1. Are you OK owning 2 properties when some people haven't got one?
  2. Property is a special category, I argue BXLONDONMAN. The Uptick Rule's abolition caused volatilty in banking and allowed shorting (progressively lower and lower) in banks for the first time since the 1020's. It was abolished on July 6th 2007, within only 4 weeks banks were in trouble, se Uptick Ruler USA today 9th August 2007 which carries a Reuters report. (Google) A New Deal in a progressively automated world would be a civil payment to each citizen from birth....as a human right, per week/month, PLUS right to a decent home. Have as many houses as you like subject only to not one pe
  3. Hello Simon,I agree with muvch of what you've wrotten. Cells wrote. >>>>>>>>>>Hahhaha I have never seen such a concentration of idiotic posts in one thread and this is HPC.co.uk!! immoral to own more than 1 house? Your lot are idiots! Is it immoral for me to build myself 1 homes? Is it immoral for me to build myself 2 homes? Is it immoral for me to build myself 10 homes? No it definitely is not. Thus logically it is not immoral to buy 1/2/10 homes for yourself. What is immoral is to limit land use. Who gives a shit if I have 1000 homes and only live in o
  4. Looks like they are bottoming and the hidden up demand is really huge: 1. renting is 7%+ up 2. 3 million new homes needed in South East. 3. Mortgage deals being packaged up by banks. 4. Interest rate about to come down fast. Dont get caught out mates jump in (if you can)...no-one can call the bottom... in the next few weeks mortgages are going to be cheap.
  5. Houses are in short supply. For those without a house, this property crash may seem like a blessing. But that is subscribing to a free market theory. Free markets dont work in practice, because the markets aren't perfect. That means Demand and Supply doesn't cover everything (although govern the major movement) I'm hoping to spark a debate about what kind of community we wish to live in, because it can be anything we set out to build. Seems to me anyone smart enough to get born has immediate communal rights..civil and human, and one of those is the right to occupy land. The British as t
  6. Does anyone have any information on forthcoming government policy? Ta
  7. I dispute that i'm an idiot.I came back from Harvard last week. That's not in North London. Arguements against the character aren't helpful I also refute absolutely that i am an estate agent or have any vested interest. Y You can type my nme into Google and confirm this Also a friend has taken my advise and bought in roe green village and the place is brilliant. Depned whay you wnat of course. apologies for y bad typing. the UK giovmt has signalled that it now going to be an pffence to have two homes. The actual stuff they've put out is that it's illegal to keep a second home empty fo
  8. Cripes where do you get off? Well I've done my bit. If you're looking for good value housing for sale at least 3 areas have been identified in this thread alone.
  9. Nope. i just think there are some great places in London still for about £200- look at this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-776...pa_n=6&tr_t=buy (June 20th 2006) Where can you get a 80 foot garden flat in a great area in one of the prettiest villages in England..ON THE JUBILEE LINE for this price? Roe Greeen Village is probably the prettiest I've seen and beggars belief. people dnt know about it because it's hidden by a part But it's got everything
  10. Yep that's my view too. Homes are demand and supply..but i wonder we couldn't pressurise HM's govmt to ensure everyone who want a home has one. BTW I'm NOT for saying people cant have 2 homes by law, but for bringing in high taxes for 2nd homes. We are the highest home ownership nation on the planet and london in the top 3 or 4 expensive places to live. I just think a coordinated gvmt policy would work. i know loads of people living with their parents until they're 30 or more. UK population's kept static by immigration or else prices would plummet.
  11. HaHaHa! nope I'm not an estate agent, nor brain dead, nor driving round with my eyes shut. I just dont feel that society is too big or factious to relate intimately with. I'm not into ad hominems either! I think my views are pretty well known. I am for a socially aware real politik: eg to understand that people have the right to own a home a a basic human right. I'm against people owning more than one home because i think homes are part of successful communities and not wigets to buy and sell oter goods. I think houses are in a special category, like health care and wealth distribution.
  12. roe green village & , hendon. great tube links, almost zero crime, gardens etc under £200,000k for a flat house google nw11 estate agents. worth a drive around. the most likely scenario is that house prices will soar again in my view, because of demand and supply. also eveyone who is on the ladder doesn't want a drop.
  13. yes there are ways of taxing off shore accounts. you can make it legal to have to declare off shore avccounts and submit them for taxation. Also there's a wider issue here: We are genetically built to cooperate with our species. Since tribes are homogulating world wide into homegenity identity issues are involved. Noone wants to have 2 homes if someone has to go without..not unless they're dysfunctional which means in pain or fundamentally mistaken. We have basic instincts but our Rule of Law mitigates this. We act lawfully when we dont feel like it, because we have set laws in place fo
  14. ad hominems are a bad form of arguement; i dare say i bleat too much; circling wolves make me nervous Homes are not shoes nor money. You can generalise what i'm saying but that means you seek absoluite truths and there aren't many are there? homes are a land space-dependant indispensable item we need to exist . we already have laws to control some home ownership. i think i may have a solution for this anyway with infinite room technology but until i see ojne built it's just sci-fi (ELDRAS in google). assuming that doesn't come, if a trilionaire oil guru wants to buy every home that come
  15. Well i think i understand your position: If someone cant afford a home they should get out of the country??? i dont dig libertarianism. I get i find ad hominem bad arguements, but am happy to discuss my finances if you like! i am NOT against capitalism. But it is not a politics, it is a money market. We need distribution of wealth as well as profit based economies. Strong artificial intelligence will deliver solutions that have nothing to do with money in the foreseeable future. World poverty is a big issue, but that too will be solved by strong A.I. Re: UK house prices being trelevan
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