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  1. Paying down capital won't decrease taxable profits in any way.
  2. When Interest Only Terms End

    The bank already have a first charge on the property in the form of a Mortgage. If the 'owner' cannot refinance, then the property will need to be sold. I know Nationwide have contacted my wife who has 5 years left on an IO mortgage. Selling is one of the recommended options.
  3. The problem with consumer goods like cars, TV's & white goods is that products are priced at the price the ,market will bear. If the exchange rate changes against the seller tough luck, the market will not accept the increase. Bear in mind imported goods did not fall 18 months ago when the £ 1as @1.40 to the Euro. Profits were higher then,theyare lower know. Thats the way the cookie crumbles. This is clearly correct as the pound has fallen more than 15% yet inflation is way under 3%.
  4. BBC R4: Are house prices about to crash.

    I am either seeing no accounts filed as the companies are fairly new & accounts for a dormant company for the older ones. No info to extract,,,,,,,,,
  5. Since you only need 35 years of contributions, no point unless you intend to retire early. From age 16 if your studying you get credits so only 30 years of work needed if you did A levels & then got a degree.
  6. In Switzerland rules have to be followed to the letter, there is no possibility to flex any rule ever. If your no longer resident in Switzerland you can move the pension to the lowest tax canton depending on the size of the pension, it's NEVER tax free & moving canton will normally add 500 CHF to the costs. No tax consultant is needed as the tax rates per canton are published. The rules are about to change & 100% cash withdrawals will no longer be possible.
  7. I withdrew my Swiss pension as 100% cash when I left Switzerland, I had a 5 figure tax liability in Switzerland, so it's far from tax free.
  8. Well a UK personal pension can be taken 100% tax free, only 75% is taxable & with a personal allowance of £11,500 much. Of course investing in an ISA would have been a far better deal in the long run. I have paid far more tax on my Swiss pension than on my UK one.
  9. Swiss mortgages are not for 100 years, you just don't pay off below 65% a mortgage. However beware when you retire, re-fix your mortgage deal or die the Bank will check affordability & will end the loan if your income or your aires income is too low,. There is a further catch, the minimum deposit is 20%, if value fall you need to increase your deposit.
  10. Price of properties that they have provided mortgages on that month, so actual purchase transactions
  11. Confusion over buy to let

    Hi, you will be taxed on gross rent, then can deduct 20% of interest payments. Capital repayment is not tax deductible in any way
  12. Historically if you don't pay ground rent for 12 years & it was not demanded, you could apply for the freehold.
  13. Probate tax merged

    There is no CGT on cars as they are depreciating assets, people would claim losses on their daily transport. CGT is optional as you never need to sell anything.
  14. The only way you can guarantee people will pay service charges for repairs of common parts is by leasehold. Failure to pay & lease can be forfeited.