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  1. Why should a planning officer have so much say on what someones own property look like? I have had to apply for planning on a few occassions and from what i could see its all a farce.
  2. My link here Thought some of you with a face book account might like to give your opinions
  3. I spent 11K on a 3.3kw system. I had tax free payments over £1100 plus saved a couple of hundred quid on my electric bill in the first year. More than leaving it in a bank
  4. In Blaenau Gwent joe public cant get planning. Even if joe public purchased a plot with outline planning permission he wouldn't be able to decide how he wants his house to look. If you are a councillor you can get planning to build what you want, where you want. Councillors even get grants to build certain things on land they dont even own.
  5. My link The people of Britain need to wake up and realise what is taking place and demand that freedom of speech is both protected and liberated so that the growth of the Police state can be kept in check and the likes of the Russian mafia cancer that is slowly spreading across and out of London can be exposed and neutralised, especially as we have yet to experience the impact of a flood of Chinese Oligarch $billions.
  6. Teachers.....I won't be supporting any strike action when we have to take time off work to look after the children for you to strike and work till 70+ plus to keep you when you are 55. Council workers - office and non office .....I won't be supporting your strike action when you don't want to work beyond 55 - 60 but you expect me to work til 70+ to keep you. police........fire.........armed forces etc..........Just accept working the extra years like we got to or not getting your pension till 66-70+. Why should you retire 15-20 years earier than us at our expense?
  7. Now come on where did you get that from? We invaded them for weapons of mass destruction not oil.
  8. The man that forgot to declare over £100,000...Has that all been forgotten about?
  9. I have found nothing wrong with finspreads but i havent compared any others. A mate helped me to start betting and he used finspreads so i have only used finspreads. Didn't know if there were any better betting sites?
  10. Any one know of any better spread betting sites?
  11. Most economists are saying this is a bear rally. Is this the top for the ftse or is there more steam left?
  12. This is why i am coining it at the moment. This is where i operate my training services from.
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