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  1. And get the photos in the (in)famous Hall of fame... right at the top!!!
  2. I pi$ed myself with laughter seeing photo 5!! A $hitter in a bedroom!! And what is it about people having flatscreen tellies on the wall and so far up you'll end with neck ache after 30 minutes of watching it! And then there's the asking price!
  3. Don't pay it at all. Become Legally Licence Free. It's disgusting the way the BBC act and collect the licence fee by threats and bullying tactics. If any other company tried to extract monies by the means the BBC employs, the BBC would delight in sending the likes of that gruesome Anne Robinson woman in on such pathetic 'Consumer programs' such as watchdog. Just go to YouTube to see the misselling that goes on by so-called TV licence inspectors. and if you don't believe any of it is real, stop paying your TV licence and see the backlash that you WILL receive.
  4. It was all just totally different then. The mechanical phones, Jobbers, posh accents, and relatively slower pace at which trades were carried out compared to today. Fascinating to look back. and I did always wonder how the FTSE100 was calculated and it gives a brief indication of how it was done through the trading day.
  5. Yes I was thinking that too while I watched it. It really was an 'old boys' network' The two women they showed (briefly) on the trading floor had to endure the cheering and whistling of the blokes. They rose above it with a smile but it just goes to show what a different world it was.
  6. I have always wondered what was on those 'hexagonal' stalls on the trading floor. The program shows a close up and they are nothing more that whiteboards for writing the current stock prices on! Just like an old bookies! It was interesting to see the metal/commodities exchange; just a circle of chairs in a room! There were the first signs of the so called 'big-bang' also with an electronic trading system called 'Aerial' (assumed spelling). Anyone know what became of the trading room floor?
  7. An interesting look back at how the London Stock Exchange used to work though mind out for the 'de-bagging' and the women that 'are sometimes nice to look at'! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00rzvhb/Inside_Story_1976_The_Market/
  8. It's only millions. With current inflation millions are small change. It has to be billions these days for it to be significant.
  9. Notice how they all employ their wife,husband or partner. There is obviously some benefit there for them all. I wonder if 'us lot' would get the same benefit if we employed our partner in such a similar manner if we ran say a business.
  10. It's very common to see the 'female only' clause. It's not new it's been going on for years. Still it's discrimination against males so that's not proper discrimination so it's ok
  11. Yup. The big hole in the road that's stopping everyone from proceeding is NOT going to be repaired by the FEW that caused it. Instead EVERYONE is going to be made to pay for it whether it was their fault or not. It will be a long, slow process but it will protect the FEW and punish the responsible.
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