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  1. I wish young people will get together and organise a worldwide rent strike.
  2. It's working again now ... which saves me going down there in the morning with a suitcase.
  3. Yep ... they made an announcement on twitter https://twitter.com/CoventryBS
  4. What I want to know is why are the 2 'L's following WHO'll the only lower case letters?
  5. Anybody watching the unfolding drama of Agents' Mutual's onthemarket.com ? It's really pretty funny. Many of the agents seem to have very little understanding of online marketing. They largely underestimate the difficulty of setting up a national brand, and in any case a buyer will just need to look at zoopla and rightmove to see all houses on the market so bypassing any need for ontheMarket. The days of agents with expensive flash high street offices could be numbered. http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/industry-views/1789-the-portal-wars-your-views http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/1788-another-high-end-agency-drops-zoopla-for-onthemarket --
  6. Apparently they have some sort of acceptance procedure to allow vendors to take part in the sale... "If you are selling your home and would like to be considered for Connells' 'January Sale' event, contact the local branch..." http://www.courier.co.uk/Home-hunters-urged-ready-sales/story-25755892-detail/story.html --
  7. I caught a hilarious and sad programme on TV today "fantasy homes by the sea" (I couldn't help myself - it's like rubbernecking a car crash). A banker and his housewife live in Fulham and want to buy a second home by the sea. They want a large home with a sea view in the Lymington or Chichester areas. And they proudly announce they have a budget of £1m. The first house is ordinary and "far too small" and 2 miles from the sea. The second house is "a bit pokey" (it has an annexe for the au pair though). Clearly the housewife isn't going to get any bragging rights with the Fulham yummy mummies with these properties. "Look, if you stand on your toes upstairs you can see the top of a yacht's mast!" Then she's shown a nice house on the clifftop, unfortunately it's £2.9m. Oh dear. The third house is £1.2m and she says "I don't love it" but her expectations are being moderated by now. She says the price is "quite toppy" ... maybe the penny is starting to drop. Next place is a bungalow squeezed in among other bungalows. The garden is "too tiny". It's nothing special and it's also £1.2m. When she hears that she says "whoa!". It seems even bankers are deluded about what £1m will buy you. --
  8. You'll be pleased to know this is now readvertised at a £55k reduction. Still got a bog in the bedroom though. --
  9. You are a cynic. Bournemouth council have made it clear the reef is a "fantastic success"... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-20181220 --
  10. £450K for a 3 room property. One of the rooms is a shower room which is accessible only from outside. This means the bedroom has to have a toilet installed next to the bed (I wonder what the Mrs will think of that?). If you're not yet convinced, don't worry the “Panasonic Viera" TV is included in the price. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35600530.html --
  11. For just 450k you too can have 3 room house with a bedroom with a toilet next to the bed. Taking a dump and hopping straight into bed has got to be the ultimate convenience. The other half has got to love that... http://goo.gl/YbxCv Oh...one of the rooms is a shower room that's only accessible from outside. But don't worry the “Panasonic Viera” TV is included in the price. Oh that's OK then. FFS. --
  12. By that time you've realised how much it costs to run and you'll be pleased to leave it behind. I told my Mrs you can get the same effect by turning an ordinary oven on 27x7x365 (which is fairly close to the truth). Homerenter
  13. Hi Can someone give me some planning advice? There's a piece of agricultural land with a barn that could easily be used to live in (and the current owner is probably doing that). But there is no planning permission for residential use. My question is, in practice what would the council do about that? evict the person from the barn and make them homeless? --
  14. That may not be necessary - having all the pipes leading into the soakaway jet washed may be effective. --
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