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  1. Why are you lying, every post that i now write goes to another board or goes missing, what have you got to hide, cowards, this site is a farce
  2. Re considering ones stance makes me a hypocrite????. what i call a readiness to change my mind when the facts change you call something else. DICK HEAD!!!
  3. WHAT!!!, no black Thursday, what a supprise
  4. For all the conspiracy theorys that come from this board day in and day out, this board is by far the most censored that i have come across, are you really that scared of deabte, is it just a daily repeated mantra that you want
  5. Can i ask you Guys a serious question without all the "you troll" personal; attacks, which are just tottal b****x might i add. What if tommorrow you woke up and was handed some report/news/information that proved to you that once and for all that you was totally wrong, the economy was fine, homeowners were not going to burn"(as some of you put it), there were plenrty of jobs, and the future looked rosey, infact the majority of the population of the UK were happy. Would you feel dissapointed??? I ask this question because i have been troubled by it myself for a while now, i went from a few years ago thinking there was going to be a certain crash to WANTING one, i went from a postion of knowing something to being spitefull. Is it really a case that most people on this board just have not had it so good, and they now want the rest of the Country to suffer with them so they can be in the minority that gets what they want. I still think this economy is a false one, but i also feel the way some of you Guys want all this to pan out is immorral and cruel and spitefull. I also do not have a home, but i do not want suffering on others so i can get what i want. What i do want is a home of my own without everyone else suffering, and that is where this board has very few friends in the Country right now. This site has got it all wrong, you triggers are coming in at a rate of a dozen a week now, what you really should be fighting for is not a wanting for the Country to go down the pan, but you should be fighting for the release of LAND
  6. Did you ever think that they might be buying cheap property back home on British wage, i have said this before there is no way these people are being exploited, even on the minimum wage they can buy property in say somewhere like Poland Czech for peanuts, mutiple of less the 1 in a lot of cases. Given that incentive many Brits would work abroad for a few years
  7. sam


    Thanks prophet, i wo'nt. How sad this board becomes when you do not get into line, this is who i am, i have to question my beliefs constantly, there is no other way in life. The very people that i feel so sorry for sometimes attack you for all the wrong reasons, the post i put out yesterday(now closed, pathetic) was 100% genuine, i really am on the side of those left out. Given a little more time i would have explained the benefits of me not buying after my break up, but as usual the so called "anti troll" brigade get in there. There biggest flaw is that they cannot understand the overwhelming desire to own property, they stick their nose up at those that will work hard, but that is what people are prepared to do, ITS WHAT THEY WANT, who is to say they are wrong. But anyway, and just for the over sensitive perma bears, YES THERE WILL BE A CRASH STILL
  8. sam


    I can see why many of you Guys are lashing out, NOTHING is happening how you said it would. I was once given some great advice, if you are going to get angry get angry at the person who has made you angry (in this case the Government), a lot of you are turning to faceless people on the internet, how sad, i swear most of you are passive agressives.
  9. sam


    So a troll is someone who will not follow the HPC mantra and questions all sides of the argument, Mutley if you are listen, those posts that you put up far exceeded you accuracy, you stick to you bird flu and the several "black mondays around the corner" posts, or this is the trigger post that we get every few months, what a muppet And still i will say with certainty, WE WILL GET A CRASH It really cracks me all this "stealth Bull!, and "closet Bull" rubbish, or if you are a neither you must really be a Bull, some of you Guys are paranoid to buggery, you are turning into some laughable cult.
  10. Thanks Burned out, you are right, not being ignorant and being ok at maths is a curse Have your nose rubbed in it by idiots is at the least frustrating, the house i was talking about(and i am afraid it is real) is the place they bought over the last few years. I know it is going to crumble, but the wait is driving me nuts, thanks for the kind words anyway,
  11. DICK!!! probably have a far greater turnover than you, and i would never employ someone so an*l
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