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  1. No. Justice is done when the law is enforced in favour of wronged persons.
  2. There is a distinction between the law and its enforcement. Failure to enforce the law is no excuse to break it.
  3. Much like the Physics Phd who jumped to his own death, Lee Halpin made his point in the most tragically ironic way. Rest in peace.
  4. It's like saying 'Don't blame the criminals, blame the police they bribed'. Failure by authority does not excuse crime.
  5. The refuse to accept that you cannot cure debt with more debt, but given who they are enthralled to that should be no surprise.
  6. That problem can be addressed with the use of insurance, professional indemnity insurance, that kind of thing. If such insurance policies are currently not available to buy commercially today, then the insurance company that develops such a product could make an absolute killing.
  7. I guess what stops most of us is our sense of integrity and justice.
  8. Right at the moment BBC News buffoon Simon McCoy mentioned this 'news article' on TV this morning, in keeping with his silly schoolboy persona, he managed to knock his microphone transmitter off his belt, sending it crashing to the floor. Thanks to other nearby microphones, the sound of his battery could be clearly heard rolling across the floor. As is typical of McCoy he simply turned to camera and laughed off what was yet another of his frequent faux pas. While BBC mandarin's would have been unimpressed that he had just made a mockery of the organisation's new £1bn state-of-the art studios in London's West End, what McCoy proved to the nation is that regardless of which social class he belongs to, he can be relied upon to be its clown.
  9. “Lord, how long shall the wicked triumph?” (Psalms 94:3) The website I have linked to is called DelayedJustice.com. It is a website where the unsolved serious crimes, in particular murder, are remembered.
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