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  1. Perhaps they were furloughed or lost their job, so no longer were eligible for the mortgage.
  2. CGT is based on the value of the asset, even if given away or sold for £1
  3. Even at the same rate of tax you will pay more if you earn more, so the current system is fair, everyone should pay more if we need more money to be collected.
  4. Since there was 3.8CHF to the £ in 1971 & 1.18 now The Swiss property was a hugely better investment in £ terms 58% better if my back of an envelope calculations are contact. UK House £100 = £346 Swiss House CHF 100 = 170 x 3.22 =£547 547/346 = 1.58 However I believe London property has increased 30-40 times since 1970, so perhaps thats after inflation.
  5. If you return to the UK within 5 years then the CGT needs to be paid. Getting out of UK tax is not that easy either....
  6. Gold hit $850 in January 1980 average house was £20k or $45k USD so 53 Oz of gold then.
  7. Not passive, I have been an investor in www.fundsmith.co.uk for over 7 years, my first investments have tippled, it's a good strategy I have followed Terry Smith for nearly 30 years
  8. There is a reason people buy & hold equities for the long term, cash is something for short term expenditure nothing else. www.fundsmith.co.uk has returned YTD 30.75% 1 month 5.52%, 3 months 10.94% 6 months 25.41% 1 year 21.82% 3 years 69.44% 5 years 183.44%
  9. It's there rate of investment return is far more important, I have managed to FIRE using www.fundsmith.co.uk, capital doubles in less than 4 years & doubles again.
  10. If you invest in www.fundsmith.co.uk or global equity fund or Smithson investment trust, I think you have a good chance of such returns. I retired at 52 due to investing in equities for 30 years.
  11. Max payment into a pension is £40,000, max size pot allowed is £1,000,000 of which £750,000 is taxable. Bear in mind £100 a month for 40 years growing at 12% will exceed 1 million, ISA's will give a better return over time.
  12. All my pension funds & PEPs now ISA's are up 5 to 10 times over 30 years. Performance has improved since transferring everything in to www.fundsmith.co.uk nearly 6 years ago.
  13. Since 1965 the S&P 500 index has had annualised returns of 9.7%, $10,000 became $1.28 million, had you invested in Berkshire Hathaway your $10,000 would be worth $197,000,000. Very low long term risk & a hassle free return.
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