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  1. i have mixed thoughts about what Freud had said. The words were wrong "not worth" etc but I think he had a point. No matter if we like it or not "disabled" people will find it much harder to find employment in the competative market sector, why take the chance?. There is a large part of the group we classify as "disabled" who are capable of doing numerous jobs as well as a so called non disabled person but there is a proportion of people who are not capable without support to do "useful" work. It is this latter group I think could some how be able to have the chance of contributing to society and making a difference albeit in a smaller way but WITHOUT charity. I do not have an answer but if we do not give a chance to these people who may go on to be "worth" a lot more as an employee and get wage increases up to and beyond the minimum wage then this must be good for them? By being so polically correct we are destroying any hope for those we look to protect. Flopsy, I think you will get the work you are looking for in one way or another as your pragmatic approach to finding work whatever and how ever you get the help you need tells me you must.
  2. I do not think anybody noticed your reply. You are right. NICS and PAYE are just put together in the pool as "general taxation". I thought everybody, or nearly everybody, understood this. The lack of knowledge on this forum is not in isolation as I have had to explain this to several people. It is time that NI is at least given a new name (as recently proposed by some conservatives) or even better still integrated into PAYE (as UKIP propose) Currently lower end tax is 44% (20% paye 11% employees NI 13% EMPLOYERS) People who earn over 50,000 only pay 40% tax and over 150,000 45% tax. It is time we had a flat tax system and raised the tax threashold on ALL tax to £15,000
  3. Seriously ? Everyone pays tax What even babies or toddlers before they can talk? How could this happen? Crazy people on this forum. Discussing this issue with more knowledgeable people it seems the best age is at your 40th birthday and with at least a fair period of time living in the country (10 to 20 years). There were some that argued that those in their thirties should have the same voting rights, these people were normally in their 20s 30s. Older people seem to understand. There seems to be a paranoia that older people have a vested interest in keeping younger people in povety etc. In "backward"? villages in Africa and Asia the elders are revered for their wisdom. In this country they are vilified by a sizable proportion of children/young adults for making their lives a misery. When you think who got us into this mess (especially housing) we know it was the Labour party. More young people under 34 voted, and continue to vote, labour than those over 34. So they are the ones causing their own misery. You just can not put an old head on young shoulders.
  4. I made the mistake of reading your post before checking who wrote it. I totally disagree on just about everything you post, BUT You really do have the obvious answer. If we get rid of all the dogma and move away from the "dream" of nearly everyone owning their own home in the UK then it has to be the only logical solution. The Thatcher dream was a very good policy indeed, at the time but the situation now is different and much worse all due to other policies made at the time and subsequently. FACTS (some #@';s will disagree) 1. There is a critical shortage of homes in the UK especially around the SE 2. This shortage is growing rapidly year on year 3. There are no government provisions for housing the growing demands in any demographic. 4. Most if not all "social" housing is commandeered from the private sector which is now one of the 3 main reasons for rapid HPI 5. Private rents have had to rise to compete with 4 6. Immigration has been completely ignored in the real current and future housing needs. 7. Current rental and housing law for private lease is totally inadequate for current needs. (1988 law encouraged renting out but gave very poor conditions for the leasee) 8. The cost to the taxpayer of housing the growing reliant class is enormous and growing rapidly 9. More people are joining this reliant class as rents esculate. 10. Government coffers would grow as rental receipts grow to a point of profit. A wholly government scheme to start building large numbers of lower quality developements with basic facilities, which could grow as building capacity grows, solely for the purpose of housing "social" housing needs would take all the pressure off the private sector and put downward pressure on prices. Not just "affordable housing" which is just the opposite but real homes for those that need them. There are always downsides, as we see large new council estates spring up with all the problems they bring, but those that are paying half their salary to live in a small flat will not have someone moving in next door paying nothing. In the current situation it is the only real solution.
  5. There are always paradoxes Over the years I have listened to what Frank Fields has said and seen what he has done. My conclusion is that he is a very great asset to this country in every way. I believe that he is an honest person with a high level of integrity who is truly in politics for the good of the country. He is courageous enough to change his mind when he gets more facts or thinks a little deeper. I find myself agreeing with much of what he says and where I disagree always take note of his point. If I was in his constituency I would have to vote for him even although I am diametrically opposed to the party he represents. One of the very big questions of all time Why is Frank Field still a member of the Labour Party?
  6. +1 on both the above posts I would say I am economically right wing in the broader sense, and see state welfare/hand-outs/benefits as a safety net option only, although I do think charities should be allowed to do more and should be encouraged as they do what they do out of conviction not because they have to. BUT The age group that need more support and understanding than any other is the 16 to 21 (maybe up to 25 in my view and maybe from 12/13) It is not just a matter of economical help, although this is vital for independence, but to give these young people a sense of self-worth, self-determination, and independence which in turn will give them a real sense of responsibility. By discriminating against those whose parents happen to earn a little too much just alienates this large and important group. When you are 16 you are able to most things an adult does. When you are 18 you are an adult in just about every aspect of UK law, including voting. Let us at least give those at 18 the dignity of being able to survive separately from their parents. As we all know relationships between parents and their offspring is not always complete harmony.
  7. .Thinking what this tells us about banks in the Eurozone They have very little reserve They are not lending this limited reserve What this tells us about ECB They are desperate They are taking unpresidented action on such a scale What is likely to be results of this negative interest rate. All (or close to all) deposites with the ECB disappear Money moves out of the Eurozone (will it ever return) Banks come under increased pressure for capitalization. Countries/banks fail A much bigger crisis. Possible short term increase in asset prices with the more volatile cash Does thev ECB know what it is doing? It certainly does not understand that it can not work in isolation. The world is a much bigger place than the shrinking Eurozone region. I do think they believe they are more influential than they are, possibly arrogant? emm
  8. lol You know what she probably still would.
  9. If you need to ask you obviously are not scared World populations (these are best guestimates by experts) Billions year how long to achieve previous billion 1 1804 all time before 2 1927 130 years 3 1960 33 years 4 1974 14 years 5 1987 13 years 6 1999 12 years 7 2011 12 years as @ Aug 1st 2014 7.25 billion 8 2021 10 years (projection at current rate) There are some differences of opinion with some saying it wont reach 7 billion (older predictions) ons saying year 2024 (they expect a big slowdown from current) Does this not worry anyone at all? With China ending its one child policy and higher use of resources from the BRICS
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_England Under Human geography
  11. Does anyone find these figures frightening? or is it just me. England land use. The total land area of England is 129,720 km². Crops and fallow land accounts for 30% of the land area, grasses and rough grazing 36%, other agricultural land 5%, forest and woodland 8%, and urban development 21% This can not be sustainable. But how long before there are major problems. Conversley in Guyana with Forest and Woodland making up over 90% and pasture of just 6% there is neglible urbananisation with population of 765,283 Land area 214,970 pop. density less than 4 per km2 (England around 400 per km2) and there is a massive uproar in the very small amount of deforestation. The people are poor and need land to develope and grow crops but the global community (mainly a few western countries) are hell bent on stopping them. Double standards?
  12. Sorry for delay in coming back to you. Only just re-read thread. I do not quite understand what you mean by "actually go wrong over the years?" But wiring should be rechecked especially very old wiring. The very old rubbery type of 40 years ago should be replaced ASAP as it can cause fires/electrocution as it will have broken down over time. Likewise the stuff that was around just 20 to 30 years ago is now in a brittle state and should be considered as dangerous. There are still a large proportion of homes with wiring over 20 years old! You will not find out until 1. You have a survey done. 2. You refit some plugs/lights etc 3. You get an electrician to do some work 4. There is a failure in the system, 5. your house burns down or you get electricuted. Sorry to alarm you. Maybe get someone in to give it the once over? Quotes do not normally cost.
  13. What you say is interesting i have been involved with construction all my life, and yes I have rewired my own house etc and you are right in that many of these rules are silly BUT "you" do need to know what you are doing. I find it funny (well annoying really) there are so many tv programmes on DIY building work some of which is not that simple but very few on DIY health or DIY legal etc. I added a few extra power points and put in a new shower to our house. After getting the floor up I realised all the extra work that was needed and the dangerous condition it was in. 2 of the double sockets in the Kitchen were connected to the lighting curcuit! Unbelievevable but it was true. Was this pure ignorance or just more knowledgable cowboys taking short cuts? Because a house is supposibly built by tradesmen does not mean it has been done to an adequate standard. I do not know the answer but more and more regulations is not.
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