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  1. not too difficult to work out what is going on. RAF Lyneham is closing, with its engineering and operational elements moving across to RAF Brize Norton throughout 2011. All those well paid technicians and overpaid aircrew are selling up and relocating. I suspect that if you did a similar study for Brize Norton & Carterton you would see upwards pressure on prices. By the end of this year RAF Brize Norton will be employing 7000+ personnel.
  2. For those who feel aggrieved with the original topic headline, this may cheer you up http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/defence/8311547/Army-commander-investigated-over-school-fees-fraud.html
  3. No, haven't you heard? Its global warming you dummy. The increase in temperatures is drying up all the sea which will make the UK land mass larger. It will have less of an effect on France since it is partially land-locked and even less of an effect on Germany. We can therefore all play our part in accelerating Britain's ascendancy to being the biggest country in Europe by driving bigger cars to speed up the warming process (just make sure they are no French or German though). I remember seeing this on a quality Channel 5 documentary, which was backed up by some good pictures in the Sun a
  4. £27k for one of these and that does not include the cost of the land, fixtures or fittings... ...the £27k inflatable pub... Now that's what I call inflated property!!!
  5. Damned outrageous. I'm in the public sector and it took me about 15 years before I earned £50k+ despite being considered a 'young thruster(*)' amongst my peers and I have to be prepared to lay down my life in other countries for doing so. So as you can see the disparity is not as clear as just public vs private, but within each sector you will always find those that work for it and those who appear not to. (*used in this context as someone who is climbing the ladder quicker than their peers as opposed to anything to do with sexual perversion - I keep that for my spare time! )
  6. How about including your own profession in the list so we can show our revulsion for the type of people who generate small-minded polls which add nothing to the debate on house prices? The only use for such a poll is to count up the number of like-minded a-holes on HPC who add little to what was once a good debating forum. ie anyone who cares to vote on such a poll.
  7. Happy to have a grown up debate, but first it would be useful to know what value you add to society? Not all public sector workers have gold plated pensions, are over paid, add no value, etc, etc...Some do, yes, but the majority work in piss-poor conditions for piss poor pay doing the jobs that most people wouldn't want to do. Without them, there would be no society. I don't believe strike action is good action, but don't use the threat of this to slag off the work of 6m people.
  8. After this coming Tuesday's hike in sin taxes (I suspect and hope they are off the scale) the booze cruise will most certainly be back on.
  9. I think the key point is..."families could be prevented...". There is a bit of a jump from this to an outright ban on any LTV greater than 75%. It is a promising start though.
  10. Not only that, but it was still only 17000 who signed the petition after 2 weeks of ramping and spin in the Telegraph and Mail. I've seen petitions on the Downing St web site with more signatories than that, which did not had any kind of mainstream media attention.
  11. This idiot should be stripped of his title. Why didn't he have the balls to speak out 18 mths ago? His thoughts must have been the same then.
  12. I've often wondered about London. Does anyone know exactly how much bedrock has been excavated over the years to make way for all the tube lines and sewerage networks?
  13. Now this is what I call subsidence.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1283066/Guatemala-sink-hole-Tropical-storm-Agatha-blows-200ft-hole-city.html Is this kind of thing ever likely to happen back in Blighty? Any geologists out there have any views and if so which part of the UK would be most susceptible?
  14. Everywhere you look the media are squealing like piggies with their snouts caught in the trough. It just goes to show how many writers, editors, presenters and producers have property portfolios that they have built up over 10 years of media-pumped, property ramping. Squeal piggy, squeal.
  15. I didn't think that this was the case now days. Banks don't just lend out the money they get from savers, but raise most of it on the markets. I seem to remember from previous discussion when it was all going wrong in late 2007, that 20 years or so ago the lending to savings ratio for most banks was about 1 to 1, but now for some banks it is as bad as 10 to 1, ie they lend out 10 times more than they take from savers and that is why we savers have been so exposed. Withdrawing all savings may possibly mean they would just close down their unprofitable retail banking divisions. (I'm no exper
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