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  1. If you return to the UK within 5 years then the CGT needs to be paid. Getting out of UK tax is not that easy either....
  2. Gold hit $850 in January 1980 average house was £20k or $45k USD so 53 Oz of gold then.
  3. Not passive, I have been an investor in www.fundsmith.co.uk for over 7 years, my first investments have tippled, it's a good strategy I have followed Terry Smith for nearly 30 years
  4. There is a reason people buy & hold equities for the long term, cash is something for short term expenditure nothing else. www.fundsmith.co.uk has returned YTD 30.75% 1 month 5.52%, 3 months 10.94% 6 months 25.41% 1 year 21.82% 3 years 69.44% 5 years 183.44%
  5. It's there rate of investment return is far more important, I have managed to FIRE using www.fundsmith.co.uk, capital doubles in less than 4 years & doubles again.
  6. If you invest in www.fundsmith.co.uk or global equity fund or Smithson investment trust, I think you have a good chance of such returns. I retired at 52 due to investing in equities for 30 years.
  7. Max payment into a pension is £40,000, max size pot allowed is £1,000,000 of which £750,000 is taxable. Bear in mind £100 a month for 40 years growing at 12% will exceed 1 million, ISA's will give a better return over time.
  8. All my pension funds & PEPs now ISA's are up 5 to 10 times over 30 years. Performance has improved since transferring everything in to www.fundsmith.co.uk nearly 6 years ago.
  9. Since 1965 the S&P 500 index has had annualised returns of 9.7%, $10,000 became $1.28 million, had you invested in Berkshire Hathaway your $10,000 would be worth $197,000,000. Very low long term risk & a hassle free return.
  10. Greatly depends on the flexibility of access to your cash, I was supposed to be able to take the pension from age 50, so be aware the rules can change. FWIW I retired at 52, I would have retired at 50 if I could have had access to py pension on the agreed date.
  11. The pension is tax deferred, however it's a poor deal as the final value of the fund may be 10 times the amount invested, so final tax payable on the bigger amount. An ISA overtime will be a far better investment than a pension.
  12. If your a cash buyer possibly, if you want a mortgage then your out of luck as they won't lend a multiple of the purchase price. I am sure that HMG will detect this fraud & issue a fine of 2 times the evaded tax plus interest.
  13. Before they floated partners got $200,000 base salary, rest as profit share although they had to leave most in the business, this was the huge benefit of floatation.
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