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  1. I agree with your "on the other hand". I think most people would now want to see a separation. It is in their interests financially and as long as the British government set down terms that would be in the interests of the country including security, fishing rights, and mineral rights (oil etc) I can not see why it would not be in our interests. There are many Scots who say they are now embarressed to be Scottish and of the SNP, but it is the SNP who call the shots and they are the ruling party in Scotland. If you do not want to have Scottish separation then don't vote SNP. As the SNP are the ruling party in Scotland and they make it crystal clear that separation is their main objective it cannot be argued that they don't have a mandate.
  2. LOL Yes It is like me writing, in the Telegraph "My company has been the worst performing company in the country" and "we now also provide the worst service at the highest price." Wonder if we would get more customers? Maybe I would be headhunted for a CEO position at a leading FTSE100 company?
  3. UK will face worse inflation than other major economies, says Bank governor He sounds as if he is proud of his achievement?
  4. What about middle aged French women? Spot on. They really do think we are all total idiots
  5. Less red tape. Same rules for all. Countries can't leave the UK and still be part of it. That is crazy. It was the same situation with Brexit. You can not leave the EU and still be a member. We should have simply left or stayed, as this half way house does not work.
  6. The common travel area will need to be scrapped anyway. It was useful historically but is no longer in "Britains" interest. It is a wonder it still exists today. Immigration from Ireland or the new Scotland would need to be done on merit and there should not be any unfair bias to other countries of the world.
  7. They could relocate to Britain, which is what will probably happen, become a subsidery of a British Bank or decide to no longer be a British Bank which would mean they would no longer have a banking mandate. You could not have a fully British Bank in a foreign land which essentially is what Scotland would be.
  8. You know, many a true word said in jest. The current Scottish government, SNP, are totally oblivious to international threats and it would be a very easy route. There does not need to be that much movement between the two countries with only a very few "business" people needing to make the crossing and tourists/holiday makers. It would end the casual day trippers or cheap coach trips that is causing so much polution. Many of the larger industrial companies would move south of the border before tariffs kick in and they could service their customer bases directly. Simarly with other businesses and individuals who want to work in Britain. There will be a very small number who may have to make difficult choices. I would suggest movement of both goods and people would be less than 10% of current, which would not be just good on a personal level but also on a environmental level.
  9. There will need to be a proper hard border, and this is obvious. This is a must especially if New Mainland Scotland has any deal or could possibly have any deal in the future with the EU. It would be imperative there was no freedom of movement which I am sure the Scots will be very happy with apart from a very small minority that would lose out short term economically because of business and work. Yes, it would make short term logistical problems, but it wouldn't be many years before they found their feet. There would be quite an uproar if a British government made any concessions for Scots to work within Britain without special Visa's and a special reason for doing so. As a company, I do not export, and this includes NI which for all intents and purposes is now a separate country. I currently do a lot of business in Scotland and do not differentiate business north or south of the border. The only problems are from Scottish surcharges to the remote regions. I understand this would change overnight and although substantial I do not do enough business in Scotland as an export so this trade will cease. This will shrink the customer base of companies like myself, but it must be remembered Scotland only accounts for a very small fraction of British business. I do not know what the real situation is in southern or Northern Ireland. From direct contact with previous customers, they are very angry with the way the political situation has played out and feel more isolated. But I notice from many comments on this forum as well as the MSM both Southern and Northern Ireland are in boom times, and they are doing very well economically. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle and it does look like cutting NI off from the rest of the UK has actually made NI more prosperous and the living standards are higher than ever. Why would this not be the case with Scotland. From a British point of view, it would be important to impose proper borders and change the antiquated Anglo-Irish deal that has caused so many problems over the years. With both NI and Scotland leaving the UK it should be a win win all round. In the early days Scotland may continue to use our British pound alongside the Euro and maybe they might even decide to create their own currency such as the Scottish Pound, but this would take some time IMO. But this is something they can decide upon at any time. Building a hard border would be quite easy geographically (the Romans did it) and there isn't really much business that would need be conducted over this new border, most business is low quality base industrial. There will be those that may possibly live in Scotland who want to commute to England to work but the British government would have to be very strict on Visa applications which would be very popular electorally. The whole world is becoming more isolationist and the separation of both Scotland and NI from Britain is the way forward. Scottish goods and labour for Scotland and British goods and labour for Britain. We have hundreds of other countries to do business with we do not need to rely on these current small economic regions of the UK and regions such as the NE would be the biggest gainers from this. I think there is also a good case for Scottish independence from a British point of view.
  10. You are from the EE I have been trying to work out what the EE means. Do you think I am from a mobile network provider? If you have "no skin in the game" (do not care one way or the other) why comment?
  11. Thank you Dorkins Very much appreciated. So there is deflation in Picota cherries! I am very surprised at this and admit to not understanding why. Don't even think it could be down to loss leading. Increased efficiency? All incidental costs have gone up as we all know. The price was £! in 2009 so 13 years later they are now cheaper. Is there anyone else who knows of anything else that has actually fallen in price over the last year?
  12. So you are NOT condemning Russia although you know they are murdering people in the Ukraine. Is there any wonder other posters have no time for you and have no regard for your views.
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