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  1. Fatmanfilms

    Converstaions with BTLs

    All my pension funds & PEPs now ISA's are up 5 to 10 times over 30 years. Performance has improved since transferring everything in to www.fundsmith.co.uk nearly 6 years ago.
  2. Fatmanfilms

    Converstaions with BTLs

    Since 1965 the S&P 500 index has had annualised returns of 9.7%, $10,000 became $1.28 million, had you invested in Berkshire Hathaway your $10,000 would be worth $197,000,000. Very low long term risk & a hassle free return.
  3. Fatmanfilms

    My own experience at 24.

    Greatly depends on the flexibility of access to your cash, I was supposed to be able to take the pension from age 50, so be aware the rules can change. FWIW I retired at 52, I would have retired at 50 if I could have had access to py pension on the agreed date.
  4. Fatmanfilms

    My own experience at 24.

    The pension is tax deferred, however it's a poor deal as the final value of the fund may be 10 times the amount invested, so final tax payable on the bigger amount. An ISA overtime will be a far better investment than a pension.
  5. Fatmanfilms

    How to avoid SDLT?

    If your a cash buyer possibly, if you want a mortgage then your out of luck as they won't lend a multiple of the purchase price. I am sure that HMG will detect this fraud & issue a fine of 2 times the evaded tax plus interest.
  6. Fatmanfilms

    Pay pressure on businesses in the UK

    Before they floated partners got $200,000 base salary, rest as profit share although they had to leave most in the business, this was the huge benefit of floatation.
  7. Fatmanfilms

    Pay pressure on businesses in the UK

    With GS loads of pay is bonus rather than salary.
  8. Fatmanfilms

    What to do with £150K

    I like www.fundsmith.co.uk, been an investor for over 5 years & still adding as much money as I can.
  9. Fatmanfilms

    Buying off your parents

    I believe this would seen as benefits fraud if sold at below market value, also care costs are being avoided. No doubt a prison term will result if caught. As an offer of £103k has been rejected so the sale price would need to be higher than that to avoid potential prosecution.
  10. Fatmanfilms

    Decent person goes into buy to let, what a shame

    I doubt they will pay any capital back & believe they can borrow for a lower rate than the rent, so purely for cash flow. Of course with the change in taxation they could have negative cash flow soon, especially when interest rates rise. As 5 Year fixed rates are quite high for BTL they will have only short term fixed rates.
  11. Thats not correct 25% are non Swiss, many of whom were born in Switzerland.
  12. Fatmanfilms

    PCP time bomb: why your next car could cost you dear

    I have had 3 BMW's (E36/46) bought with 85,000-130,000 on the clock & did a further 100,000 miles with very little expenses. I did most of the repairs myself as just oil/ filters/ break pads & disks / Battery. 1 needed a couple of rear wheel bearings on 1. Cheapest motoring you will get.
  13. Since rents are paid in advance & not on credit, there is no good reason to include them in a credit file. Bank deposits don't figure either, just your level of indebititness, only rent arrears would fall into this category. Bank statements or a rent book will show that rent is paid in a timely manner.
  14. Fatmanfilms

    They just wont stop....

    Property was affordable in the 1980's for a single person, I aged 21 in 1983 bought my first flat in London & sold it 18 months laster for over twice the price. That property would sell for en excess of £800,000 today

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