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  1. There is a reason why they are all boarded up... they were compulsory purchases for this... http://www.edgelane.com/ yet again... another ill-informed person spreading the word in a negative way! :angry: TB
  2. Ok first things first.... TULIP are a packaging company that unfortunately put too many eggs in one basket! M&S was a very big part of their business.... I know coz I work down the road from them and we used to print labels for them. As anyone in business knows... don't let any one customer get above 30% of your business, or they will have you by the balls. Not saying its Tulip's fault but the M&S situation had 100% affect on this decision, I believe. Also TULIP is over the water in Bromborough. Which, to those who dont know is now part of Cheshire. Up until about 2000 this was still
  3. Did this break up for anyone on the BBC website - half way through??? What I did hear was Evan Davies giving her a jolly good bashing!!! ;-) She talked so much shite though.... WE NEED MORE HOUSES... WE NEED IT TO PICK UP COZ OUR ECONOMY IS DEPENDENT ON IT!!! "As a caring government, we need to build houses for everyone and its not fair that those naughty banks are not offering LIAR LOANS for support this overpriced BUBBLE. It is our job to find any way necessary to fvck the people of the UK over and get ALL THEIR MONEY, so I can have my MP allowance for next year.... FACIST [email protected] GOVERNM
  4. Arent knives the killing weapon of choice nowadays???? Looks like your trade has a very bleak future :-( TB
  5. This not a £50,000 reduction... I think it is still OVERPRICED at £200,000!!! Do not be surprised of MASSIVE DROPS in the next few months... speculation was at least 20% of HPI imho, if not more. Take out the speculation of'buy at £10 and sell at £12' and it drops 20% immediately!!! TB
  6. Its not surprising - look at the LR figures for Liverpool flats NAME AV PRICE (£) QUARTER ANNUAL SALES Sefton £140,822 -2.2% 10.1% 138 Liverpool £123,669 -15.0% -18.9% 284 St Helens £122,812 1.2% -4.1% 44 Knowsley £121,593 39.2% 35.9% 28 Wirral £119,718 -8.6% -0.8% 152 Halton £113,285 0.1% 11.2% 49 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d.../county54.stm?f TB
  7. Can i just say WELL DONE ERIC!!!! A post in the same font size and colour - all the way through!!! A big Up to you On a personal note... HPC has been a great thing for me but also a disappointing one! I wish I had listened to Bubb when I joined.... about gold :angry: Think it was about $350 an ounce then!!! I am glad though... in the long term... I would have been joining another BUBBLE that is the root of the housing situation worldwide... The credit bubble has ALWAYS been the arguement here. And we were proved right... I love being part of this site and passing on my knowledge to othe
  8. Hmmmm... Just below the stampduty threshold. Surprised they didnt want to raise £124,999... makes ya think, doesn't it? TB
  9. speaking to a lad in work, whose dad is a mortgage broker... and he's telling me that a lot of the lenders are asking for 25% DEPOSITS!!!! BTL Mortgages are almost GONE COMPLETELY!!! And there are a LOT of people getting turned down for mortgages that would have sailed through at the start of the year!!! LOOKS LIKE THE BANKS AINT GONNA TAKE THE HIT ON THIS HPC!!! TB
  10. A 3 bed detached in ESSEX £190K!!!!!!!! Thats cheaper than than the NORTH WEST!!! TB
  11. Yes that grinning was doing my head in too.... How rude is that??? It was a nervous laugh though! I just hope a LOT of people saw that, because EVERY UK Citizen in this country would look at both SPEECHES and see that DC came over with sincerity and truth. And the fact GB and AD were talking whilst DC started his speech, shows what SCUM they are!!! I DESPISE THIS GOVERNMENT and because of them I will never vote LIEBOUR aagain... they are the most corrupt government in Living memory! I know the Conservatives had sleaze, but at least they SACKED the sleazeballs!!! This government just brushes
  12. About time he laid into him!!!! Was this on the National News??? Should be... was a fantastic response and showed Britain what a lying bunch of scumbag's this government is! WELL DONE DC!!!! 9.5/10 the other 0.5 was BOOM or BUST!!! TB
  13. What the f*ck are they going on about stamp duty for???? they are just saying... we are raping all you sheeple more today than we did PRE-2002... What is the significance of saying this??? Is it subliminally saying, houseprices are rising coz there are more and more in the 4% bracket... But they can't say house prices are RISING when they are FALLING!! Weird!! TB
  14. Not being critical here.. but is it not easier to take a screen shot of the excel data so we can see it in tab form. And a graph IF POSSIBLE? The way its displayed, loses my interest immediately.. Not your fault, its the way the software shows you on screen. Looks great when you are coping it in though doesnt it??? TB
  15. Just an update for Liverpool 17 WEEK 9 For sale: 377 Last 7 days: 27 7% TB
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