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  1. Here we go again. New proposal..Brits could pay10% tax on assets PDF link to IMF paper
  2. I just love a heart warming Christmas story. Like others have said before me, when do I recieve compensation from all the all the people who submitted liar loans. Daily Telegraph
  3. Update. So no evidence only internet rumours? Also a plus when Legislators engage on social media.
  4. I have always found Caroline Lucas to be conviction politician and I hope I don't need to add her to my leeching politician list. A question was raised that she and her husband owned multiple properties.So I checked Caroline's Members of interest page and asked the question directly to Caroline Lucas. Lastly I tweeted Cllr Kitcat ( Brighton Green party leader)....awaiting to see if he replies. Before I put this to to bed (thankfully,no evidence) any Brighton HPCers, green party members or any evidence contradicting Caroline Lucas tweet please? Timebandit jasonkitcat Can you clear up this for us please? https://twitter.com/captswing/status/526331223640375296 … Or is this true? https://twitter.com/CarolineLucas/status/526326388199272448 …
  5. Tim Callanan ABC Journalist recieved this mail drop from a real estate agent.
  6. I replied to his 5 tweets on 'help2buy' in one day. Enough Kris, are you a spiv saleman, politician or are they one and the same? Thanks for your Twitter contribution, its good to see increase of HPCers taking on the Twitter leeches.
  7. Thanks all for reading, contributing and tweeting. I can't say we changed his opinion, but to his credit he was polite & engaged with our issues. In comparison only the years :- one reply from Shapps Blocked by Kris Hopkins no reply from Dromey or Reynolds
  8. I will be voting UKIP (protest) however this housing spokesman not making it easy for me. Oh, you can email him directly if you have a view on housing. Pls email any suggs [email protected]
  9. Hi SpewLabour My distaste of Shapps always leans towards dishonesty. What is the advantage/disadvantages of owning a foreign-registered aircraft? My first thought like shipping 'flag of convenience' would that even be practical for light aircraft? Thank you in advance.
  10. Telegraph Sorry mods if already posted. No, hourly mention in the BBC news bulletin. Even better if you take London & the South East out of the mix.
  11. The interesting team behind the build & structure are Cal Earth I confess I love the Eco-Domes designs and the materials they are using at this stage.
  12. Can be built quicker than nimbys making the protest placards. Interesting videos on the link below. Contour crafting The 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours
  13. A link sent to Tim Aker Thank you for the replies agree with the sentiment. Stop interfering in the markets. Punative tax for amateur BTL, 2nd homers, empty properties A tenancy (favoured) agreement may be concluded for a ‘limited’ or ‘unlimited’ period. Stop HS2 funding diverted to new local infrastructure including transport links & housing Huge increase of local cooperative self build rent & ownership Nimbys' children banned from owning or renting property of their own.(too far ) Introduce LVT to pay for the removal of business rates & council tax Advise Patrick O'flynn Daily Express columnist & UKIP candidate of the damaging headlines 'house prices soar' crap. Have no wish to derail my own topic, but found this interesting and sleepydog may be worth a thread of its own? Would that ever happen in the UK?
  14. Following on from this HPC thread & JD reminding me on Twitter. I received a direct mail from Tim Aker (Head of @UKIP Policy Unit. Prospective #UKIP MEP for Eastern England). This could be an ideal opportunity on this forum to bullet point housing (economic) problems & solutions. I understand we have been 'screwed over' by the Government (all parties), but can we keep it polite & brief (not like my usual rants) as I will provide Tim Aker a link to this thread, who has taken time out to address our issues.
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