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  1. What do bulls want? I'll be happy with 7% HPI in perpetuity thanks.
  2. Yep, STR's are the best candidates to be called returners. Then divorcees buying after renting for a while, ex-pats returning from OS, there are probably many if I wanted to write a long list. But one that really comes to mind is people who sold & made sure they were chain free to facilitate the sale going through. The UK is a new place people. THA 1988/1996 has changed everything. Now there are rentals available everywhere, people can afford to be the top of the chain & know they can rent instead. In the past, finding a rental may have been a serious problem & people would prefer to move up a rung by being in a chain, ie not selling unless somewhere to move was available as well. But these days that isn't a problem anymore. Being the top of the chain has been a valid thing in Australia for a long time, with people putting their houses up for auction knowing they'll have to find a place themselves, but no worries as they can always rent if they don't find a place straight away. At least that puts them in a strong position when they buy. So what we have here is the smart money re-entering property...............
  3. I don't think the tenant analogy applies here. They either want the content WE offer, or they don't.
  4. I did warn you SH. It's like talking to a brick wall. RB, let us know when you make some money. I won't hold my breath.
  5. I second that. I think you'll find it's the bit where you say something is predicted and you imply that it's possible to get in there before the prediction comes true. If you read Sledgeheads monster effort you'll see that it's not predicted, it's as good as rock solid and the market knows it and nobody will give you an elbow in to make anything out of it.
  6. My Auntie used to believe these things as well Sledgehead (actually I think she still does). Trying to explain it to her was like talking to a brick wall. They always think they have an edge these people, but the house has every edge covered, they just need to lose some money to realise it. BTW My Auntie never made a cent from her SM investments, the only thing she ever made money on was her house.
  7. My posts aren't being deleted. But I happen to like the banter & randomness of people posting what they want to post where they want to post it. If people don't think it's relevant, don't reply, let it slip off the page. If people think it's particularly rude or in bad taste, report it. IMO there wouldn't have been the recent uproar if this principle were applied. I can't see the benefit of chopping & changing posts & post locations unless there is some commercial benefit that I'm not aware of. EDITED IN: MY POSTS FURTHER DOWN STARTED BEING DELETED WHEN I EXPRESSED MYSELF IN THIS THREAD. I SEEM TO HAVE NO RIGHT TO POST ANYMORE EITHER.
  8. Why does everyone insist on trying to control the content? Why? IMO there should be zero moderation of any type unless a person is particularly offensive and is reported by another poster. Why is that such a bad principle to stand behind?
  9. The Goose That laid the Golden Eggs is a fable ascribed to the writer/slave Aesop. According to the fable, a poor farmer found, to his amazement, that one of the geese in his flock had begun laying eggs made of gold. The farmer and his wife began selling the gold, and were finally becoming prosperous. At long last, the farmer's wife suggested that they were fools to wait for the goose to produce gold at such a slow rate - they could kill the goose, cut it open, and get all the gold inside it right now! The farmer did as his wife suggested, and cut open the goose. To his horror, he found that there was no gold inside the goose, and since the goose was now dead, it would not be laying any golden eggs in the future. Gradually, the farmer and his wife became poor again. Lessons to be drawn from the story: the destructiveness of greed, the virtue of patience. In the English language, "Killing the golden goose" has become a metaphor for any short-sighted action that may bring an immediate reward, but will ultimately prove disastrous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Goose_tha...the_Golden_Eggs
  10. Quite a cough you have there. Better watch it, a guy in your physical condition might be prone to making an early exit.
  11. Do you think with this many posts I haven't elaborated? I also posted around 2,000 posts prior to when they started being counted. Should I do it one more time for you? Clue: The answer is in my title. My opening thread title when I first arrived: All these interest rate rises, it must be Time To Raise The Rents. And let me remind the forum that had I listened to advice like yours when I joined the forum, I would be around 700k worse off than I am now! 700k! Yes, I mean it. 300 or so k would have been paid in CGT and 400k plus is what I've benefitted from in HPI since I joined the forum. So I think I am the better judge of this situation, but thanks anyway.
  12. Powergen were recently labelled as the utility with the worst customer servvice/focus so this is just a response to that labelling. I'm a customer of theirs, I've called them twice in the past 6 weeks & they've actually answered the phone with no silly press this & that & requests to leave a meter reading with their computer.
  13. There aren't enough hours in the day to run shows about dodgy tenants though are there......
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