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  1. Yes I want my two young children to afford the opportunity of competing with millions of people from eastern Europe and probably Turkey for jobs and housing when they reach adulthood, the exact same problems faced by 'boomers' back before the common market, EEC and finally the E.U. I would like for my children to reach the age of 18 and given the same opportunity as 'boomers' to be able vote every 4 years or so in elections where they can really make a contribution to affect the direction in which this country is heading. I would like for my children when they grow up to live in incoherent unstable communities where everyone has very different outlooks, morals and cultures just like those afforded by the 'boomer' generation. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
  2. I'm a 100% out, for me it's a simple question of democracy and the continued survival of the U.K. A lot will depend on the timing of the vote on how the rapeugee crisis unfolds this summer, which I think will ultimately swing it for an exit if it continues on it's current trajectory.
  3. Mugs hat are really thin walled (they maybe porcelain or something) that burn your hand if don't pick it up by the handle. Big novelty mugs that all the women in the office seem to have.
  4. He is on my 'punch repeatedly in the face' bucket list along with Bono.
  5. I have been involved in a number of proceeds of crime investigations with errant landlords prosecuted under the Housing Act 2004, unfortunately in the case of Sumal http://cases.iclr.co.uk/Subscr/search.aspx?path=WLR%20Dailies/WLRD%202011/wlrd2012-247the Appeal Court ruled that rent which had been taken by the landlord through a proper tenancy agreement was not to be used in the calculation of any benefit in a poca confiscation, even if for example they were not licensed or were operating an illegal HMO. This ruling severely limited our ability to use poca to remove the benefit from landlords who were engaging in slumlord type activities although we were successful in using poca to determine that a landlord, by not doing something for example fitting a fire alarm or fire doors would still have acquired criminal property and benefited from it. In these case the landlords were subject to a confiscation order, albeit reduced. We can also use planning laws (the Sumal case doesn't apply in these instances) to confiscate rental income for the period after a prohibition order has been served in respect of the activities of landlords which would require planning permission for example sheds in beds and HMOs. A far better solution would be to ability to include the benefit from rental income as well as other criminal benefit and have the confiscation monies set aside for social housing and further errant landlord enforcement activities. This would require a change in the law to overrule the Sumal case.
  6. I wouldn't be so sure with regard to the use of POCA to recover rent payments. see http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Crim/2012/1840.html It would be for the courts to decide whether or not the AST was a legal agreement between the two parties if the immigration status precluded a legal agreement being in place.
  7. http://www.theautomaticearth.com/2015/06/europes-controlled-demolition/ Is the E.U being run by sociopaths?
  8. What happened to Erranta, did he run off on a round the world motorbike ride with Ken or end up in a chippy in Manchester?
  9. They do that on moonshiners on Discovery, I'm glad they do as some of the southern accents are barley audible.
  10. For those without access to i player The Greens are absolutely stark raving fruitcakes, she even makes call me Dave and Millipede look like intellectual giants.
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